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6.14 - You've Been Gilmored - (123)

This review is a work in progress

The biggest thing I love about this episode, even more than the last one, is the number of things that were bought up from the past. Also that it was a happy episode no big drama which is refreshing sometimes, I like this writer.

Two FND’s in one episode, love how Lorelai is happy and still trying to mediate between Rory and the grand parents. Don’t know if the “save the date” cards and June 3rd being mentioned a lot is an anvil for the wedding date. And the fact that this is the only FND when Luke can come to dinner with both E&R might be a anvil also for no more FND before the wedding. I still think they will see each other before the wedding just not at FND.

Love the girls back to normal having more food after dinner and Lorelai acting normal putting the snakes in the oven but where is Luke to cook for the girls. Lorelai is suspicious that Chris has not been around.

Love the Hitler references, first with the bunker and then with the beer hall remarks to Rory. Rory is trying to be a friend to Paris by giving her the bad news that she has been Harold Raised out of the Chief Editor at the YDN. Love Paris leaving with a final speech, with the newsroom cheering.

Luke was great helping out at the DFI, with Michel going on and on. He stayed calm the whole time, which was great, must have been in a Zen mood that day. BTW Lorelai looked great in that dress. I don’t think the comments about money troubles are anything to worry about, last year they stopped lunch for a while and nothing came of that, plus the great rating in the Zagat must help. Michel was upset because Lorelai has not been spending time with him, like a little kid, she fixes it.

Paris kicking Rory out of the apartment was a given when Rory was vote in as editor, it’s interesting that she turned to Logan before Lorelai for help. Moving in with him is a big deal for Chris who doesn’t know what to think and asks Lorelai, make up your own mind Chris!

Chris is trying to be a better dad and the visit to Yale is a start but the whole thing with meeting Logan thing was a little weird. The “hot parent” thing was a little unconfutable and weird. Then had just finished with saying he was the guy she was with the last time they meet. And bonding over the number of schools they have been kicked out of was and Rory said an “interesting yard stick”.

Also why didn’t Rory take Chris to the paper and tell him there that she was the new editor. They saw everything at Yale but not the paper?

Nice scene with Luke and Lorelai getting ready for dinner with the in-laws to be. By the way, what is Lorelai doing on her back in the bathroom to see under the sink? The whole scene was cute and Lorelai promise to make Luke happy after FND.

The FND with Luke was pleasant and Luke and Lorelai wanting to get out ASAP. The whole insurance thing was their way of welcoming Luke into the family. I hope the pod people Emily and Richard we had for almost 2 years are gone. Lorelai finding out about what Luke had told Richard last year and also knowing about Aril where great and I aggress with Richard that Luke should get a 2nd DNS test. Why didn’t Lorelai say anything about Luke helping with the house renovations? And hiding the June 3rd thing from Luke.

Great scene when they come out of dinner, both in a total panic, they were both Gilmore’d! It was a little said that Luke has not told Lorelai anything about Anna.

Chris calling to “fink out” Rory was Chris trying to be a dad. And Rory calling at the same time from the apartment. How did she get back so quick when Chris called from the pub. Maybe they when home and Chris stayed on for a while or Rory went home to leave the guy to bond. Also a bit weird that Luke has not officially moved in yet even though he probably spends every night there. I think Lorelai was joking at the end about that and they only told the in-laws because it was not a subject they wanted to bring up.

Best Lines
PARIS: That secret meeting, weeks ago at the pub where you set the pooch in motion. What happen they wasn't a beer hall available
RORY: I did not set the putsch in motion, I can't even spell putsch
PARIS: Nice Spin take it to K street. [Shuts door] I made you my number two and it went to your head.
RORY: You can't just kick me out like this.
PARIS: There's a hall way full of crap that says other wise.

Best Scenes
FND with Luke.

My Rating
9 out of 10

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