7.04- 'S Wonderful, 'S Marvelous - (135)
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Just a note: the tone of the entire scene is very playful and flirtatious.


The doorbell rings. Lorelai, wearing a black dress with spaghetti straps, runs down the stairs and answers the door. It's Christopher, dressed in jeans and a black leather jacket.

LORELAI: (looking him over as he comes inside) Huh. Um, kind of, uh, casual, seemingly routine dating clothes.

CHRISTOPHER: Was that intended as a compliment, because it didn't come out like one.

They kiss.

LORELAI: Mmm. No, you look good. But, I mean, how hard is it to look good, when you know where you're going? Not that hard.

CHRISTOPHER: I could get some points!

LORELAI: I, on the other hand, have to come up with an outfit that could easily convert from totally formal to totally casual with just a few moves! Look, here I am, all ready for an elegant, New York night on the town, carriage ride through the park, dinner at Pesti's [sp?], drinks at the Algonquin, but! If I change my shoes and throw on a cardigan and add necklace number two, then I am ready for a concert at the New Haven Green, or I could use my cardigan to cover up the security camera in case the date turns into some kind of heist.

CHRISTOPHER: Well, I prefer the sexy shoes to the sandals, but you should be comfortable.

LORELAI: Comfortable?...comfortable, like we're going to eat Moroccan and sit on the floor, or comfortable like we're going to go up steps? (suddenly excited) Steps? Steps? Steps? Are we going to the Met?


They kiss again.


LORELAI: So tell me now. Now! Tell me!

She spots the classic red Mustang convertible and gasps.

LORELAI: Ohh. Hello, Bullitt! Are you taking me on a car chase through the streets of San Francisco?

CHRISTOPHER: It's cool, right?

LORELAI: It's really cool.

CHRISTOPHER: You like it?

They start to walk to the car, and we can see that they are holding hands.

LORELAI: I love it. So is this the thing?

CHRISTOPHER: It's a thing.

LORELAI: But is this the special thing you planned, because if it is, I want to give it its due, and if it's not, I want to have the proper level of enjoyment while still reserving myself for the actual special thing.

CHRISTOPHER: The car is part of the thing. It's not the whole thing.

He starts to open the car door for her.

LORELAI: All right, I don't want to peek too soon.

CHRISTOPHER: Yeah, that's never good.

LORELAI: (as she gets into the car) Ooh, you're being a gentleman. Is that the special thing?

CHRISTOPHER: (as he shuts the door) I always open your door.

LORELAI: Bucket seats, is that the special thing? No? (as Christopher gets in the driver's side) Take a good, long look at my hair now, 'cause it's not gonna look like this for the rest of the night.

Christopher starts up the engine.

LORELAI: Rumbly engine, is that the special thing?

CHRISTOPHER: Buckle your seat belt.

LORELAI: Buckling my seat belt, is that the special thing?

CHRISTOPHER: Yeah, that's it, you're all buckled up, date's over!

LORELAI: (mock disappointment) Oh.

Written by: Gayle Abrams
Directed by: Victor Nelli

Transcribed by n.ro@FanForum

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