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6.15 - A Vineyard Valentine - (124)
This was transcribed by Craig Best (aka Lancer1993)

[Before the teaser there is a montage of scenes from previous episodes.]


LORELAI: Morning, everyone. [The kitchen staff groans] What's wrong? Uh-oh, food funk?

FRED: Major.

LORELAI: Are we talking the "Swiss chard a la polonaise" level funk from last may, the pfannkuchen experiment of aught-five?

FRED: Two thousand one pigeons a La Niçoise.

LORELAI: Pigeons a La Niçoise? Oh, boy. [walking over to Sookie] Sookie?

SOOKIE: You mean, Sucky!

LORELAI: What's up?

SOOKIE: Tell you what’s up, you know what this is?

LORELAI: An oyster?

SOOKIE: An oyster, fresh huh?

LORELAI: Looks fresh to me.

SOOKIE: I mean, the idea, nice and fresh.


SOOKIE: It isn't!

LORELAI: What isn’t

SOOKIE: Fresh.

LORELAI: The oyster?

SOOKIE: You're not listening.

LORELAI: I am too.

SOOKIE: Then what am I saying?

LORELAI: No idea.

SOOKIE: How long have we been married?

LORELAI: Nine years?

SOOKIE: I'm experimenting for the prefix menu for Valentine's Day next week, trying to come up with something new, but there's nothing new under the sun. I mean who else would think to serve oysters on Valentine's Day? Hmm, I don't know, maybe 12,000 other establishments within spitting distance!

LORELAI: Well, lovers love oysters. I don't. I love burritos, people don't want burritos on Valentine's Day.

SOOKIE: How do we know unless we give them the option, huh? That's it! I'll serve burritos!

LORELAI: Sookie, no.

SOOKIE: No one else will have burritos.

LORELAI: Sookie, you can't serve Valentine's Day burritos, that’s flirting with disaster. We could be talking the octopus-ice-cream disaster of '98.

SOOKIE: God, you're right. I'll figure it out. I'm just hitting an oyster wall here. Okay, take a break, guys. We'll resume in a bit.

LORELAI: So um, what are you and Jackson doing for Valentine's Day, huh any plans?

SOOKIE: Well, after I finish up here, I'll go home, and Jackson, wonderful man that he is, will have made a lovely meal and opened up a bottle of Syrah and lit a candle. And then he and the kids and I will have a nice, romantic meal together. [Giggles] What about you?

LORELAI: Oh, I'll be here.

SOOKIE: What? No, you'll be with Luke.

LORELAI: Yeah, but we'll probably just hang out. We don't have a reservation anyplace for dinner. I'm sure everything's booked.

SOOKIE: Uh, hello. I'm a chef. I know other chefs. I can get you into places.

LORELAI: Maybe, Luke says Valentine's Day is just another one of those fake things, like mother's day, created by greeting-card companies, and it is.

SOOKIE: Actually, it's not.

LORELAI: Really?

SOOKIE: I'm printing a history Valentine's Day to go on the tables. It goes back like 2,000 years.

LORELAI: Oh, well, then, it must have been a greeting-card company in roman times, you know, the one that came up with gladiator's day. Anyway, no plans yet.

MAN 2: Lorelai, excuse me, there's a Zydeco band here to see you.

LORELAI: A what?

MAN 2: A Zydeco band?

LORELAI: Did I mishear him twice?

SOOKIE: Then I did, too.

LORELAI: Come on. [Sookie Giggles as they walk to the dinning room]


LORELAI: Hi, I'm Lorelai Gilmore. How can I help you guys?

BOOZOO: I'm Boozoo.

LORELAI: Boozoo, that's your name? Boozoo?

BOOZOO: Boozoo Barnes and the Cajun Stompers!

LORELAI: Sorry, I'm like a thousand miles behind here.

BOOZOO: We set this up a while ago,the audition. Boozoo.

LORELAI: Boozoo! You're that Boozoo.

SOOKIE: You know more than one Boozoo?

LORELAI: [To Sookie] I set this up myself. It was for the wedding. [To Boozoo] The audition.

BOOZOO: The audition!

SOOKIE: Oh, the wedding.

BOOZOO: What you want to hear?

LORELAI: Well it’s like this Boozoo em, I don't need to hear you play because….

BOOZOO: oh, miss Gilmore, no, it's like this. When a zydeco band is at the instrument, they must play.


BOOZOO: "zydeco boogaloo," boys. 1, 2, 3, 4. [ Zydeco music plays ]

LORELAI: And they're off.

SOOKIE: Since when are you into Zydeco?

LORELAI: I just thought it might be festive and funny. I was going to audition them and a Dixieland combo and Leled Zepagain.


LORELAI: A led zeppelin cover band.

SOOKIE: Oh. That's clever.

LORELAI: It just slipped my mind.

SOOKIE: June 3rd's coming up pretty quick, too, hon.

LORELAI: I know, it is superquick.

BOOZOO: [Music stops] You don't like the song?

LORELAI: No, Boozoo, I love the song.

BOOZOO: Lips say yes, face say no. "Early in the morning," boys. 1, 2, 3, 4. [ Zydeco music plays ]

SOOKIE: Smile, or Boozoo may never go away.

LORELAI: I'm smiling.

SOOKIE: [ Chuckles ]



[Logan is waling up, OS door closes ]



LOGAN: Why are you up?

RORY: It's 11:04, the whole world is up.

LOGAN: Keith Richard isn't up. Pete Doherty isn't up.

RORY: Rory Gilmore is up.

LOGAN: She shouldn't be. You're making me dizzy.

RORY: I forgot my Thucydides.

LOGAN: Don't see how you can function without your Thucydides.

RORY: Hey, I'm trying to squoosh four semesters into three. If I slow down, I'll get whoomped.

LOGAN: How long you been up?

RORY: Five hours, four cups of coffee, two bagels.

LOGAN: No partridge, no pear tree?

RORY: Okay, Thucydides did not just grow legs and walk away.

LOGAN: Come back to bed!

RORY: I can't.

LOGAN: We see each other less since we've been living together.

RORY: I know it seems that way.

LOGAN: It is that way.

RORY: We'll have time.

LOGAN: Not unless we make time, let's go away this weekend.

RORY: This weekend's bad.

LOGAN: Every weekend's bad.

RORY: This one is particularly bad.

LOGAN: They're all bad. Now come on. It's Valentine's Day.

RORY: That's not till next week.

LOGAN: This weekend's Valentine's weekend. Come on let's go somewhere.

RORY: I can't.

LOGAN: Rory…

RORY: No, even if I did get time away, I promised my mom I'd try to hang out with her, even if it was just for dinner. I haven't seen her in ages.

