Gilmore Girls Timeline
Under construction
Trying to make sense of the show.
Most of the details were put together by Sam Feinst,
some things may have been added or changed by me.
Pre Season 1
Date Event Why?
Fall 1942 Richard Gilmore is born His 60th birthday was in fall of 2002, That'll do Pig.
1942-1946 Emily Gilmore is born This is a bit of a guess, and the most dubious of my list. I can't see her as older than him, and they were in college together. That's all I have to go on.
Fall 1966-1970 Luke Danes is born The 'Fall' is from his horoscope, and the years are from his track award.
1966 Liz Danes is born Unless she was held back, her class reunion year would have made her two years older than Lorelai.
1967 Richard and Emily Gilmore are married Emily mentions this in Red Light on the Wedding Night.

But in Come Home We find it will be ther 40th anv which would put the wedding in 1964?
Spring 1968 Lorelai Gilmore is born Happy Birthday Baby
1983 Christopher Haden and Lorelai Gilmore are together romantically I added this to show that Rory wasn't a 'fling' or anything. They were together before. This is from the photos Rory finds in Love, War, and Snow.
January 1984 Lorelai, who is 15, becomes pregnant with Rory Based on Rory's birthday and the 'end of midterms' reference in Dear Emily and Richard.
Oct 8, 1984 - 04:03 Rory's birth Lorelai (Rory) Leigh Gilmore is born
November 1985 Lorelai moves to Stars-Hollow and goes to Mia, looking for a job I think you can safely add the 'November' to the 1985. Mia said it was almost 'to the day,' and it air right in the middle of the month.
December 1985 Richard and Emily invite Lorelai to their Christmas party. Friday Night's Alright for Fighting.
1984-1988 Luke graduates from High School Track award.
November 30th 1989 Luke's father, William, passes away But not as Cute as Pushkin.
1991 Luke dates Anna You've Been Gilmore'd
1992 Luke opens the diner; Anna Nardini is there Super Cool Party People
July-August 1992 Anna Nardini gets pregnant with April She doesn't tell Luke because they have broken up. Based on April's April birthday.
Late April 1993 April Nardini is born Super Cool Party People
Late 1993-Early 1994 Luke begins dating Rachel again?
1995 Lorelai buy/moves in to the CS Lorelai and Rory move into their new home
1995-96? The Gilmore Girls first meet Luke Based on Written in the Stars.

Season 1
Episode Date Event/Description
Pilot Wednesday First part of pilot, they find out about Chilton
Thursday Rory meets Dean, Lorelai goes to the Gilmores for money
Friday The first Friday night dinner occurs
2 Monday Rory starts Chilton
3 Friday Emily suggests golf
Sunday Lorelai plans the wedding, Rory golfs
Monday Sweater fight
Tuesday Wedding at inn?
4 Tuesday Rory gets a "D"
Wednesday Rory doesn't tell Lorelai about the 'D,' but she finds out at the parent teacher meeting.
Thursday They study a whole lot, then fell asleep in the kitchen.
Friday Rory's late for the test.
5 Friday Discussing Claudia
Monday Chilton bake sale
Tuesday Pre-date at the coffee shop
Thursday Cinnamon dies, Max was to pick Lorelai up. Rory is interested in Dean.
6 Friday October 1st Friday night dinner, Lorelai can't get next week off
Saturday the 2nd Jackson has a rasquat
Sunday the 3rd Emily calls and wants to shop
Monday the 4th Emily had invited the Chilton kids, Emily and Lorelai shop
Friday the 8th The Gilmore party crashes and burns
Saturday the 9th Lorelai's party rocks, Dean gives Rory the bracelet
7 Thursday Max calls Lorelai
8 Friday The rest of Love, War, and Snow. FND, Max and Lorelai's date
Saturday Rory sees Max on the couch
9 Friday Lorelai learns of the Chilton formal
Saturday? Rory asks Dean to the dance
Saturday Chilton dance
10 Sunday morning Fights between mothers and daughters
December Lorelai gets uninvited to Christmas FND
December Christmas FND, Richard gets sick
Season 2
Episode Date Event/Description
Season 3
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Season 4
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Season 5
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Season 6
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Season 7
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