7.01 - The Long Morrow - (132)
Early Recap

This recap is posted with the permission and thanks of Ms Chicklet@TWoP

I have seen the season premiere. Here's what happens:

Rory wakes up in the apartment, which is still a wreck from the party. She looks around sadly, then walks into the kitchen. She sees a long, narrow florist's box on the counter. She opens it up smiling, then her expression changes to befuddlement when she sees a little rocket in there instead.

They pick up Lorelei and Chris from after Chris came back into bed. Lorelei hurriedly gets up, telling Chris to go back to sleep. She's talking fast, telling him she has to get home to feed Paul Anka. Chris looks confused, or maybe hurt as he realizes she's pushing away from him. She leaves the bedroom with a look of misery. Lorelei comes home to find Babette sleeping on the couch. Babette rambles about how nodules in her throat make her voice scary, how she fed Paul Anka, how her washer's broken because Morrie washed his boots in it again so she brought over some of her intimates, and she knows about the fight because one girl was in the alley behind Doose's seeing how many Devil Dogs she could fit in her mouth and when they got stuck the other girl went for help and heard Luke and Lorelei screaming at each other (really, it all just flowed together that way). Babette assures her Luke will call, they always do. She somehow takes the hint to leave, asking Lorelei to do a quick spin of her dainties with a Bounce sheet.

Rory goes to the Yale Daily News offices, and sees a line, along with a sign promoting Paris' SAT prep course. She walks in to see Paris telling a meek, ineffectual girl that her future is behind the corner of a doughnut shop. She tells the mother she'll take the girl on, but has to test them both to see how much of the daughter's situation is her fault and how much is the mother's. Paris and Rory sit down to talk. Paris tells Rory that her and Logan had an "understanding" last time, and look what happened. Rory looks unhappy.

Lorelei, freshly changed and groomed, walks out the front door to see Luke stepping out of the truck. He approaches her and says he wants to talk about last night. Lorelei said they said it all already, there's nothing left to say. Luke says he felt blindsided last night, but he's ready to talk. Lorelei refuses, tells him it's over, and drives away. Luke watches her go.

Sookie and Michel are arm-wrestling on the island in the Dragonfly kitchen. Michel is talking trash as he pushes Sookie's arm further down, and she's groaning. She asks how her acting is, he doesn't understand, and then she rallies and smashes his hand on the counter. He complains she cheated. She does a victory celebration, singing the chorus of "We Are the Champions." Lorelei, who entered right after Sookie's win, watches them silently, then gets coffee. Sookie rattles on and on about her amazing wrist strength, that it comes from making whipped cream by hand. She finally notices Lorelei's expression. Lorelei tells Sookie it's over between her and Luke. Sookie tries to dismiss it, saying all couples fight, it's healthy, good for the skin, etc. Lorelei says no, it's really over. She didn't want to have a life separate from Luke's, but it was like he was driving a car and all she wanted was to be in the passenger seat. But he locked the door and kept driving and she was hanging onto the bumper - he didn't have to open the door for her, just unlock it. She was getting banged up and bruised and hurt hanging onto the bumper and she finally just had to let go. Then she tells Sookie about sleeping with Christopher. Sookie says Luke never has to know, and Lorelei agrees. She doesn't want to do that to him.

Luke is back at the diner, grousing at Caeser about Lane's honeymoon, then getting harsh on a customer. He sees a commotion outside with Taylor, and heads out. Taylor and Kirk are installing a stop-light camera. Luke hates it. Taylor says it'll make the intersection safer. They go round and round. Luke says he'll fight Taylor on this. Taylor says he's welcome to come to the unveiling that afternoon, Kirk says he'll put down Luke and "plus one," then Taylor tells Luke he may lose power for a few hours while the camera's being installed.

Rory shows up at the Dragonfly. She tells Lorelei it was a "bad bye" instead of a "goodbye" - she misses Logan so much and it's only been seven hours and Paris kicked her while she was down and she doesn't want to talk about it. Lorelei tells Rory she and Luke broke up, but she doesn't want to talk about it. They agree not to talk for a while, then wonder how they can do that. Shopping? Please. Drinks? Like people stop talking after knocking back a few. They agree to try a sport. Michel suggests raquetball.

Rory, back at the Crap Shack, is unpacking, looking at the rocket again. Logan calls. He's been at Heathrow ten minutes and he already knows this is going to suck. He asks her if she opened her gift and if she got it. She says yeah, she got it. He says good, because he was afraid she wouldn't. Rory doesn't get it.

