7.07 - French Twist - (138)
This was transcribed by lorelaisgirl

7.07 – Directors cut clip - 1:35 – cwtv.com/video

PARIS: What are you doing right now?

RORY: Not much.

PARIS: Would you mind swinging by the library to drop these off? I’d do it, but I just got cornered by Professor Edwards. She wants to meet for coffee in five minutes to discuss me being her CA (?) 2nd semester. Gotta start thinking about life after graduation. Cosign (?) after professor Edwards could be a fast pass to a fellowship.

RORY: I guess that’s true.

PARIS: What about you?

RORY: What about me?

PARIS: You looking into any fellowships, scholarships, grad schools?

RORY: Not really. I mean not yet; I will, probably.

PARIS: Time is running out, you know they only give the L-set (?) one more time before spring. Anyway, thanks for dropping off the books. I didn’t mean to let you run out of your way, I just thought you have a lot of free time since you don’t work at the paper anymore.

RORY: That is true.

PARIS: What are you taking, by the way?

RORY: Taking?

PARIS: Just remember, tri-cyclic anti-depressants are better than your mono amine-oxidation inhibitors, since those are mainly for panic attacks, and it doesn’t look like you’re there yet.

RORY: Well, I have no plans of going there.

PARIS: You will. I know when I was finished as editor, I went into a major tailspin. Could you tell?

RORY: Well, you masked it so well with your generally gloomy disposition.

PARIS: The first day is hard, then it only gets worse.

RORY: As it happens, I’m totally relieved that my job at the paper is over.

PARIS: Yeah, I did the denial thing too, I even tried smiling a lot; that got old and I think it made this line.

RORY: That will teach you to smile.

PARIS: You know, you really shouldn’t be alone at a time like this. Why don’t you call your ‘girls gone wild’ friends, they seem delightful in a ‘get crazy drunk in Cancun and flash your breasts’ kind of way.

RORY: Your take on Lucy and Olivia is so not them.

PARIS: Whatever. Later. Oh and Lexa-pro is fast acting, but the side effects are weight-gain, and noticeable drop in sexual appetite. Now, of course, with Logan gone, that’s mute (?).

RORY: Always a pleasure, Paris.


Written by: David Babcock
Directed by: Lee Shallat Chemel

Transcribed by lorelaisgirl

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