7.16 - Will You Be My Lorelai Gilmore? (147)
This was transcribed by Craig Best (aka Lancer1993)

7.16 – Directors cut clip - 2:18 – cwtv.com/video


MRS KIM: So what’s it going to be, yes or no?

CUSTOMER: Well I really like them. I’m just not sure how they’re gonna work in the room.

MRS KIM: They will work they are teak. Teak is a hard working wood.

CUSTOMER: How about I take them out on memo?

MRS KIM: Memo?

CUSTOMER: You know. Bring them home, see how they look, if I like them then I buy them.

MRS KIM: No I do not work with memos, I work with money. You buy them then you take them home.

CUSTOMER: What if they don’t fit next to my the bed.

MRS KIM: Then you get a new bed.

LORELAI: Hi Mrs Kim.

MRS KIM: Lorelai.

LORELAI: How’s business?

MRS KIM: People die, go bankrupt, there is always furniture to sell.

LORELAI: Sounds good.

MRS KIM: You come for pictures of Lane?


MRS KIM: Here you are.

LORELAI: Thanks.

MRS KIM: [holding off handing them over] I am giving these to you in pristine condition and I expect that is how they will be returned. Do not cut them up or put glue on the back.

LORELAI: I will do my best. [Mrs Kim pulls them away from Lorelai’s hand again] I will return them in the condition they were received. [She hand them over] See you at the show.

[Lorelai starts to leave]

MRS KIM: Ah, no you won’t.


MRS KIM: I’m not going.

LORELAI: Not going to you daughters baby shower, why not?

MRS KIM: Lane knows why.

LORELAI: Oh there’s a problem between you two?


LORELAI: Maybe you could put it aside for one day?


LORELAI: It’s that bigger deal?


LORELAI: Is there anything Lane can say or do that can change your mind?


LORELAI: Does Lane know what it is?


LORELAI: What I have like 14 questions left?

MRS KIM: I have work to do.

LORELAI: Mrs Kim, I know Lane would really like you to be at the shower.

MRS KIM: Well life is full of disappointments. You can show yourself out. [Too the customer] Too late you cannot by those tables any more.

LORELAI: Okay then!

[Lorelai looks at the packet of pictures]

[Kirk enters]

KIRK: Word on the street is you want to sell your boat.

LUKE: I called you Kirk.

KIRK: Yeah but I was on the street what I got that call and to be honest with you, I was a little surprised to hear about this turn of events.

[They start walking out to the boat.]

LUKE: It’s not a turn of events Kirk. I just want to sell my boat.

KIRK: But you’ve always been really attached to this boat. Hell I thought you’d take it to your grave with you, maybe you’d row yourself across the River Styx.

LUKE: Yeah well turns out I’m not using it, you interested?

KIRK: [Kicking the trailer tires] It does suit me and it would be great for water skiing. Lulu loves water skiing. She also loves carriage rides. You’re not selling a carriage are you?

LUKE: Just the boat Kirk.

KIRK: Hmmm.

LUKE: You interested or not?

KIRK: How much we talking?

LUKE: $600.

KIRK: I was thinking more around three.

LUKE: Price isn’t negotiable.

KIRK: Okay 400.

LUKE: Non negotiable $600 price includes everything Kirk, even the trailer.

KIRK: 590.

LUKE: 600 dollars Kirk.

KIRK: 595 and you throw in a life preserver and a captain’s hat?

LUKE: 600 and you buy your own captain’s hat.

KIRK: But you’ll throw in a life preserver?

LUKE: Deal. Just have it out of here ASAP.

[Luke goes back in the diner]

KIRK: Sucker.


Written by: Gayle Abrams & Gina Fattore
Directed by: David Paymer

Transcribed by Craig Best for http://www.crazy-internet-people.com/site/gilmoregirls

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