LOGAN: But she doesn't kiss as good as I do.

RORY: You don't know that.

LOGAN: True.

RORY: She's been down lately. I kinda want to cheer her up.

LOGAN: Then invite her along. We can have a kissing contest.

RORY: Bring my mother?

LOGAN: Ah. And tell her to bring that guy she's with. What's his name? Luke?

RORY: Really? You'd be up for that?

LOGAN: Absolutely.

RORY: Well I'd have to drop a lot of things.

LOGAN: That's what things are for to be dropped.

RORY: I'll think about it.

LOGAN: Promise?

RORY: Yes. Now you have to let me go.

LOGAN: That's the worst offer I've gotten all day. [Logan kiss Rory on the cheek] Your Thucydides is on the pool table.

RORY: Thank you!
[Logan goes back to sleep.]

[Newsroom is busy]

RORY: I need every proof sheet on my desk by five o’clock and not a second later. Make that very clear to them, okay?

JONI: Okay.

RORY: I know the boys in the lab can be jerks to women, but don't let that stop you, girls power baby, Betty Friedan's dead, and we've all got to fill the vacuum.

JONI: [Determined] You got it.

RORY: Sorry, bill.

BILL: No problem. Got all the time in the world. Let's see. How about "amphetamine use on campus"?

RORY: Maybe, it would be ironic if my supply dried up based on an exposé I approved.

BILL: Are you serious?

RORY: You leave your sense of humor at home?

BILL: There's another protest over the Yale basic-cable-package fee. They're expecting 80 or so to gather.

RORY: Doesn’t warrant a story, get a photo and tell them all to go home and read a book.
BILL: And professor Wallace wants a correction to the interview we printed with him. He wants to clarify that he, in fact, referred to his department's problems with the advisory board as an quote "us-and-them thing." End quote.

RORY: What did we print?

BILL: "S-and-m thing."

RORY: [Giggling] Hmm, that's kind of funny.

BILL: Now, the profile on Yale students from New Orleans, how things are back home for them, it'll be done this weekend. I could get a copy to you Sunday morning.

RORY: Great. Uh, I mean, no. Wait till Monday.

BILL: You sure?

RORY: It's Valentine's Day weekend. We should all...take it easy, be with loved ones. You can make plans with that girlfriend of yours.

BILL: She just dumped me.

RORY: Linda dumped you?

BILL: For another guy. It destroyed me. Absolutely destroyed me. That's why I've lost my sense of humor. Nothing's funny anymore. I had forgotten Valentine's Day was coming up. Wow. Oh, god, I hate my life.

RORY: Right. See! This is why I hesitate to ask people about their social lives.

BILL: I never do.

RORY: Good man.

BILL: I'll get on that New Orleans thing.
[Rory picks up her cell phone and dial a number]

[ Zydeco band plays. Telephone rings ]

LORELAI: Dragonfly inn.

RORY: Hi, it's me.

LORELAI: I'm sorry?

RORY: It's me!

LORELAI: Oh, hi, hon!

RORY: What's with the flaming accordion in the background?

LORELAI: Oh, it's my new friend, Boozoo, which is cajun for "won't leave."

RORY: Explain.

LORELAI: It's a zydeco band I'd arranged to audition for the wedding, and once they're holding their instruments, they can't not play and, apparently, they can't stop. Oh, they stopped.

RORY: Good.

LORELAI: I mean they haven't had food or water in two hours. It makes sense that they'd have to…

BOOZOO: [OS] here comes the bride

LORELAI: Torture me.

RORY: Maybe you can get zydeco cops to come and stop them.

LORELAI: I guess this is the last nail in the coffin of June 3rd. The cut-off day to get the deposit back on the hall just passed, too.

RORY: Might be time to face the music, so to speak.

LORELAI: You know anyone in the market for a wedding? It's planned and paid for.

RORY: You'll have your wedding, eventually.

LORELAI: I guess.

RORY: Mom, you'll have your wedding.

LORELAI: I don't know anymore. Luke's been so busy with April lately. I mean it's good and all. It's the right thing to do. She's his daughter. But I just... I'm bummed, kid.

RORY: I know. Hey, what have you got planned for Valentine’s Day weekend?

LORELAI: Uh, this weekend? Nothing, surprise, surprise. Luke isn't really a Valentine’s Day kind of guy.

RORY: Well how would you like an all-expense-paid trip to Martha's Vineyard?

LORELAI: Martha's vineyard? Really?

RORY: Logan's family has a place up there. It's awesome. And I just cleared my schedule here at the paper, told them, "mama needs some time off."

LORELAI: Good for mama.

RORY: Go with us, you and Luke.

LORELAI: Really? You've run this past Logan?

RORY: It was his idea.

LORELAI: I don't know if Luke would be up for it.

RORY: We'll make him be up for it. I think he'd like it. It's beach, it's nature. I mean it'll be cold, but we can still walk outside. It's beautiful.

LORELAI: I've always wanted to see the vineyard.

RORY: Then force him to come, and if he's a sourpuss while he’s there, you'll still have me.

LORELAI: Okay, I'll talk to him.

RORY: I'll e-mail you directions. Come anytime Friday.

LORELAI: You've got room and all? Me and Luke plus five?

RORY: Plus five?

LORELAI: Well, I'm not coming without Boozoo and the boys.

RORY: The more the merrier.

LORELAI: Cool! Bye, hon.

RORY: Bye.

LORELAI: [Hangs up the phone, Boozoo is still singing “here comes the bride” Lorelai stands up and moves towards the dinning room] Boozoo, I'm going to need my dining room back. Boozoo!

[Lorelai is following Luke down the stairs, he is carrying some travel bags, Lorelai is reading from a sheet of paper.]

LORELAI: Well there is all manner of outdoor activities to do in Martha’s Vineyard, canoeing, snorkeling, sailing…

LUKE: That's mostly summer stuff. It's the dead of winter.

LORELAI: Hiking and walking, that's doable.

LUKE: Yeah, I guess. Is this all just for this weekend?

LORELAI: Plus these.

LUKE: Isn't that way too much stuff?

LORELAI: It is the dead of winter. The question is do you have enough?

LUKE: Yeah, I brought enough. [Pointing to Lamp for Lorelai to turn on.] Burglar lamp.

LORELAI: Ooh, and here, of course, is the big-time Martha's Vineyard thing, whaling.

LUKE: They have whaling?

LORELAI: Not anymore. It's just a fun fact. [Continues reading sheet] Martha's vineyard was one of the world's largest whaling ports. Says here people used every part of the whale back then, the most important being spermaceti, used in candle production. Yuck, couldn't think up a less gross substance to use for candles?

