7.05 - The Great Stink - (136)
This was transcribed by Craig Best (aka Lancer1993)

7.05 – Directors cut clip - 2:05 – cwtv.com/video


TAYLOR: I can assure you no one is dieing, the substance causing this odor is not toxic in any way shape or form.

[General grumbling from the crowd, Sookie, Michel, Luke, Kirk, Miss Patty and Babette are amoung the people there. No Rory or Lorelai]

SOOKIE: That’s no pickles

KIRK: Pickle, like one giant pickle.

TAYLOR: [bangs mallet] Order [the crowd goes quite] As those of you how take interest in civic events may recall, 3 days ago a train derailed just east of town. Luckily no one was injured, however 3 1/2 tones of pickles and pick brine were scattered along the tracks and due to some enviable delays in clean up those pickles have been baking in the sun for 3 days.

[crowd gets noisy again]

MISS PATTY: And you know about this?

GYPSY: It’s a cover up!

BABETTE: We go Picklegate!

[they laugh]

TAYLOR: I did know about it but it wasn’t a problem until this morning the wind shifted and instead of wafting easterly towards our neighbours in Woodbridge the smell seams to have settled on Stars Hollow. Now there is no telling how long it will last.

[crowd moans again]
GYPSY: What people are suffering here!

SOOKIE: How long does it take to pick up a few measly pickles.

TAYLOR: Picking up the pickles is not my main concern at the moment. Now this is a matter of pride people, a huge principle is at stake. There is absolutely not reason why we here in Stars Hollow should take responsibility for this mess. The pickles them selves hale from Ohio, the railroad company is incorporated in the state of Delaware and since all the pickles are on the Woodbridge side of the tracks…

LUKE: [Getting up very mad] Just pick up the damn Taylor.

[They crowd supports Luke]

TAYLOR: Easier said than done, even if we wanted to the wrong thing and assume fiscal responsibility for this fiasco the cost is astronomical, $2500…

LUKE: [Shouting] Sold!

GYPSY: Done.

BABETTE: Pay you big cheapskate.

[the crowd “YEAH”]

TAYLOR: Fine, All those in favour of Stars Hollow taking a swift quick to the tosh and shouldering the entire cost.

[The crowd cheers in agreement to get the pickles cleaned up]

Written by: Gina Fattore
Directed by: Michael Schultz

Transcribed by Craig Best for http://www.crazy-internet-people.com/site/gilmoregirls

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