7.05 - The Great Stink - (136)
This was transcribed by Craig Best (aka Lancer1993)

7.05 - Deleted Scene - 1:58

[Luke, Rory and a number of townies are standing around a large bonfire in the town square. People are talking in the background.]

BABETTE: Amazing isn't it, not even a hint of pickles. Of course I pretty much singed my eyebrows off but hey I was almost due for a waxing.

KIRK: Make room people, make room.

GYPSY: Why should we, you can't smell a thing.

KIRK: I have a banana boat that need cooking.

GYPSY: Kirk you're a nut you know that, a first class nut.

MISS PATTY: There's just something about a bonfire isn't there, brings out the best in people.

BABETTE: Yeah evokes such warm memories, pep rallies, firelight festivals.

MISS PATTY: You've really out done yourself Luke.

LUKE: Hey I only built the thing it was really April's idea, tell them, go on.

APRIL: Well it's just that flames from fires gives off a lot of free radicles right [Babette and Miss Patty nod like they understand] and the free radicles oxidize the bad smelling air right, it's like when you light a match in the bathroom.

[Babette and Miss Patty giggle and the candid answer.]

KIRK: Wait why do you light a match in the bathroom?”

GYPSY: Kirk your banana boat.

KIRK: Why 'cause it's dark?

TAYLOR: What is the meaning of this!

LUKE: It's a bonfire Taylor.

TAYLOR: I don't suppose anyone here thought to get a permit before you set a match to this pile of carcinogens.

LUKE: Its just firewood and you said the smell would be gone in 48 hours and that's 48 hours too late and this is how we're getting through the night.

MOREY: Come on Taylor have a heart.

MISS PATTY: Yeah the bonfire is the only thing making this town liveable at the moment.

TAYLOR: Section 145a of the town ordnance clearly states, bonfires of all shapes and sizes are illegal unless the necessary permits are secured, in advance from the proper authorities. [The townies start to move closer to Taylor surrounding him.] Then again, one evening I suppose we can make an exception. [Taylor starts to leave] Excuse me.

APRIL: Hey check it out.

LUKE: Hmm.

APRIL: Hey I used Oreos instead of grand crackers, I call it smoreoes, want some.

LUKE: Of course.

[Luke looks up to see Lorelai driving past with Chris and Rory, she is looking at the gathering and fire but does not see Luke. Luke is in a trance for a few seconds.]

APRIL: Dad, dad. Dad come on you haven't tried it yet, what are you think?

LUKE: Oh, ah. [He takes a bite.] hmm, delicious, delicious.

[Luke looks for the car again as the scene fades.]


Written by David S. Rosenthal & Rebecca Rand Kirshner
Directed by Wil Shriner

Transcribed by Craig Best for http://www.crazy-internet-people.com/site/gilmoregirls

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