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6.13 - Friday Night's Alright For Fighting - (122)

This review is a work in progress

The opening scene was awkward and done that way to show us how things had changed between then. It’s the day after Lorelai found out about April so while they may have talked Lorelai does not want to push it because last year when she pushed it Luke left and they broke up. Luke could see that Lorelai is acting weird but she put on a brave front so he is trying to help but can’t it Lorelai won’t talk.

Sookie is trying to be a friend but jumps on Lorelai, thinking he postponed the wedding because she has priers. I like that they don’t cancel the plans right away. I was not annoyed by Sookie it’s just how see acts.

Rory is single minded in her work at Yale and Logan is trying to get back with her, sweet scene when he is watching out for her.

Paul Anka (the dog) is acting weird but knocking books down and I love how she knows when he has done something. Sookie takes him for a night

Rory was cold about Richard and Emily paying for Yale when Lorelai calls her to let her know. Then Lorelai calls them to fill them in, now I think Rory should have called. I do like the roles have been reversed. Now Lorelai is mediating to bring Rory and the grandparents back to talking.

Paris is about to loose it you can see this story line coming since she was made editor. Why is she even editor when she what’s to be a doctor. She ends up locking he self in her bunker, which is funny. She has taken partitions and put a roof over the top, newspaper articles on the walls. A small light on the desk and ear muffs to keep people from speaking.

Love how Rory takes control, which is great. And a bit like her mother using her whiles and charm to get an extension on the printing time. Then she finds out stuff she didn’t know about Logan, do they talk? Love how Bill was playing with the yo-yo while everyone else was busy. Logan is a big help and uses his name to get the printing done. Then is charming when he gets for food out for the date they had planned.

Bit of a said moment when Lorelai comes home to a message from Luke, Now I don’t think it was intentional but sounded like Lorelai was not allowed to meet April. But he didn’t want to interrupt Lorelai’s day with Rory also, so I think it was just information and sounded worse that it was.

Lorelai not knowing about free chocolate, well that’s out of character. I did like that she checked to see if April was still there and not walk into the diner. She wanted a quite moment but the “stupid doofus town” all started looking through the window so Lorelai getting out of there before Luke say here was good.

Love how Luke was trying to be a good father to April and telling Lorelai about what happened with the visit. But again Lorelai is being supportive but not telling Luke how she feels.

Friday Night Dinner was okay but a little short and choppy. Love they grounded covered and thing bought up. Lorelai telling Rory a story before going in, again great to see their roles reversed again. A little funny to see Rory “Drink” with her mother after all the years of soda or water while at FND for Rory and who knew Emily paints!

Love how Emily laughed at the thought of Chris being a father to Rory. The camera work for part of FND was weird and looked like it was shot from Lorelai’s point of view then moved around to Rory’s POV. Lorelai was great re-in acting the scene from the season final when Lorelai came to ask for help. But as I said it was a little weird to have the fighting fixed with eating desert and laughing. Lorelai bowing to Emily and the girls on the couch with no shoes. Rory not quitting the DAR was great as was how Lorelai told Richard that Luke has a kid. Yes Emily had to bring up the “You should have married Chris” thing again.

The final scene was great the two of them looking beat coming out of the house.

Best Lines
SOOKIE: What are you doing?
LORELAI: Ah, he freaks out if he sees his leash, you have to make sure you hide it from him, make sure he doesn’t see you putting it on him.
SOOKIE: How is he once he’s on the leash.
LORELAI: Oh he’s totally fine with having he personal freedom slowly stripped away as long as he’s completely unaware of it happening, just like a true American.

Best Scenes
The whole FND.

My Rating
9.0 out of 10

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