LUKE: You know, it's a good thing I don't drive a compact.

LORELAI: Herman Melville once shipped out of Martha's Vineyard. Here's a quote from "Moby Dick." "Oars, oars, grip your oars, and clutch your souls now. My god, pull, men!" Wait a second that isn't the pulling they had to do to get the spermaceti, is it?

LUKE: I don't think so. Let's go. We're already late.

LORELAI: Coming. [As they make their way out side] Now what else, what else "The first people on the island of Martha's Vineyard were Indians of the Wampanoag tribe. This tribe still makes up a large part of the town originally called gay head." Hmm, figures, the Indians survive poverty, disease, then get stuck living in a place called "gay head."

LUKE: I guess.

LORELAI: You think there's any connection between gay head and spermaceti? [Laughs]

LUKE: [Staring to load his truck] I have no idea. Wait, it's an island?

LORELAI: Yeah, apparently.

LUKE: That means there's a ferry.

LORELAI: Oh, there is a ferry to gay head? That is just too easy. Let's see what else is interesting about the island we now know as Martha's Vineyard.

LUKE: You don't have to do this.

LORELAI: Do what?

LUKE: I'm fine with the weekend. You don't have to keep talking the place up.

LORELAI: I just want you to have fun. You know I want you to relax.

LUKE: I'll try, okay? I just have my concerns.

LORELAI: What concerns?

LUKE: What concerns? Lorelai, where do we even stand with this guy?

LORELAI: What guy?

LUKE: Logan. Their relationship changes daily. I mean one day we like him, next day we hate him, next day we like him.

LORELAI: Well, we have a sort of truce.

LUKE: A truce, what does that mean, a truce?

LORELAI: It’s a truce, everything's okay. None of us should invade each other or fire guns across our borders or anything. We're in a truce.

LUKE: But what if they break up while we're there?

LORELAI: They're not going to breakup.

LUKE: Our bedroom isn't sharing a wall with theirs, is it?

LORELAI: I have no idea.

LUKE: You don't know the layout of the house?

LORELAI: I thought spermaceti was a pasta until three minutes ago.

LUKE: It's weird staying at people's houses, tiptoeing around, using their sheets, drinking their weird tap water.

LORELAI: We'll stick to small beer. That's what they drank on the whaling boats. If it's good enough for the spermaceti boys... Come on, I don't want this to be work for you.

LUKE: It's not work. Flipping burgers is work. This weekend's going to be fine.

LORELAI: Maybe even fun?

LUKE: Yes, fun. Oh, hey, arr, I left April's bike in the garage.

LORELAI: Oh, why?

LUKE: I was going to fix the wheel, and I forgot it was in the back. Is it okay I parked it there?

LORELAI: Oh, yeah. It should be safe.

LUKE: All right, good. Let's go. We have a ferry to catch. Please, don't add anything to that.

LORELAI: Party pooper… Ooh, there are a bunch of historical lighthouses. We should definitely see them. Huh. I wonder if there's a connection between the shape of lighthouses, ferries, spermaceti, and gay head. [Laughing]

[Rory opens the door]

[At the same time]
RORY: You made it!
LORELAI: We made it!

RORY: Hi, Luke!

LUKE: Sorry we're late.

RORY: Your not late.

LORELAI: It took longer than we thought, the ferry and all. Did you know Martha’s Vineyard is an island?

RORY: Well I've been here before.

LOGAN: Hey, there's our intrepid travelers.

LORELAI: Hi, Logan.

LOGAN: Welcome, and this must be Luke.

LORELAI: Oh, no, I dumped Luke. This is Clem. I picked him up at a truck stop on 95. We were at the register, paying for our blue plates, and our hands reached for the same Dixie Chicks cassette.

LUKE: Luke Danes.

LOGAN: Logan Huntzberger, good to have you, anything else to unload?

LUKE: Uh no, there's a few things, but I've got it.

LOGAN: Great.

RORY: So this is the place.


RORY: [Walks in with Lorelai] This is the den, and the dining room, which seats 20, the wet bar.

LORELAI: Just keeps getting better.

RORY: And that's the living room, the kitchen's up there, and the ocean's out there, but you can't see it.

LORELAI: Ahh, rip-off.

LOGAN: So you guys hungry?

LUKE: We're fine. We ate on the road.

RORY: Cool. Just a couple peculiarities about the house.

LOGAN: It's a grandma, so it's got its kinks.

RORY: Some of the hardwood floors have buckled, so watch your step.

LOGAN: The French doors are warped from the winter, so you have to give them a yank when you open them.

RORY: And that noise you may hear outside your window in the morning...

LOGAN: That would be stan.

LORELAI: Gardener?

RORY: Raccoon.

LOGAN: He's been living on the property longer than my family has. So we give him free reign.

RORY: And the showers there are three of them. Run any two at the same time, and they turn to ice, so give everybody heads-up before you take a dive.

LORELAI: Oh, good to know.

RORY: Oh in the morning we'll have stuff here to eat, or you can go up the street to Joe's café for breakfast. They open at 8:00.

LOGAN: 7:00, actually.

RORY: Right, 7:00. We never go before 8:00. But that's all. Want to see your room?

[Door opens]

RORY: Here we are, we call it the king and queen's suite.

LORELAI: Neat. Why?

RORY: Because you're our honored guests, and I just named it that
a second ago.

LORELAI: We'll take it.

RORY: So the controller for the heater is by the nightstand. All of the windows open, except for the second one on the left, so don't try to open it because you'll hurt your back. And don't forget about the showers.

LORELAI: Got it.

RORY: I guess we'll see you guys later.

LORELAI: I'd really like to tip you, but I've only got a $20.

RORY: Just add it to the bill, ma'am.

LORELAI: Will do.

LUKE: Thanks.

LOGAN: Good to have you here. [Rory and Logan close the door a they leave]

LORELAI: So, nice digs, huh?

LUKE: Kind of dark to see.

LORELAI: Well, I saw the weather forecast. They're predicting light in the morning.

LUKE: So, how does this work?

LORELAI: How does what work?

LUKE: Are we supposed to stay in this room tonight?

LORELAI: Um, what's wrong with the room?

LUKE: Nothing, it's just that it's only 9:30.

LORELAI: It's that early?

LUKE: What do you think they're gonna to do out there?
LORELAI: I don’t know you think there going to do something?

LUKE: She's your daughter and your daughter's snotty boyfriend.

LORELAI: Snotty? I thought he was very nice.

LUKE: You call that nice? How he embarrassed Rory?

LORELAI: How did he embarrass her?

LUKE: Correcting her like that with the whole "it's open at 7:00" thing? She was humiliated.