Lorelei and Rory are sitting on the floor in the raquetball court, going over what the rocket could possibly mean. Lorelei wonders if it had gum - Rocket Gum! The go over more ideas, Rory finishing with she's his Rock E.T., as in Rock in Easter Time. Lorelei looks at her like she's gone off her gourd. Rory mocks Rocket Gum. Lorelei says she'll eat - no, chew - her words when Rocket Gum takes off. Rory asks if she wants to talk about Luke. Lorelei says no, she wants to play raquetball. She serves, and the return smacks her in the eye.

Back at the CS, Rory tells Lorelei her eye is swelling, and she needs ice on it. But there's no ice in the house. Rory heads to the store for ice. The grand unveiling of the traffic light camera is going on. Miss Patty, Gypsy and Lulu are there. Miss Patty says if she knew college would be so good for a complexion, she'd have cracked a book herself. The customers leave the diner. Luke is surly with Caeser. Taylor starts the ceremony. Rory looks over to the diner and sees Luke in there alone. She smiles sadly and waves. He looks embarrassed and waves back. Taylor announces that Kirk, driving Taylor's classic '64 Thunderbird, will be the ceremonial first lawbreaker to drive through the light. Kirk heads towards the intersection. The camera goes off, the flashes blinding Kirk. He loses control of the car and plows into Luke's - Luke ducks behind the counter. Taylor emerges triumphant, crowing "I'm all right!" Everyone runs over to Luke's to see the damage.

Rory goes home and tells Lorelei now she understands why Lorelei always wanted to take her to The Fast and the Furious movies, and tells Lorelei what happened at the intersection, reassuring her no one was hurt. Rory notices piles of stuff in the living room and asks what it is. Lorelei explains it's some stuff that has to go back to Luke, some stuff that reminds her of Luke and has to go, and Babette's intimates. Rory asks what happened, as she feels she doesn't know how to act with Luke. Lorelei says it's not his fault, he didn't do anything bad, but they'd been having trouble and Lorelei issued an ultimatum and he said no.

Back to the crash scene. Luke is furious at Taylor. The tow truck guy wants to move the car out. Taylor wants to wait for the insurance agents. Kirk is seeing red spots. Luke explodes, demanding everyone stop pressuring him.

Lorelei and Rory sit in a cleared living room, saying it looks "zen." Rory brings in the rocket to dress up the coffee table. Rory tells Lorelei she's so confused about Logan because they didn't really talk about how things were going to be before he left and now she can't read his face and figure out what he's thinking. Lorelei tells Rory to go spend the summer with Logan. Rory puts that off, saying she needs to do more Googling on the rocket.

Lorelei is upstairs on the bed, reading. She's miserable. She takes off the comforter, then some of the pillows. The phone rings. She looks at the caller ID and winces. She answers it. It's Christopher. He says not to worry, it's not a booty call, he's just checking in to see how she's doing. He invites her over for dinner the next night. She tells him they shouldn't make more of last night than what it was, that it should not happen again. Chris says he understands, and tells Lorelei if she needs anything to give him a call. They hang up.

Lorelei is sleeping. Rory barges into the room holding her laptop telling Lorelei she finally understands the rocket. It's from the Twilight Zone episode "The Long Morrow" - where an astronaut about to go into space in suspended animation for 40 years meets a woman right before he leaves. He comes back, she's still young because she entered suspended animation for him. But he didn't know that, so he didn't. It's Logan's favorite episode. She's all excited, saying she's got to go see him in London right away. She calls him and is all effusive. Logan tells her he's already booked her trip - Christmas in London, with a few days in Paris and Rome. She realizes she'll have to wait until then to see him. Logan gets called to his first staff meeting and they hang up.

It's the next morning. Lorelei sees Luke's truck backing in. She walks slowly outside. Luke tells her what happened at the diner, that it's a disaster, that he doesn't care, that his life doesn't seem real without her in it. He was scared, but he doesn't know what he was scared about, but he wants to take her to Maryland like she suggested and his truck is all packed, they could go to Vermont or Maine afterwards. Lorelei is trying to stop him, but he keeps talking. She can't look at him as he tosses out more ideas. She tells him it's over. He says she can't decide it's over, he's in this, too, and he realizes he has to move faster, she said now or never and he's here, now. She tells him she slept with Christopher. He walks away without a word, gets into the truck and leaves. The final shot is Lorelei looking after him.