7.12 - To Whom It May Concern (143)
This was transcribed by Craig Best (aka Lancer1993)

7.12 – Directors cut clip - cwtv.com/video

Clip One - 1:35

[Lorelai comes down the stairs]

LORELAI: Oh my God the eagle has landed.

CHRISTOPHER: Yes they delivered it while you were in the shower.

LORELAI: They deliver it or throw it.

CHRISTOPHER: Come with a lot of equipment, isn’t it beautiful.

LORELAI: Yeah and big.

CHRISTOPHER: All the better to watch Reggie Bush score touch downs on.

LORELAI: I forget which one of Bush daughters is Reggie?

CHRISTOPHER: Ah you’re gonna love it, have you seen the level?

LORELAI: Um the thing with the green bubble that goes back and forth?


LORELAI: Yeah Paul Anka and I were playing with it.

CHRISTOPHER: You were playing with it with the dog.

LORELAI: Yes I was I was trying to hypnotize him with the bubble.


LORELAI: I was trying to talk him out of chewing on the corner of the welcome mat. Or I was trying to get him a wacky post hypnotic suggestion like when the door bell rings her spins around in circles.

CHRISTOPHER: Were we able to hypnotize him?

LORELAI: No Chris he’s a dog, alright I think you have this under control, I’m gonna go sit on some babies.

CHRISTOPHER: Alright you go do that and when you get back we’ll sprawl out on the couch and watch some flat screen plasma TV and the world as you know it will never be the same.

[They kiss]

LORELAI: You smell good.


[They kiss again]

LORELAI: Familiar, that my conditioner?

CHRISTOPHER: Maybe I don’t know.

LORELAI: Are you using my conditioner.

CHRISTOPHER: Sometimes, what you don’t like to share?

LORELAI: No I’m married now I love to share.

CHRISTOPHER: So what’s so funny.

LORELAI: Because you don’t have that much to condition.

CHRISTOPHER: Well I know that but.

LORELAI: It’s just been really unrulely lately.

CHRISTOPHER: Okay I’ve got work to do here.

LORELAI: Alright listen I love that you’re using my conditioner and I love you are putting up this Jumbo Tron thingy all by your self and I can’t wait to come home and watch flat sports with you and I love you, good bye.

[They kiss again]

CHRISTOPHER: I will be here.

LORELAI: Hey if you feel like shaving I’ve got a brand you Lady Schick in the draw, feel free to use it.

CHRISTOPHER: I might just do that.


Clip Two - 2:10

[Luke is waiting, his is in a suit and Anna enters]

LUKE: Oh hey

ANNA: Hello Luke.

LUKE: [Sounding awkward] There not, I’m mean we’re not…

ANNA: Oh are we early?

LUKE: Yeah I guess, or they’re behind. [small laugh]

[They sit down, awkward silence]

LUKE: Did you park in the garage.

ANNA: Hmm.

LUKE: I mean do I get this thing stamped or.

ANNA: I don’t know I didn’t park in the garage.

LUKE: Okay.

[Silence again]

LUKE: Man this place hey.

ANNA: Yeah what a waist of time.

LUKE: Yeah.

ANNA: Specially since there is no reason for it.

LUKE: Well I mean.

ANNA: But you have to finish what you started right.

LUKE: What I started?

ANNA: Oh yes when you hired a lawyer.

LUKE: Well I had to hire a lawyer it was the only way I could see my kid.

ANNA: [Scoffs] I mean come on do you really thing you have a chance?

LUKE: Well that’s for a judge to decide.

ANNA: Well step back take a look at it. Look at you’re self you’re you. Hermit living above a diner in some old converted hardware store it doesn’t exactly paint a picture of capable father.

LUKE: It doesn’t matter where I live and I’ve been nothing but a good father to April.

ANNA: And you know what you’re not gonna get any points for you history with woman either.

LUKE: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

ANNA: You bailed on Lorelai, got divorce in a heart beat.

LUKE: I did not bail on Lorelai.

ANNA: You have had no long term relationships Luke, why would a judge you to have one with April.

LUKE: April, hu, no…

[The Lawyers walk up]

BARBARA: Hi Anna, all set.

JIM: Hello Barbara.

BARBARA: Jim, can we go in.

COURT OFFICER: The judge is ready for you.

JIM: Perfect timing.

[They all enter lead by Luke, the door is closed by the court officer]


Written by: David Babcock
Directed by: Jamie Babbit

Transcribed by Craig Best for http://www.crazy-internet-people.com/site/gilmoregirls

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