LORELAI: She wasn't humiliated.

LUKE: Well, we just need them to hold on for three days.

LORELAI: Hold on how?

LUKE: Hold on and not break up.

LORELAI: They're not going to break up in the next three days.

LUKE: Lot a tension here.

LORELAI: Okay are we in the room for the night or you want to venture out?

LUKE: I don't know.

LORELAI: Okay well I'll go see what's what, get the lay of the land here.

LUKE: Okay.


[Lorelai is tiptoeing down the hall to the living room, Rory is on the couch reading Joan Didion]


RORY: Hey, you.

LORELAI: [whispering] Are we supposed to stay in our rooms?

RORY: [also whispering] What? No. Why?

LORELAI: Just checking.

RORY: You can stay in there or come out here.

LORELAI: Okay, cool.

RORY: Then why are you whispering?

LORELAI: I don't know. We're in somebody else's house.

RORY: I know, it's a little weird, being a foursome.

LORELAI: A little. We'll adjust.

RORY: Yeah, we'll adjust... So, in or out?

LORELAI: I think we'll stay in.

RORY: Okay.

LORELAI: All right.

RORY: Good night.

LORELAI: Night. [Giggles as she gets up to leave, Rory goes back to her book]


LORELAI: We've got ourselves a beautiful day.

LUKE: Mm-hm.

LORELAI: The ocean is so blue. I love the beach in the winter. The summer's too hot, too congested, you know?

LUKE: Yep, congested.

LORELAI: What are you doing?

LUKE: Nothing.

LORELAI: Are you eating?

LUKE: Just a Powerbar.

LORELAI: Powerbar?

LUKE: You want one?

LORELAI: No. Luke, why are you eating?

LUKE: Well, I wasn't sure what the deal was.

LORELAI: The deal as to what?

LUKE: I didn't know whether they served food or not

LORELAI: What else do you have in here?

LUKE: Just stuff.

LORELAI: First-aid kit?

LUKE: In case we got hurt.

LORELAI: Baggie full of batteries for...

LUKE: The flashlight, illuminates up to 50 yards.

LORELAI: Bug spray, radio, granola bars...freeze-dried spaghetti?

LUKE: Just add hot water, eat it out of the bag.

LORELAI: Am I going to find hot water in there?

LUKE: [Pulls some water from the bag] You got to heat it up on the stove.

LORELAI: Oh...my god.

LUKE: It's a bowie knife to cut fish, cut tree limbs...

LORELAI: Amputate a leg?

LUKE: Not a leg. It could do a foot.

LORELAI: Luke, this is your backcountry bag. Why did you bring your backcountry bag?

LUKE: I didn't know what this weekend was.

LORELAI: You didn't know we wouldn't be performing surgery on each other?

LUKE: I wanted to be prepared.

LORELAI: I thought this bag was full of clothes.

LUKE: My other bag's full of clothes.

LORELAI: You're going to freeze.

LUKE: It's plenty for me. I'm warm-blooded…

LORELAI: I know, I know you're warm-blooded. Check it and see. All right let's see what else they have to eat out there, okay? The freeze-dried spaghetti's not going to do it for me.

LUKE: I didn't mean to bring the spaghetti.

LORELAI: Come on and leave the knife.

LUKE: Okay. [Puts the knife back in the bag]

[Lorelai walks into the kitchen]

LORELAI: Morning.

LOGAN: Good morning.

RORY: Hi, we've got coffee and pastries over there.

LOGAN: The best pastries on the island.

RORY: Yeah, you goto get them early or they run out.

LOGAN: Even the prune is good.

RORY: She will not like the prune.

LOGAN: She'll like this prune.

LORELAI: They look great.

RORY: Where's Luke?

LOGAN: He is waiting for my signal.

RORY: Your signal?

LUKE: To come out. He wants a signal it's okay.

LOGAN: Got a flare gun in the garage.

RORY: Luke, it's okay! Come out.

LUKE: Morning.

LOGAN: Hi Luke.

RORY: Luke, you know, you don't have to hide.

LUKE: [To Rory] I wasn't hiding. [To Lorelai] Did you say I was hiding?

LORELAI: I did not say that.

LOGAN: Help yourself to whatever.

RORY: You've got to read faster.

LOGAN: I read at my own pace, regardless of peer pressure.

RORY: But my article is continued in the section you've been reading since before john wrote his gospel.

LOGAN: I keep telling her we need to buy two papers.

RORY: That’s wasteful we don't need two papers.

LOGAN: We need it for the health of the relationship. [Rory snatches the paper from Logan] There's your proof… We got eggs and stuff, too, Luke.

LORELAI: You still hungry?

RORY: Still? You guys eat?

LUKE: No, we just ate a big dinner last night.

LORELAI: Right… Hey, why don't we take a little walk first, huh? The beach is deserted. We'll have the whole thing to ourselves.

LUKE: Okay.

LOGAN: You might want a coat.

LUKE: I'm fine.

LOGAN: Cool.

LORELAI: We won't be long.

RORY: [Logan snatches the paper back] Drat.

LOGAN: U snooze, you lose.

[Luke and Lorelai are walking along the sand]

LORELAI: Smell that air, sea.

LUKE: Yeah, there's sewage somewhere, too.

LORELAI: I'm loving this. It's been forever since I've been to the beach. Can you imagine living here?

LUKE: Wonder what real-estate prices are like.

LORELAI: Probably pretty high.

LUKE: Bet you the average joe can't afford it, that's for sure. Meaning if you work here, you can't live here, so you have to commute hours every day.

LORELAI: Pretty place to work, though.

LUKE: Waves keep you up last night?

LORELAI: No, I knew you were awake, though.

LUKE: Sorry, it's just it's so loud…


LUKE: And just when I got back to sleep, Dan shows up.


LUKE: The raccoon.

LORELAI: Oh, Stan.

LUKE: Yeah right. He decided to play a “Sousa March” with the trash-can lids. That's what a bowie knife's for.

RORY: [OS] Hey!

[They walk over the Rory]
RORY: Nice out here, huh?

LORELAI: Beautiful.

RORY: You look like you're freezing.

LUKE: I'm fine.

RORY: I forgot to give you these. [Tosses Lorelai some keys]

LORELAI: Oh, we finally earned your trust, huh?

RORY: We decided we'd risk it. We’re heading out, we'll be back in a couple hours.

LORELAI: Where are you going?

RORY: The gym.

LORELAI: I'm sorry. Ocean's awfully loud down here. Where did you say you were going?

RORY: The gym.

LORELAI: Sorry, the ocean is so loud…

RORY: Stop it. We like to hit the gym when we're here.

