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6.17 - I'm OK, You're OK - (126)

This review is a work in progress

Sorry but this will be a short review, because of the current mood I'm in.

The episodes was surprisingly good but the Lorelai not being introduced to April story is starting to drag on. Lorelai needs to say something to Luke, I know in her mind she thinks if she does she might loose him, like last year in "Say Something". But Rory and Logan are acting more grown up at this point, they talked and worked things out.

Land and Zach as a good but a little weird, not knowing where they will live and Lane not telling Mrs Kim she was engaged to Zach all ready. But that goes back to the early seasons when everyone in town knew about it but Mrs Kim didn't. It's nice to see Mrs Kim change and accept Lane for who she is now.

Rory leaving Logan and not telling him where she was going was a bit strange after the break up they had, he could have though she had changed her mind, also if she was missing for a couple of days they why didn't he go to Stars Hollow to look for her or call Lorelai?

Emily and Richard looking for a house in town now that might be funny. I think this is the first time, on screen, that they have had any meal at the house, the clean up was funny but again it back fired and they found out. Luke coming over and then leaving while funny was a little childish, grow up the both of you. And why was he knocking, he has (or had) a key. Maybe he saw the car and didn't want to disturb them but just going in. Some things just don't make any sense on this show sometimes.

Continuity Error - This episode starts right after the other, Logan and Doyle come to the apartment only a few hours after the last episode ended. We know Lorelai was in the bed at the house in the last scene of the "Bridesmaids Revisited" But early in the episode she has a show the next morning at the apartment above the diner.

She also has a small bag with her, WHY? does she bring and take things every night she sleeps there, that's just weird. Why hasn't she got a brush and other suff at the apartment?

Thanks about it for know, I may update it later.

Best Lines
LUKE: Okay I'm gonna take these guys outside. Any particular place you want them?

LORELAI: Yeah, someplace shady, shelter from the elements and, ideally, near a talking pig.

LUKE: I asked. I have no one to blame but myself.

Best Scenes
Mrs Kim and Zach writting the song.


The scene with Lorelai, Luke and the spider

My Rating
7.5 out of 10

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