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6.18 - The Real Paul Anka - (127)

This review is a work in progress

Okay Lorelai and the Paul Anka, weird but in my opinion it meant a lot more than it looks like. Lorelai has a fear that she is losing what she has, Paul Anka, Luke, the town and everything, I wish Rory was more useful like the dream she had at the start of season 3.

What is it with the montages of scenes, first we have the Martha’s Vineyard stuff from “A Vineyard Valentine” and now we have 2 in this episode, the little one at the start with Luke’s truck and diner, then later the Philadelphia stuff.

You can see Lorelai is on the edge wanting to replace the Anna bag with her own, then “bashing” the bag on the way out and chucking it in the back of the truck. When is Luke going to let Lorelai meet April? I mean everyone but Luke could see how pissed she was throwing the bag into the truck.

I did like the Kirk and Caesar stuff at the diner, some of the funniest stuff from the episode. Kirk was on his game in this episode.

April is cute and Luke is out of his element with all this, you gotta feel sorry for him a little his world has been turned up-side-down with all this. The talk about the boy kinda like he was “cramping her style” and the “Geez” at Jess’s, cute also. He should ask Lorelai for advice, he has a cell phone why didn’t he call Lorelai? I did love the ending with Luke hearing "My Dad" from April

Rory and Logan are not doing so good again, last week they talked at the start what happened? Not nice for Rory to over-ride the story Logan was working on. Both girls are being a little passive-aggressive. Nice to see the guys again Finn, Colin and Robert, but the whole scene was another sign something is not right in their relationship.

Also nice to see Paris and loved the “Keep walking, whitey” comment to Logan, pity that was all we got from her.

Lorelai fixing Lane’s dress was predictable but nice and did lead to the great scene at the end with Lorelai tipping the coffee on the dress and smiling. And the song "Angst in My Pants" by Sparks did that mean something? Not a shock that Lane didn’t like the dress either.

The funniest part of the episode was Lorelai finding out her parents were in town, she knows they are looking at buying a place in town but she’s not asking them and they’re no telling. Also the scene with Kirk in the house was very funny, I like how he can do that with a scene and Lorelai was funny in the house.

Emily “bonding” with the April clone was nice, also was the fact under the surface she had not changed that much and reverted to calling Sissy IT, but she was making an effort now with Luke. I'm loving Emily right now, she was right that Lorelai need to have a relationship with April.

Also why do they have to play games, Lorelai come out and tell your parents that you know they want to by a house.

The scene with Luke introducing April the Rory was a little awaked at first but in my opinion you could see how Luke is in love with Lorelai so much because of the way he smiled when talking about her. So April did know, the quest now is how much does Anna know. I liked the April and Rory talked a little, but I'm sad that Lorelai has yet to meet her officially.

The whole think with Rory going to Jess and trying to cheat was wrong, that’s not Rory and that’s why she couldn’t do it. It was sad for Jess, he was getting at the signals that she was not with Logan.

Again the question is why isn't Lorelai talking this season! For a show all about how much they talk and how long the scripts are Luke and Lorelai aren't doing much talking to each other.

Best Lines
RICHARD: You should talk to your mayor about all these issues, Lorelai.

LORELAI: You mean Gropey McGee? I cannot, will not ever put myself in that position again! Mind if we stop by the store?


PARIS: Keep walking, whitey.


FINN: Not only the ultimate, but the penultimate.

COLIN: Penultimate means next to last, Finn. This is the last one.

FINN: I thought it meant super-ultimate.

ROBERT: How did you get into Yale?

FINN: Slept with the recruiter.

Best Scenes
Emily telling Lorelai she needs to meet April.


Lorelai bashing up the "Anna" bag.

My Rating
7 out of 10

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