LORELAI: I cannot picture this.

RORY: Well stop mocking, because it's a good thing.

LORELAI: I want to go just to see you at a gym. [Turning to Luke] You want to go?

LUKE: Sure, I'll go.

RORY: Cool, let's go.

LORELAI: Great, let's all go to the gym. That will never stop being funny.

[Rory and Lorelai are getting a drink]

RORY: Hit me again, there, friend.

LORELAI: Ah I needed that, especially after that jog we took.

RORY: From the dressing room?

LORELAI: Yeah, it was at least 20 yards.

RORY: Hmm.

LORELAI: Plus the three steps we walked up to get in the building.

RORY: That was some gnarly cardio.

LORELAI: What is it about cucumber water that makes it so much more refreshing than non-cucumber water?

RORY: I think it's the cucumbers.

LORELAI: Ha. So, shall we resume our workout?

RORY: Let's do it.

LORELAI: You know, this is a nice facility.

RORY: I know, I like that you can get day passes. You don't have to pay for a whole…


LORELAI: That was loud.

RORY: I think a little warning was order.

LORELAI: No one remembers gym etiquette. Hey, any idea what part of the body this exercises?

RORY: I don't know. Do you lift it or pull it?

LORELAI: Or push it or climb it? So, the walk from the cucumber water to here, that was, what, another 20 calories?

RORY: Let's call it 40… Hey, is Luke okay? He seems a little distracted.

LORELAI: Oh, yeah, he's fine. He's just not much of a traveler, so it's all kind of foreign to him.

RORY: Coz I want him to have a good time.

LORELAI: He will. [Lorelai notices the workout guy from earlier] Yeah?

WORKOUT GUY: Okay if I work in?

LORELAI: Okay work in what? Oh, you want to work in. Yeah, I guess I'm done. Boy, I'm going to be sore in the morning.

RORY: Yeah, good reps there, mom.

LORELAI: Thanks.

LORELAI AND RORY: [Watching the guy] Oh.

LORELAI: You push with your arms.

RORY: I was going to say that.


RORY: More cucumber water?

LORELAI: I'm always up for more cucumber water. [More loud noises, the girls both jump] Ah! God, I'll never get used to that.

[Luke and Logan are playing a game]

LOGAN: It's probably your shoes.

LUKE: Shoes are fine.

LOGAN: Yeah but they're a size too small and they're low-tops.

LUKE: I bought what they had. The shoes are fine.

LOGAN: It's a drag you didn't bring your own gear.

LUKE: Yeah drag, let's get going here, all right? I'm playing all out, so you play all out.

LOGAN: You're overestimating my skills if you think I not playing all out. So it's what, 5-1?

LUKE: 6, you got 6, 6-1.

LOGAN: Right, 6-1. [Logan scores another point] Sorry.

LUKE: Don't apologize.

LOGAN: That was a foul, too. I charged.

LUKE: You barely touched me.

LOGAN: I traveled.

LUKE: No, you didn't foul me, and you didn't travel. Okay.

LOGAN: Did you try loosening the laces?

LUKE: Just check the ball. 6-1?

LOGAN: 7, actually.

LUKE: Right, right. 7.

LOGAN: Sorry.

LUKE: Don't apologize.

[Luke and Logan are coming down the stairs and see Rory and Lorelai seated having a massage]

LOGAN: Hey, guys. What's going on?

LORELAI: Oh, wow. I was, like, in a Zen trance. I was totally somewhere else.

RORY: Me too. I was in Greece. Where were you?

LORELAI: Bergdorf Goodman.

RORY: When you reach a Zen trance, you go to Bergdorf Goodman?

LORELAI: To each his own. Thanks, Ron, Jerry.

RORY: Yeah, thanks, guys.

LOGAN: I didn't know the gym had masseurs.

RORY: They don’t.

LORELAI: No, Ron and Jerry work for the laundry service, but they missed their calling.

LUKE: You got laundry guys to give you a massage?

RORY: Never underestimate the persuasive powers of Lorelai Gilmore. So, you guys have fun throwing the old hoop around?

LOGAN: Or something to that effect.

LORELAI: Look at you, you look like a billboard for the Martha’s Vineyard chamber of commerce.

LUKE: It's all they had.

RORY: So, who won the game?

LUKE: These shoes stink.

LORELAI: So you beat the shoes.

LOGAN: Nobody won. We just had fun. Do you girls need to clean up at all?

LORELAI: From...?

LOGAN: Right, well, I guess we'll see you out here.

LUKE: We'll be about 10 minutes.

RORY: Okay, see you in 10. So what do we do?

LORELAI: Ron, Jerry, you got 10 minutes? [Giggling, they sit back down] I love working out.


LUKE: So what is this like, a fancy meal?

LORELAI: Ha, I don't think it's fancy. It's just a meal, they wanted to make us a meal.

LUKE: But is it lunch or dinner? I mean it's at a weird time.

LORELAI: Well I just think they just want us to eat in the daylight, you know, so we could enjoy the view.

LUKE: It's getting kind of foggy out.

LORELAI: It's still nice.

LUKE: I had no idea it would be this cold.

LORELAI: I told you like a million times.

LUKE: But not this cold, and it doesn't help that the heat in this place doesn't work very well.

LORELAI: Your full line of vineyard swag should keep you toasty.

LUKE: This stuff is cheap as hell. The sweatpants I bought in the gym ripped already. Logan...

LORELAI: Logan? What about him?

LUKE: Well he's the reason they ripped, the way he was playing out there.

LORELAI: How was he playing?

LUKE: I don't know. Annoying.

LORELAI: What was he doing, specifically, to annoy you?

LUKE: What wasn't he doing? He was mocking me, traveling, fouling me without calling it, cheating on the score.

LORELAI: And that spontaneously caused your pants to rip?

LUKE: You know what I mean.

LORELAI: He seemed nice when you guys came back from the court. He said you were just playing for fun.

LUKE: It wasn't fun, believe me.

LORELAI: [Getting annoyed] Maybe you shouldn't have come with us to the gym. Nobody forced you to go.

LUKE: [Caught off guard] I know.

LORELAI: It's Valentine's weekend, you know? How about we stop talking about the gym and the stupid basketball game?

LUKE: Sure, okay, fine.

LORELAI: Look, they're probably waiting for us. I'll just see you out there.

LUKE: You got it.


LORELAI: I'm sorry, but this picture just does not compute.

RORY: Stop.

LORELAI: You're wielding a knife. That's verboten in Gilmore world.

RORY: You forget that I'm a rebel.

LORELAI: And you're wearing an apron.

RORY: It's so my clothes don't get wrecked.

