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6.12 - Just Like Gwen and Gavin - (121)

This review is a work in progress

The teaser is great again, Luke and Lorelai in bed and woken by the church bells, they must have fixed them again, Love how Luke has his arm over Lorelai. Both totally out of it and hot knowing what’s happening, Luke wanting to stay in bed and not go to the town meeting is very Luke. Taylor was funny on the computer screen, still control the town even when he’s in Maine. Love how the just pick Kirk and then all leave with Taylor still talking, well it was 3 in the morning.

Rory trying to calm down Paris over the gifts being left at the apartment from Logan.

The meeting between Luke and April was a little awkward at first but got better after a few minutes, you can see Luke didn’t want April to come to the diner but he could not turn her down, love how they mocked the guys throwing the Frisbees, Lorelai would love that.

Kirk was being Kirk asking the syrup guy a question.

Paris is not the best leader wanting to do everything herself, which is what she did at Chiltion, she likes control which makes up for her lack of control in other areas of her life. Love how Rory didn’t argue with the coloured magnets, she knows when not to argue with her. Then the coffee cart following Rory around all day was very Logan, trying to win her back, Lorelai would love that.

Nice similarities with what Anna says about April watching something stupid and the same words in “Say Something”. I like how Anna put down her foot that Luke was not going to break the play date at the diner with April, you can see she gets a little mad towards the end of the phone call. Also loved the “all in” and “not cool Luke” from Anna.

The paper holding the “war council” was great, Rory fixing things and love the “where’s the trust dude” from Rory. Then the coffee cart comes in, I wonder how much coffee she had that day.

Taylor spying on the town if very funny, but they recognise him right away at the winter carnival.

Zach going a little nuts with the Lane break up.

Kirk not believing in the “doggy swami”.

Bit weird that Lorelai could not spend 5 minutes to walk across the town square to speak to Luke but this is TV and what would be the fun in that. Luke digging his final hole in not telling Lorelai about April, before the visit.

April is smart and Luke will have his hands full, he’s trying to make up for lost time with the not “talking to strangers”, he’s going to be a great dad.

Lorelai and Sookie not liking the guy sipping the syrup!

Loved how Lorelai listed all the things that has happened to Rory since going out with Logan but they find out they both don’t like Mitchum.

Poor Lorelai walking into the diner at that time, in my opinion the scene was spot on, Lorelai was confused at first then a little mad and had to go and digest the news. You could see Luke was very sorry, but also proud of Apirl and April was clueless to what was happening, a very good scene.

Paris numbering the staff, Rory was very good trying to make piece but gets dobbed in by Paris. Alexis (Rory) is getting better and is great in the scene with Liza (Paris) and Lauren (Lorelai) is with Scott (Luke).

Love the note from Lorelai to Rory that Logan bought over, along with donuts, love how Rory kept tell Logan to be quite.

Rory is very good at calming Lorelai down with the April news, The “Luke must have put the baseball cap on backwards” great line, I was thinking it was in reference to protection 13 years ago.

Love the Doggy Swami.

Mr Kim almost looked like she was going to hit Zach at one point. And his jealousy, the bottle knocking down was a little over the top as was the “Welcome to the SH, bitch” gets play on the line from The OC. Love the prizes Babette had, Smurfs or Dirty Pasta. Michael Ausiello would love the Smurfs and the Dirty pasta was last scene in “Wedding Bell Blues”.

The last scene with Luke and Lorelai was great, Luke still very sorry for how things went, but a little quick to accept Lorelai’s idea to postpone the wedding, even though it is months away. Lorelai was a little crushed by this and walked away sad, after they kissed.

Best Lines

Best Scenes
Lorelai meeting April in the diner. Then Rory talking to Lorelai about it.

My Rating
8.5 out of 10

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