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6.19 - I Get A Sidekick Out of You - (128)

This review is a work in progress

Lane’s happy day, not so much for Lorelai.

You could see it though out the episode even before Lorelai was told the news about Rory meeting Aril in Philly. She was putting on a happy face in my opinion but with the news the truth came out in a big and very public way but I’ll get to that later.

I did like this episode more that the last few and more than I thought give no Luke and Chris hanging around like a bad smell. Sorry I know he’s doing his best and sad to say was the prefect gentleman this week. This also should have been Lorelai’s wedding in my opinion.

Lorelai fixed the dress for Lane and she loved it, It might have been the dress Lorelai wanted and I hope she makes her own when the time comes. She lead the bachelorette party, again should have been her’s. I was funny that all their plans didn’t workout, didn’t get to see "American Gigolo" or Richard Gere's penis.

The Sidekick was a nice side joke, I wonder if it will be used in future epidoes, also Lorelai used a phone just like mine. The Motorola V3 Razr, the pink one, I have the black one.

Michel was fun wanting to go to the wedding until he got the Celine Dion tickets and that left Lorelai needing a man. Well she turned to Chris, her 3rd choice.

Funny scene with the Korean men talking about Lorelai just before Chris showed up and oh my God how many times did Lauren Graham roll her tongue! I counted five.

The two weddings were nice, and the fact Mrs Kim was hiding that she is a seventh-day Adventist from her Buddhist mother and the floor boards. It’s nice to have things from the past came back.

It was nice to see Rory and Chris “bonding” again and Chris is okay with Logan, It was a shock that Logan was hurt but looking back having him go and to the LDB stunt was a set-up waiting to happen.

The time things hit home for Lorelai was when she saw the photo of April on Rory’s phone and found out Rory have now meet April, this is what sent Lorelai to the bar and coming back with 20 shots, and the drunk speech, very sad. Also the final scenes was sad, Lorelai getting a call from Luke and seeing that Chris spent the night on the chair.

So why didn’t Luke call before, the last episode they said they would call each other all the time while Luke was on the trip with April. Why didn’t he call to say he saw Rory in Philly or that she meet April?

I hope they do some explaining in the next episode.

Best lines
LORELAI: In one day? Are you kidding me it took me this long to find Luke.

MRS KIM: My daughter wants you at her wedding, fine. But if you're to come, then you need to come with a man. And Kirk does not count!

LORELAI: Lorelai Gilmore – disappointing mothers since 1968.


LORELAI: What am I supposed to do now? Mrs. Kim made it very clear not to show up without a guy. This is ridiculous. Even when I have a man, I'm still the girl who doesn't have a man. This sucks! I've known Lane since she was a little kid. She's spent more time at our house than at her own, and now I'm gonna miss her wedding? Fracking Céline Dion!


LORELAI: Uh, excuse me. Hi, Mrs. Kim. I'd like you to meet Christopher Hayden. He's Rory's father and a man.

CHRISTOPHER: Did that really need clarification?

Best scenes
Sad - Drunk Lorelai speech, not that I like people acting drunk on screen but just for what was said and how it took eight shots of Tequila for Lorelai to open up.

Funny – The wedding party running to the church and the 2nd wedding.

My Rating
8 out of 10

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