LORELAI: You've not worn an apron since you saw "the sound of music" and you put one on so you'd look like sister Maria, and you made a big crucifix out of Popsicle sticks.

[Rory gets something from a draw]


RORY: What?

LORELAI: You just went to that drawer and got that thingamabob out of there like that's what you intended all along.

RORY: It was.

LORELAI: You know where things are.

RORY: I've cooked here before.

LORELAI: I may need to be resuscitated.

RORY: Okay do you want to help or keep on the riff?

LORELAI: I wanna Help.

RORY: Logan is taking care of the lobsters for us outside, and I am making a salad, mashed potatoes, and Bruschetta.

LORELAI: [Picking something up] Hmm. What's this?

RORY: It's a Garlic press.

LORELAI: [Picks up a large knife] This would do a foot.

RORY: Step away from the knife.

LORELAI: [Picks up something else] What's this?

RORY: That's a lemon Zester.

LORELAI: Let me zest a lemon.


LORELAI: I get to do something.

RORY: Well, you can't just grab things. [Luke walks in] Hi, Luke.

LUKE: Hey.

RORY: Wash your hands, and I will give you a task.

LORELAI: Exultant.

LUKE: Food looks good.

LORELAI: Rory's going to let me chop something.

LUKE: Is that wise?

RORY: I did not say chop.

LORELAI: All right I'm ready.

RORY: Okay. [Handing Lorelai a small knife] Chop the celery.

LORELAI: Yay! [Sees the knife] Oh, that's a dinner knife.

RORY: [Handing her the big knife] Well, be very careful, please.

LORELAI: I am Mario Batali and Ina Garten's love child.

RORY: [Too Luke] Logan's outside dealing with the lobsters, if you want to join him, [Too Lorelai] he was very nice, by the way. He kept them well hidden from me when they were, let's say, not dead.

LORELAI: Not dead? I don't like behind-the-scenes foodstuff.

LUKE: I'll see what's going on out there.

RORY: What did you mean, "it would do a foot"?

[Logan is cooking]

LOGAN: Hey, they kick you out of the house?

LUKE: Kind of.

LOGAN: You like lobster?

LUKE: I never had lobster.

LOGAN: I think you'll like it if I don't screw it up. Making lobster is time-honored Huntzberger family tradition. It's in our blood.

LUKE: Great.

LOGAN: So FYI, I'm probably going to do the present thing at dinner.

LUKE: [Slowly] The present thing.

LOGAN: Just to give you a heads-up. Don't want to complicate your life.

LUKE: You got Rory a present.

LOGAN: For Valentine’s Day. Forget?



LUKE: I just didn't get her anything.


LUKE: I mean, Valentine’s Day isn't technically till Tuesday.


LUKE: I have a couple of extra days.

LOGAN: Right.

LUKE: Is there anything open nearby?

LOGAN: Only if you want a windbreaker or some boating equipment.


LOGAN: Look, I went a little nuts and got two things for Rory. Let me give you one to give to Lorelai.

LUKE: No, no, no, no.

LOGAN: Yes, I got a necklace and a tennis bracelet. She doesn't need both. Take one, whichever one.

LUKE: I can't do that.

LOGAN: Dude it's Valentine’s Day. You've got to give your girl a gift.

LUKE: Well...maybe I will take one.

LOGAN: Which one?

LUKE: How about the necklace?

LOGAN: Perfect.

LUKE: Mainly because I have no idea what a tennis bracelet is.

LOGAN: Let me finish up getting these things on. I’ll take you in and show it to you. I left them in the car so Rory would not find them.

LUKE: You really don't have to do this.

LOGAN: I'm happy to. We men got to stick together.

LUKE: Okay.


LORELAI: This is fun.

RORY: You have got to stop doing that.

LORELAI: I love the squishy feeling.

RORY: You're going to over mash them.

LORELAI: Is there such a thing as over mashing potatoes?
RORY: Yes, it's called potato soup.

LORELAI: You know, you can put on the apron and shout out things like "dice the carrots," but implying that you can over mash potatoes proves you're a phony.

RORY: You're the one who thought the potato masher was a waffle shaper before I corrected you.

LORELAI: Ha… Ow, I think I'm giving myself mashed-potato elbow. Would you like more chef's juice?

RORY: More wine would be great. So have I told you what we're thinking for the end of the school year?

LORELAI: What who was thinking?

RORY: Logan and I. Get this, Asia.

LORELAI: Asia, wow.

RORY: Well, some of Asia, China, Thailand, Vietnam. We're thinking six weeks.

LORELAI: Sounds exciting, hon.

RORY: We haven't finalized anything yet, but I bought the books, I'm doing the research.

LORELAI: It's official. You've become too fabulous to hang out with me.
LOGAN: How's it going in here?

RORY: It’s good, I hope you like re-mashed potatoes.

LORELAI: You can eat them with a straw.

RORY: Where are you two headed?

LOGAN: I need the other tongs, they're buried in the garage and Luke was going to help me find them.

LUKE: Right, we'll be right back.

LOGAN: The clawed things out there, they went peacefully. [They kiss and Lorelai looks awkwardly away]

RORY: Thank you. [Logan and Luke leave] It's weird, you know?

LORELAI: What's weird?

RORY: I don't know, it just hit me. These could be the ones.

LORELAI: The ones?

RORY: The ones, you know?

LORELAI: [Thinking] Yeah. Yeah.


RORY: Luke, weren't you a lobster neophyte? Looks like you liked it.

LUKE: It's good. I can't believe I've never had it before. You cooked them perfect.

LORELAI: Here, here. [Luke, Lorelai and Rory start clapping]

LOGAN: Thanks very much. You're too kind.

LORELAI: Not that I'm hunting for my own compliment, but that celery I cut, huh?

RORY: Let's hear it for the celery chopper.

LORELAI: Oh, this is so spontaneous and unexpected. Not quite loud enough. Thank you, thank you.

RORY: So, should we clear?

LOGAN: Hey it's so pretty out here, sun will be down soon, so before it gets dark, happy Valentine’s Day.

RORY: Oh My God, you humanely killed lobsters and you got me a present? [Lorelai looking a little sad, then smiles]

LOGAN: I'm a multitasker.

RORY: Mmm… Hah, It's a bracelet.

LUKE: It's a tennis bracelet.

LORELAI: You know what a tennis bracelet is?

LUKE: Well, my sister makes jewelry, so I've picked up some terms.

RORY: Wow, I love it. Happy Valentine’s Day.

LOGAN: Back at you, ace. [They kiss]

LUKE: Well, I guess it's my turn. [Lorelai looking surprised] Happy Valentine’s Day.

LORELAI: Really?

