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6.16 - Bridesmaids Revisited - (125)

This review is a work in progress

Where do I start, while I thought the episode was well written and had some good parts but it didn't flow from the last one, what happened with the wedding announcement put in the paper by Emily? Did no one else read the paper? Also in the last episode Luke and Lorelai had made big progress on the wedding but nothing has happened with the April story line.

What would have made the episode 10 times better is, if in the teaser Luke & Lorelai had kissed when she came in and in the final scene if Luke was in bed with Lorelai. But they didn't so lets move on.

The teaser was good but painful for us to watch Lorelai hearing about how Lane had spent time with April, Lorelai trying to one up Lane's stories about April with her own about Rory, very sad.

Kirk was Kirk again sniffing Lorelai and going on an all juice diet.

Luke calling Lorelai his fiancée was just to let us know that were still going to marry, in my opinion Luke has not noticed how Lorelai is feeling partly because he is sidetracked but April and also Lorelai keeps saying everything is okay.

Lorelai going over the list of problems with Luke’s meat guy was funny, just another freaky family in a town of freaks. Lorelai letting Luke know that Chris was going to be at the Rory thing was nice and shows she is being open with him. Nice also to see Luke is not jealous of him anymore.

Lane getting he music back on track is nice also.

Rory is in control of the Yale Daily newsroom, Paris is back in the news room, again why is she there if she is pre-med, wouldn't that work load be enough? But it was nice to she her and Doyle, laugh out loud that Paris can't sleep and is now learning the jazz trumpet.

Zach playing the Banjo, funny stuff and nice to the music shop again and Joel playing the tambourine.

The scene with Rory and Logan made them look more like a couple like the last episode, didn't like he was drinking before 2 in the afternoon. The scene was good and in my opinion Logan does love Rory but is having trouble to adjust to being in a relationship.

While I didn't like that Chris was at the Yale thing with Lorelai I understand why and I'm at piece with it. I don't think at this stage Chris wants anything romantic with Lorelai and is just there for Rory, which is a good thing. I don't like how Lorelai turns into a 16 year old around Chris though, mocking the moderator and panel. I know she does similar things with Luke but it just seams worse with Chris. Also loved the “dud” comment when she handed them to Chris. Did like how he kissed her, which as I said was made worse since there was no physical contact with Luke in this episode. Nice how they bought up about the hair since a number of people have said how they don't like it.

Bit weird how Rory didn't want Lorelai and Chris to mess up her hair but had no problems with the big kiss from Logan. As always Rory was great in the panel, Lorelai and Chris were proud parents but did she have to bring up the “our kid” thing, I know biological that's true but 2 minutes work 21 years ago is his sole part in the process, Chris had nothing to do with bringing up Rory. I did like the scene after when they were talking about how smart she is and Lorelai said it was all here work, then made a dig at Chris about being a parent as the solution to no baby sitter, the baby sitting was a set- up to show how Lorelai wants to help and is a nurturing type like what happened with Paul Anka (the dog). She wants to help Luke with April but she not being let in yet so turns to helping Chris with G.G.

Also Chris must live locally now, Hartford or some other place in Connecticut. Why would you travel from Boston just to drop of G.G. for baby sitting? Maybe he moved after his father died.

LOVE the scene with Gil singing Hollaback Girl, laugh my ass off, one of the best scenes of the episode. Including the speech after. Zach was great knowing what he wanted and getting the band back together. The games talk was great with Brian. Love how they put in the Brokeback Mountain line in there also. Love the man how comes up and calls Gil Gilbert, that was so funny and I don't know why. Then Gilbert singing Hava Nagila, along with Zach dancing in the back ground, oh my god one of the best scenes this season.

Again Logan an Rory looked like a couple in sync when arriving at Honor's wedding, Rory is dragged into the dressing room to be with the girls when she would rather be studying in the library, very Rory like behavior in my opinion. Some of them have met before but they don't remember which spells trouble.

Lorelai being all motherly with G.G. was fun to see in a weird kind of way and from the time Chris dropped G.G. of you could see he was not in control of her. Again with the kissing, If only Luke & Lorelai had kissed in the teaser I would feel so much better about it. G.G. is a little charmer I know she's only 3, OMG is she big for a 3 year old, looks almost 5. But she walks right in and turns on the TV then gives Lorelai a “Shh” and look, this kid spells trouble. Also they have moved this in the living room again, the desk that was always near the stairs is now between the windows behind the couch, and the book case that was under the stairs is now in its place. Lorelai's childhood doll house is under the stairs.

