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6.15 - A Vineyard Valentine - (124)

This review is a work in progress

Enough with the “previously on Gilmore Girls” it was 90 seconds that’s more than a minute they could have been used in the episode.

The teaser scenes where to short but this episode was meant to focus on Luke and Lorelai with Logan and Rory. The whole teaser was back to what I love about this show, it was funny, mixed with a little sad that Lorelai had to cancel the band. Sookie was fun and not annoying but I got the feeling that Lorelai was wishing she was the one who would go home and have the dinner cooked by her man and the kids to look after, the whole package. Boozoo Barnes and the Cajun Stompers when great, they should hire them to play at the Dragonfly Inn every day. Also Lorelai looked great in that dress and high heels.

Logan and Rory living together and are seeing less of each other, isn’t that’s always the way? I think Logan is just having a slow day, maybe he doesn’t have an early class so is sleeping in and he want’s his girls friend, what’s wrong with that, nothing. He did want Rory to relax and take a few days at Martha’s Vineyard, which is a good thing and while it has not been bought up much from past episodes they do go there to relax. And from the scene near the end of the episode it looks like they drive the several hours and not fly, well not this time.

Like the paper scene, Rory has things under control but no sign of Paris yet. Love the fact because of the late filming (it aired only a week after some of the scenes were shot) they were able to you a line about Betty Friedan dieing which only happened on the 4th of February, 10 days before the ep aired. I think this might have also be a reference to Paris. The rest was good too like how Rory said "mama needs some time off." And is a totally different person running the paper compared to Paris or even Doyle last year, Doyle is MIA also.

The band is bumming out Lorelai, which gets worse what Boozoo starts playing “here comes the bride”, Rory reassuring Lorelai is good and continues on from the scene in TPR when they first talked about April. I wonder what Lorelai did to talk Luke into going to Martha’s Vineyard? She does have powers of persuasion.

Lorelai might have over done the packing for 3 days and Luke under did it. Cute how Lorelai is still trying to talk Luke in to going even though he is the one asking her to hurry up, you could she Lorelai change for a season from the playful mood to sad when Luke mentioned April’s bike in her shed. It’s one thing to have Luke’s boat in there, BTW is Luke even working on the boat anymore? Luke is a little unsure as to how Logan and Rory are doing, will the break up and are the bedroom walls next to each other. I gather he doesn’t want to hear anything that might go bump in the night. He has a basis for his concerns and it shows by the fact he is asking that Lorelai has kept him up-to-date and they have been talking about it, at least some of the time. I love the whole scene with Lorelai acting like she’s 12 going over the facts about Martha’s Vineyard, cute laugh at the end of the scene.

Did we need 15 seconds, yes I checked, of Martha’s Vineyard shots, the last scene Lorelai is continually talking about Martha’s Vineyard then we have 15 waisted seconds letting the brain dead know we are now at Martha’s Vineyard. One good shot of the beach and house would have been enough.

The girls are back! Lorelai is great putting on a act the she picked up “Clem” at a truck stop. Back to the fun Lorelai we love, Luke is still a little uncertain about what will happen on the weekend. Rory must have been there a few time as she knows the place pretty well and is comfortable being there. Luke is being protective thinking Rory was embarrassed when Logan corrected her, maybe a little too protective. Love how Lorelai tiptoeing down the hall after Luke talks about the same thing before they leave.

Luke bringing his “backcountry bag” was a little over the top, why didn’t he know what was happening with the weekend do they really need to make him look clueless sometimes? It’s a great bag to have in the truck if they broke down but I don’t think he needed to take it in the house and start eating the “Powerbar” which was OOC for Luke the health nut. And he was told the night before that they had food, Luke this is a beach house on Martha’s Vineyard they are gonna have food and there’s Joe's café up the road. Love the Lorelai line “I know you're warm-blooded. Check it and see.” Thanks to TWoP recap I now know this is a line from a Foreigner song "Hot Blooded". LOL

Rory and Logan look more like a couple at the kitchen table sharing the newspaper and having breakfast, while Luke and Lorelai seem out of step. I think this was done, by the writers, to push the fact that Luke and Lorelai are not 100% right now. Maybe it’s a little forced and maybe they are pushing the Rory and Logan story a bit too much but they are trying to make a point. Meanwhile Lorelai is still trying to cheer Luke up and being happy and in a good mood, Luke does a mini rant on the beach, which should have made Lorelai happy. Why didn’t Lorelai have a coffee before going on the beach, maybe they should have walked to the café for breakfast and lots of coffee! Also on the beach Luke and Lorelai dressed alike with the same amount of clothes but Luke is clod while Lorelai has the jacket opened more than a third of the way down. Maybe she did have lots of coffee at Joe’s and that’s why she is warm.

Lorelai Gilmore and gym do not go together, she has a hard time believing Rory goes to a gym, they walk around a bit but that’s about the only exercise they normally get. They did look out-of-place which was a little funny. Rory, being worried about Luke was a nice touch, it shows she loves him. Lorelai knows what’s bugging him but doesn’t want to say. Love how they got the laundry guy to massage their shoulders and neck. If Rory hit’s the gym when in Martha’s Vineyard then what does she do sit around and have cucumber water each visit?