LUKE: Really.

LORELAI: [Gasps] Oh, my god. Luke, it's beautiful.

LUKE: Good, good. It's gonna to look great on you.

LORELAI: Look at this.

RORY: It's you. And it goes well with mine.

LORELAI: Oh, yeah, they're almost matching.

LOGAN: Luke and I actually sneaked out when you two were playing around in the kitchen. We found those in the same place.

LUKE: Yep. Same shop.

LORELAI: I can't believe you got me a Valentine’s Day gift.

RORY: Is it getting kind of cold?

LOGAN: Yeah, let's go in, we’ll clear all this later. Let's just build a fire and get warm.

RORY: Excellent.

LUKE: You like it?

LORELAI: I love it.

LUKE: Good.

[Lorelai is sitting up in bed, looking at the necklace]

LUKE: [OS] I really cannot believe I've never had lobster before. It's my favorite thing out of the sea now. Kicks tuna's ass, kicks salmon's ass.

LORELAI: Yeah, it's good stuff.

LUKE: [OS] Logan did a good job with it, too. We've got to find a good lobster place near stars hollow. [Comes out off the bathroom] Probably have to go to Litchfield. I'm not even going to attempt the lobster-house pancake world. Do you know a good lobster place? [Sees Lorelai with the necklace] What's wrong? I thought you liked it.

LORELAI: Oh, no, I do. It's beautiful.

LUKE: So what is it?

LORELAI: I don't know…. Lately, I've been feeling like it's just not going to happen.

LUKE: That what's not going to happen?

LORELAI: Our wedding.

LUKE: No, Lorelai, that's crazy. Of course it's going to happen.

LORELAI: But do you really want it to?

LUKE: Yes. We're engaged. That hasn't changed. The wedding's just been postponed. That's all.

LORELAI: It's not feeling like it's postponed.

LUKE: What happened? I thought this would make you happy. It's making you sad.

LORELAI: No, it's not, it's just... I had to cancel a lot of stuff this week, a lot of June 3rd stuff.

LUKE: June 3rd? But I…

LORELAI: Well, I was holding out hope that maybe, if things calmed down with you a little bit, it would still happen. It was just stupid.


LORELAI: I lost all our deposits.

LUKE: That doesn't matter. We'll just put down new deposits.

LORELAI: Really?

LUKE: We're getting married.

LORELAI: I really want to believe that.

LUKE: Look, I know I've been preoccupied. I don't like that about myself. It's just who I am. I get in my own head, and I forget about the people around me.

LORELAI: I know, that's why I thought this trip would be good for you, get you thinking about something else, but it's been cold here and Logan's been bugging you and the raccoon is noisy and the waves were keeping you up. The trip was a dumb idea.

LUKE: Lorelai, no. It was a good idea. [short pause] Hey...


LUKE: You know I love you, right?

LORELAI: I really need to hear that once in a while.

LUKE: I love you, and I'm going to marry you, and at our wedding, we are having lobster.

LORELAI: Okay. [They kiss. Lorelai looks at the necklace] I really love this necklace.

[Luke and Lorelai are just waking up]

LUKE: [Kisses Lorelai’s shoulder] Morning. [Rubs her arm]

LORELAI: Good morning. How'd you sleep?

LUKE: I slept great, better than I have in months. How about you?

LORELAI: Wonderfully, actually. It's so quiet out there.

LUKE: Just the waves.

LORELAI: They didn't keep you up?

LUKE: No, I slept like a rock.

LORELAI: I wonder if Rory and Logan hit the gym again. I'm going to go check. [Starts putting on a robe]

LUKE: I wouldn't put it past them.

LORELAI: Or maybe they went hang gliding, went to climb a mountain, pearl diving, or skeet shooting. [Opens the door, Gasps] Wow!

LUKE: What?

LORELAI: Breakfast Santa's been here.

LUKE: Breakfast Santa? [Lorelai carries in the tray] Wow.

LORELAI: The kids must have left it for us.

LUKE: Well, I don't think there's really a breakfast Santa.

LORELAI: So, how do we do this?

LUKE: Legs.

LORELAI: Service here is so excellent.

[Cut to a short while later Luke and Lorelai are sitting on the bed having finished breakfast]

LUKE: That must have been Harvey's beach. Last time I was at the beach, I was like 18.

LORELAI: I was there, when I was a kid, I used to go with my friend Trish and her family. It had that snack stand where the cute boy worked. Remember? He looked like Emilio Estevez.

LUKE: Well, I remember the snack stand, not Emilio.

LORELAI: We used to do cartwheels to get his attention.

LUKE: I remember my sister picking up someone's cigarette butt behind that stand and smoking it.


LUKE: We could have been there at the same time on the same day. Isn't that weird?

LORELAI: Nah, we never were.

LUKE: How do you know?

LORELAI: You would have distracted me from the snack-stand guy. And no guy ever did.

LUKE: What about eloping?


LUKE: Eloping, we can do that, right? Instead of planning this whole big thing?

LORELAI: I don't know. Maybe. I guess we could. But Rory has to come. Is it still eloping if Rory comes?

LUKE: Sure, why not? Let's start planning it.

LORELAI: You don't plan an elopement. You just do it.

LUKE: Oh, right. That makes sense. We could even come back do it here when the weather's better. We could rent a place for a couple weeks in the summer.

LORELAI: That sounds nice.
[OS Door slams]

LORELAI: Whoa, loud.

LUKE: Must be Rory and Logan.

LORELAI: In some kind of hurry.


LORELAI: You guys, we're up here! In the interest of full disclosure, we're fairly casual.

MITCHUM: [Mitchum comes into the room] Who are you?

LUKE: Who are you?

MITCHUM: Mitchum Huntzberger. Who are you?

LORELAI: Um, I'm Lorelai. I'm Rory's mother.

MITCHUM: I'm looking for my son.
[OS Door closes]

LOGAN: Dad! [Mitchum leaves the room]

[Luke and Lorelai get out of bed]


MITCHUM: Where the hell have you been?

LOGAN: What are you doing here?

MITCHUM: You turn off your cell, your pager. I told you never turn off your pager.

LOGAN: I got your pages.

MITCHUM: So you're ignoring them? That’s great.

LOGAN: We're going to have it out in public?

[Rory is watching from another room]

MITCHUM: We're not in public, Logan. We're in my house. Yeah, we're going to have it out here.

LOGAN: You didn't need me this weekend.

MITCHUM: You don't get to decide whether you're needed or not. I decide that do you hear me?

LOGAN: They heard you in Nantucket.
[Luke and Lorelai enter the room]

MITCHUM: You were not to be here. You were supposed to be on a red-eye to London last night. I was in a room full of colleagues!

