7.17 - Gilmore Girls Only (148)
This was transcribed by Craig Best (aka Lancer1993)

7.17 - Directors cut clip - cwtv.com/video

Clip 1 - 1:33


RORY: Hey you’re up.

LOGAN: Shower woke me.

RORY: Sorry. I’m heading over to the library. I have a ton of reading to catch up on so I thought I’d get an early start.

LOGAN: Cool!

RORY: You doing some work?

LOGAN: No, just looking for something on YouTube. [Rory nods] You gotta see this, Finn posted a little video he shot on his cell phone while we were in Vegas, it’s pretty outrageous.

RORY: You going into the office today?

LOGAN: Doubt it. Colin and Finn are coming over.

RORY: What are you guys gonna do?

LOGAN: Hang probably.

RORY: You know Logan I think after the library I think I’m gonna catch a train back to New Haven.

LOGAN: Good enough.

[knock on the door]

RORY: Oh hi.


RORY: Ah Logans…

[Mitchum comes in and checks the phone]

MITCHUM: So it does work, and I can assume you can get cell phone reception where ever the hell you’ve been!

LOGAN: I was gonna call.


LOGAN: I was just waiting till I figured out my next move.

MITCHUM: Next move, I’m fascinated Logan what is this next move.


MITCHUM: And where were you figuring it out, by the pool, the slot machines?

LOGAN: What? You been spying on me?

MITCHUM: After what you pulled you can pretty much bet I’m gonna be spying on you for the rest of your life.

LOGAN: I need some time…

MITCHUM: You know what you need Logan, you need to get dressed, get cleaned up, get your ass down to the office so you can hear what has been figured out for you.

LOGAN: I’m not just another one of your employees.

MITCHUM: Damn right you’re not, if you were just another one of my employees you’d be fired by now. Steve and Barry in legal are gonna sit you down , try and sort out the mess you made. Can you be there in an hour?

[Mitchum leaves, Rory was watching to whole time]


Clip 2 - 1:41


ZACH: I highly recommend the cream of wheat today Ma'am, I don’t know what it’s spiked with but it’s like insane. [Too Luke] We’ve got a truck load of that cream of wheat back there, so I’m pushing it like crazy.

LUKE: You’re one sly waiter Zach.

KIRK: Not so fast, got a little snafu with my order.

ZACH: I don’t see a snafu.

KIRK: And that is why Lane is the pro at this job and you will always be the amateur.

ZACH: Dude I don’t have a problem with that, what’s wrong with your order?

KIRK: Grilled cheese platter comes with French fries and pickles.

ZACH: Which I’m looking at.

KIRK: Look a little closer my friend and you’ll see that the juice from the pickles has leached over to the grilled cheese. Rendering it sodden and inedible.

ZACH: Well…

KIRK: I don’t remember ordering grilled cheese au jus.

ZACH: Pickles have juice dude, it’s like a main law of nature.

KIRK: Ah but that’s where Lane knew how to prevent this culinary catastrophe. Prier to serving the dish she would use the French fries to build a tiny damn…

ZACH: Dude, I get it!

LUKE: It’s all going to that same place inside that dark strange body of yours Kirk, now eat it. [Kirk starts eating, like a kid that was told off]

ZACH: Lanes right you rock as a boss.

LUKE: Yeah, how’s she doing.

ZACH: Ah dude she is about ready to burst.

LUKE: OH yeah.

ZACH: Yeah she’s like a large piñata dude, just waiting for some kid to take a mallet to her stomach and free all the goodies inside.

LUKE: I’m thinking a doctor might be a better way to go.

ZACH: Oh hey I almost forgot, Lane and I would like to have you over for dinner.

LUKE: OH yeah that sounds great, we should do that.

ZACH: Great, so hows tomorrow, 8:30?

LUKE: Tomorrow I don’t know if tomorrow…

ZACH: Okay here’s the thing. Lane asked me to ask you about tomorrow like a long time ago and I kinda forgot, so she’d be pretty mad if you cancelled at the last minute.

LUKE: Yeah I’m not cancelling I’ve not accepted.

ZACH: Well let’s not get into semantics it would just be a bummer if you bailed ‘cause she’s been cooking for like 2 days.

LUKE: Okay yeah tomorrow night that sounds fine.

ZACH: Great I hope you like curry, ‘cause Lane’s gone curry crazy.

LUKE: I’m not big on curry.

ZACH: Oh well maybe you can pick around it?


Written by: David Babcock
Directed by: Lee Shallat Chemel

Transcribed by Craig Best for http://www.crazy-internet-people.com/site/gilmoregirls

This is a transcript of the aired episode that includes accurate word-to-word dialogues, some settings have been added where needed along with actions and/or camera movements where I felt they were necessary.
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