Love Luke in his Martha’s Vineyard sweats and not the flannel, maybe he should have worn then over the flannel to keep warm. But with all this he kept the backward baseball caps on. Logan was also just trying to have a fun time with Luke but I thing the hoops game was too much for Luke how is almost twice Logan’s age, at least it didn’t turn in to the Pop-it game with Dean. Maybe it was because these two have less baggage and history, so even while Luke was being somewhat rude he was trying his best after knowing what Rory has been through with him.

Lorelai finally having enough of Luke’s negative mood lets him know is a good scene, you can see Luke is caught off-guard by Lorelai outburst which is the point I think things change for Luke. He knows something is wrong but what can he do to fix it.

Rory cooking, another favourite Gilmore pass time. I liked how Rory is different from he mother, she cooked for Dean once but apart form for Mac and Cheese in R&R we have not seen Rory cook much before. It’s nice and I don’t think she is doing it just for Logan but for herself. Lorelai was acting 12 again picking up thing and “What is this!” Love how Luke asked if Lorelai helping was a good idea then the line from Rory “what do you mean it would do a foot”.

Logan was being gracious cooking the lobsters and not once making Luke seem dumb, it did help the Luke was honest telling his he had never had lobster and didn’t know what a tennis bracelet was. Logan offering one of the gifts for Lorelai because he had not gotten one yet, Luke may have been planing something for the real Valentines Day but we will never know. At least he took it well and accepted Logan’s gift, I think later he paid for it.

When Logan kissed Rory in the kitchen you could see Lorelai almost through her back out trying not to look, funny moment, which I think was Lorelai realising Rory was in a adult relationship which was a big change for the past ones. She didn’t want to think about what that meant and the planning of the trip to Asia was also a small blow as only a couple of years before they went to Europe together, which was Rory’s first big trip anywhere.

They gift giving made Luke look smart (with a few white lies) knowing Rory’s gift was a Tennis bracelet and also the necklace for Lorelai was so unexpected fore Lorelai she was completely caught off guard. Just before for a second you could see Lorelai was said thinking she was not going to get anything, but happy for Rory. Also when they kissed this time Lorelai was looking at them and looked more at ease with it. Sometimes little white lies are okay, I just hope it doesn’t come back to bit him in the ass.

Lorelai is sad when looking at the necklace, it’s hard to tell if she has worked out or suspects something is up with the gift, I think she is more wondering where did the anti Valentines Day Luke go? Luke can see something is wrong now and it’s good that Lorelai finally opens up and tell him what’s on her mind. Then need more of this and as others have said when will these two figure it out that it’s okay to talk. They did it in the past when they were not together so now they have to work out how to do it as a couple (and yes that’s too easy).

The “I love you” moment was great and did answer the question, had it been said before, which in my opinion it clearly had. Now we just need Lorelai to say it back on screen. The following morning was one of the best scenes this season if not ever between these two, they were back to there old selves and having a great time hanging out (well Lorelai was). The eloping talk was nice and it's great (for some) that Lorelai is open to the idea. It is a little weird the Luke wore long sleaved top to bed and track pants, but Lorelai is there in a very short (and missed) night gown and Luke is the warm blooded one, okay I not going any further with this as it might need a R rating, LOL.

Finally Lorelai meets Mitchum when he bursts into their room looking for Logan boy is he pissed. I can understand why if Logan was meant to be in London and blow it off for a Valentines weekend with Rory and guests. The fight was worse that the FND from ep 13 this season, so much so that at time it’s hard to make out what each of them is saying. Logan is embarrassed but the whole this and Rory is shocked that Mitchum has plans for Logan to be in London for right after graduation.

As they leave I think Lorelai and Luke feel sorry for Logan and want to help, I can see this a possibility depending on where the story goes for Logan. He’s not thinking about it and still wants to go on the Asia trip with Rory as he says his good bys to leave. Rory is a lucky girl, getting to drive the Porsche back home.

The ep takes a sad turn when they return home to a message about April coming over the next day, No one knows what to say and Lorelai says she will see him 7, I got the feeling Luke wanted to say more but agreed with her. I can see why she wanted to go home and not spend the night, she wanted some alone time and it also set up for the next scene.

Emily up to her old trick of taking control, putting an announcement in the paper with just a picture of Lorelai not including Luke and it's bigger that the others. Sending out a million “save the date” cards, Lorelai lets to wonder what she was going to tell Luke and how does she now stop half the blue bloods on the east coast form turning up on June 3rd.

Best Lines
RORY: I need every proof sheet on my desk by five o’clock and not a second later. Make that very clear to them, okay?

JONI: Okay.

RORY: I know the boys in the lab can be jerks to women, but don't let that stop you, girls power baby, Betty Friedan's dead, and we've all got to fill the vacuum.

JONI: [Determined] You got it.

Best Scenes
I love you & the next morning.

My Rating
9 out of 10

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