[They start talking over one another]

LOGAN: How many time do I have to go to London, I've met all of them. I’ve met them all for God’s sake!

MITCHUM: Some of them actually come from other bureaus to meet you, and you blow it off to be with your little girlfriend! You embarrassed me!

LOGAN: You want to talk time about embarrassment?

MITCHUM: You embarrassed me, you embarrassed yourself! You listen to me. You're getting on a plane to London. You're getting on a plane to London today.


MITCHUM: And you're going to explain to my colleagues why you wasted their Saturday and robbed them of their Sunday. And let me tell you this you better start acclimating yourself, because you're in London for at least a year starting the day after you graduate, as we discussed.

LOGAN: You discussed it.

MITCHUM: You're doing this, Logan, and I'm driving you to the airport myself right now. Get packed. You've got 10 minutes.

LOGAN: I have guests.

MITCHUM: Your guests can stay. [Mitchum walks out] You're leaving!

LOGAN: [Looks at Rory] Excuse me.

[Lorelai looks at Rory]

[The doors are open and Logan is waiting]

LORELAI: I guess we can just pick something up on the way.

LUKE: Yeah.

LORELAI: Hey. Still here?

LOGAN: Yeah, just waiting for Rory to get her things.

LUKE: You ah, you need any help there?

LOGAN: No, thanks, Luke.

LUKE: No problem. I just have to get that last bag.


LOGAN: I'm really, really sorry about this.

LORELAI: Oh, hey, it's okay. It was fun while it lasted. [pause] No one understands letting family down better than I do.



RORY: Walk you out?

[A car and driver is waiting]

RORY: Intimidating…. So, a full year in London.

LOGAN: Yeah.

RORY: So, when do you move, exactly? The Asia thing... I guess that's on the back burner?


RORY: Do you have to leave the very day after you graduate or is there a cushion or…

LOGAN: Stop. It's not happening. Okay? Not yet. It's February. We don't have to think about this right now. Right now, it doesn't even exist, okay? I'm not going to think about it. Let's not think about it.

RORY: Okay.

LOGAN: Take the Porsche home and keep planning Asia.

RORY: I've got all my books with me.

LOGAN: Good. [Walks to the car, gets in and leaves.]

[Lorelai comes up]

LORELAI: So that's Mitchum, huh? It's just like I imagined him.

[The car pulls away]

[Luke and Lorelai come in the front door]

LUKE: Hey, Caesar.

CAESER: Luke, you're back early. How was it?

LUKE: Great.

LORELAI: Ended dramatically, but, yeah.

CAESER: Well, welcome back. There was something I was supposed to tell you.

LUKE: Was it important?

CAESER: Must not have been.

LUKE: Well, I'll take care of out here. Why don't you close out the back?

CAESER: Sure. Coffee's fresh. Maybe that was it.

LUKE: Was that it?

CAESER: No. [Returns to kitchen]

LORELAI: Well, I'd love some coffee.

LUKE: Coming up. Okay. What am I going to do with all that stuff?

LORELAI: Keep it. It looked good on you, especially the sweatpants. You got nice mass ass.

LUKE: A what?

LORELAI: Massachusetts ass.

LUKE: Well, maybe I'll keep those then.

CAESER: I remember. Your daughter. I'm an idiot.


CAESER: That's what I had to tell you, April kept calling to confirm the time she's coming over tomorrow. [Lorelai looks sad]

LUKE: Oh she did.

CAESER: Three o’clock, she kept calling to remind me like I wouldn't remember to tell you, which I almost didn't. She's pretty smart.

LUKE: Yeah, thanks, Caesar. [pause, lost for words] Uh... so, three o’clock tomorrow. I guess her mother will pick her up around seven, so...

LORELAI: Right. So, I'll pop up sometime after that.

LUKE: Okay.

LORELAI: Oh, and her bike, it's at my place.

LUKE: Right, right, I guess I'll...pick it up tomorrow before three.

LORELAI: Sure, anytime. You know, um, I'm just kind of tired. I don't need to wire myself up again. I think I'm just going to go home.

LUKE: Oh, okay. I'll just tell Caesar I'm taking you.

LORELAI: No, that's okay. That's okay. I think I'm going to walk.

LUKE: You sure?

LORELAI: Yeah, yeah, stay here. I'll get my bags tomorrow or you can bring them when you come get April's bike.

LUKE: Sure, whatever you want. It's cold out there, you know?

LORELAI: I know. Cold can be nice sometimes.

LUKE: All right.

LORELAI: See you tomorrow. [They kiss]

LUKE: Okay.

[Lorelai comes in and turns on the light, she has some mail with her, she checks her messages]

ANSWERING MACHINE: Lorelai, it's your aunt Alice. Jim and I saw the beautiful picture of you in the paper announcing your engagement. [Looks through the paper] How wonderful, and what a wonderful picture. I told Emily that you looked so young. We marked our calendar for June 3rd, [Gasps] and we look forward to it. And we're really looking forward to meeting this man of yours, as well. A restaurateur it says. Say hello to Rory for us, and we'll see you soon. Bye.
[Answering machine beeps]
[Gasps as she find the announcement, the paper have 4 couples with Lorelai in the middle and a larger picture.]

SECOND MESSAGE FOR ANOTHER WOMAN: Hello this is Emelda Landers, I’m in the DAR with your mother and of course you went to school for a period with my daughter Carol. Well I told Carol I would pass her congratulations to you about the announcement. So that's it. Picture's beautiful. Goodbye.
[Answering machine beeps]

THIRD MESSAGE: Hello, Lorelai, this is uncle James. Emily called to tell us to save the date, June 3rd. We saw the picture of you in the paper. It's very nice. [fade out]

Episode End
Gilmore Girls
6.15 – A Vineyard Valentine
Original Airdate (WB): February 14, 2006

Written By Daniel Palladino
Directed By Daniel Palladino

Transcribed by Craig Best for http://www.crazy-internet-people.com/site/gilmoregirls
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The following is a transcript of the aired episode that includes accurate word-to-word dialogues, some settings have been added where needed along with actions and/or camera movements where I felt they were necessary.
"GILMORE GIRLS" and other related entities are owned, (TM) and © by AMY SHERMAN-PALLADINO AND DANIEL PALLADINO for DOROTHY PARKER DRANK HERE PRODUCTIONS and HOFFLUND/POLONE in association with WARNER BROS. TELEVISION. All Rights Reserved. This transcript is posted here without their permission, approval, authorization or endorsement. Any reproduction, duplication, distribution or display of this material in any form or by any means is expressly prohibited. It is absolutely forbidden to use it for commercial gain.

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