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6.20 - Super Cool Party People - (129)

This review is a work in progress

The teaser was fun, Lorelai with a hangover but not really if you know what I mean. She looked as beautiful as always and in my opinion didn’t act like she has a hangover, and what was that think about Chris being her “knight in shining armour” I know Sookie is the one who said it but what happened to the person who wrecked everything between her and Luke last year?

Rory got into protective girlfriend mode and feeling responsible for Logan being hurt, Logan drunk jumping off a cliff was not his brightest idea. But at least they talked about it, a lesson Luke and Lorelai need.

Finn and Colin were funny but Rory didn’t see it that way and I liked how she snapped them back into reality.

I liked how Paris came into her own getting the info from the doctor.

Michel and the Dragonfly Inn website was a nice side joke and good enough reason for Michel to be around.

Rory telling Logan’s father off was the Rory we all love and they had a nice moment when he came to see Logan.

Grants song was great and might have meaning “have lived and died in 40 years, prayed for yourself and for your memories, be thankful we've had 40 years”

Luke was a little over the top with Caesar and the bananas, not wanting change. Luke he just looked after you business for 10 day and didn’t kill anyone give him a break. Also her might want to get his sinus problem checked out with the snorting he does, it was cute before but is just annoying sometimes now.

After 10 days apart and all we get is that as a hug and kiss between them, I know Luke is not big on PDA (Public Displays of Affection) but come on why not go up stairs or meet up back at the house.

Love the dig about the “really dumb movie” I think Lorelai was referring to National Treasure, it's fun when they put that in.

I don’t like it that Lorelai now with the help of the town is keeping the drunken speech from Luke, you just have the feeling that it will come out at the worse time. I hope I’m wrong and Lorelai does own up soon. Also she was playing with the engagement ring, which in my opinion is because she was nervous or worried about things.

Nice scene with Luke and Lorelai shopping but why can’t they hold hands! They acted like a real couple with the whole Lorelai wearing what Luke likes and she grows to like it, very nice couple stuff until Luke insisted on doing the gift buying his way without any help from Lorelai. It was a little awkward when he finally gave his reason for not letting Lorelai meet April, it was a little harsh but I can see he has a real self-esteem problem. Remember the audiotape he got, which finally lead to him asking Lorelai out. The first thing on the tape was about self-esteem. You could see how crushed Lorelai was and being turned down.

Did like how Lorelai came to the rescue when the birthday party was a flop, she joked like always and for a while it was back to the old Lorelai. Also the “ground rules” at the party was classic Luke and I loved it, even if the girls didn’t. Luke and the peephole was weird.

The fun times with Lorelai the “super cool party person” was nice, the serpentine classic Lorelai and fun to watch, they party got started and was a big hit. I liked that April and Lorelai bonded and Lorelai was right when she said “kids tell the truth”.

The slumber party was a nice touch, but then we had an understandably mad Anna who was not told before hand even though all the girls called the parents to clear it with them. In my opinion Luke did the right thing by spending the night in the storeroom and not in a room full of 13 year old girls. Anna over reacted somewhat with the slumber party but she did have a point about never having meet Lorelai, I still wondering why Luke never called Lorelai his Fiancée when Anna was yelling at him.

It was good that Luke didn’t blame Lorelai for Anna’s over reaction and nice that Lorelai tried to fix things by going to see Anna at her store.

Best lines
LUKE: No, it's not ridiculous. You're colorful and funny. You're practically a cartoon character. Kids love you. I wouldn't hang out with me either after meeting you.


LUKE: Well, there's a peephole here I can see out of.

LORELAI: You're peeping at the girls from the storage room?

LUKE: I do not have time for any weird jokes.

Best scenes
Sad/Funny - The shopping scene with Luke and Lorelai.

My Rating
7.5 out of 10

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