Back at the bridal dressing room the girls are half drunk, after Honor leaves the room, apparently the only one who knows how long Rory has been with her brother, Logan. The girls spill and the truth comes out about WHO he did the last winter when they were having a break, it turns out half the women in the room. You could see Rory’s heart break as she realizes what happened. Nice bunch of girls by the way, not that this type of talk doesn’t happen in dressing rooms everyday. She had just found out the Logan had slept with two over the bridesmaids and made out with another, then she had to ask the 4th if they had fooled around, poor Rory. The whole thing left Rory with the wind knocked out of her, sitting there stunned as the girls left was so said. She couldn't even cry or dial her phone to talk to someone.

Lorelai looking after G.G. and not having much luck. How did she manage to make such a mess in a couple of hour. Looks a little over the top to me. But gotta love the look on Lorelai's face when G.G. deliberately draws a line on the floor with a permanent marker. Some classic lines and great acting, it must have been fun on the set that day. Why did Lorelai put the marker back on the floor near G.G. when she just took it from her? And gotta love the classic “Just wait till your father get home” can't beat an old cliché. It did sound a bit like the line Emily said to Rory in episode 8 “Let me Hear Your Balalaikas Ringing Out”.

Rory is still sitting in the same spot and the wedding had be done, Logan comes looking for her. Rory was great in this scene, letting Logan know how she felt without yelling of getting very mad. But Logan couldn't see what he did wrong, and using the old “Friends” type line “We were broken up” is a poor excuse, He didn't even call her and ends up sleeping with someone only weeks after their fight without a call. Now if he had told Rory before they got back together than maybe she would have forgave him in the long run but now its going to be very hard to come back from this one.

Also Rory was having some self-doubts about why Logan wanted her if he could so easily get these other girls. I know men and women view sex different and its not the same for everyone but he should have had some understanding that Rory was different from other girls he dated and that's in my opinion why he was dating Rory and she was the first girl he had called his “girlfriend” which was a huge step for Logan. Logan was trying to put the blame for what happened on the girls but that's just who he is.

Gotta love Kirk, yes he's weird but with all the sad stuff with Luke & Lorelai not talking and Rory breaking up with Logan you need some comedy.

The whole proposal scene was totally different to the one with Luke & Lorelai, Zach was great opening up like that in the diner full of people. Great speech that leaves Lane completely stunned, and after she walks about giving food to the wrong people and moving a toast very well done. If only Babette was in the diner when Lorelai asked. Luke didn't look sad for how is engagement was going but in my opinion he doesn’t think anything is wrong because Lorelai is not telling him other wise and they just had the great talk while a Martha’s Vineyard, so in his mind everything is okay.

Chris had no right to come down on Lorelai so hard, she was only trying to help, it reminded me of ep2.05 “Nick & Nora/Sid & Nancy” when Lorelai tried to help Luke with Jess. It was good to see Lorelai set Chris strait even if he didn't listen to her.

Rory drunk in a bar, how far this show has come, sweet 16 Rory of season 1 to drunken bitter Rory. I like how Rory was talking about the napkin “Sick of people touching my stuff” which I think she was channelling her feelings about Logan and the girls he had while they were apart. Also the “Dorothy Parker” line since the Amy Sherman-Palladino and Daniel Palladino own Dorothy Parker Drank Here Productions, nice little inside joke in my opinion.

Fun seeing Doyle again, he had a fight with Paris and was thrown out of the apartment. Rory wondering if Logan was already sleeping with someone else. Love Doyle asking Rory to look in his pants for the money he has, he's a dirty drunk. Nice when they were walking out but it was weird how Rory gave Doyle her coat but she was wearing a sleeveless dress so less than Doyle. Paris must have thrown him out with out his clothes. Then he starts kissing and licking Rory’s neck when they hug goodbye. Walking away Rory wondering if the day can get any worse, totally laugh out loud scenes.

Lorelai cleaning, yes Lorelai was cleaning the floor where G.G. marked the floor, you don't see that much if at all. Chris calling was the second part continuing on with the similar things that happened in season 2 with Luke and Jess, at least Chris didn't throw G.G. into a lake like Luke did. They make up which is just what Lorelai does.

Rory going to Paris was nice but I think she went there not just to make up but for a place to stay. Either way its good they are friends again but I wonder if the “snuggle” she shared with Doyle will get back to Paris or if Paris and Doyle will get back together.

Sad to see Lorelai in bed alone in bed, well it looks that way. But in my mind Luke is in the bed its just the shot is tight and we can't see it, even in wide-screen. Rory calling to let Lorelai know was a nice touch and shows they are talking.

Best Lines
GIL: Yeah, man. You're way deep in my bogus bag, and it's zip locked shut.


LANE: You're disgusting, and you're cheating on your juice diet.

KIRK: I didn't cheat. I expanded the definition of "juice"... I feel dirty.

Best Scenes
GiI singing at the Bat Mitzvah.

My Rating
7 out of 10

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