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6.11 - The Perfect Dress (120)

This review is a work in progress

What can I say but love just about everything about this episode.

The teaser was great, the Kirk part, priceless and the belated 21st trip to Atlantic City for Rory. Great to see the girl back together,

Rory’s freak-out about the community service vest was classic. The scene looked a little weird, might have been shot over a couple of days or part on the sound stage for some reason or they didn’t get the colour balance right in the editing, plus you can clearly see another person drove the car away on the second shot. Also Lorelai’s hair went from natural curls in this scene, to strait in the next then curls again and back to strait, and this was meant to be over one day.

Sookie is great as BFOTB (Best Friend Of The Bride) the scene in the diner was a little over the top and why didn’t Luke know who Lulu was, when they had a story line last year with the school play, continuity on this show sometimes sucks!

Rory’s place with Paris is a dump but I did like the “fight” with Doyle was fun, Rory looked a little worried at first. And Lorelai does not like it at all and keeps saying NO, great funny scene! Great to see Rory wants to live at the crappy apartment and not have her dad pay for it.

Paris was being Paris running the Yale Daily News with an iron fist. Rory tried to get her to change, also loved how she talked to Logan.

The do a location shoot for the bridal shop and I love how Lorelai says “Aw geez” when she sees the shop at first, just like Luke would say. Then she sees “The Perfect Dress” and everything falls into place, great classic scene for the show. Lorelai going to the diner and telling Luke that everything is done was great, and then it snows! I don’t like how Luke was cut out of the entire wedding arranging, he wanted in but the fact that everything was arranged in one day didn’t allow it. They didn’t even decide on the wedding date together. Luke did look sad when Lorelai left, he still has not told Lorelai about April.

Lorelai has a freak out about the fact the wedding plans came together to easy which is fun to watch and finally Rory gives her good advice that everything is going to be okay.

The Lane and Mrs Kim story is great, Lane is depressed because she has moved back home. Lane was great acting like her mother and great to see Mrs Kim call her on it. Good to see that Zach has been kicked out of her life. Mrs Lane is great to get her out of her mood and when they share a drink she closes the curtains and stuff so no one will see, funny stuff!

Rory is back at Yale and turns the other way when she sees Logan, later he shows up at the apartment and tells Rory that he loves her.

Luke visiting Anna was a little weird, she likes tea and knows about his rants, they clear the air. She also knows how he felt about kids at the time and this was the reason she didn’t tell Lue about April. Nice bit of continuity with the fact she saw Luke getting lumber 5 years before, this might be the wood for the Chuppah he made for Lorelai. Luke wants to help and should have been another thing to get him to tell Lorelai. What was he going to do, help paying for April and not say something to hi fiancée?

Love the look on Luke’s face when looking at his daughters wed page, and Kirk steeling wireless Internet bandwidth from Andrew’s bookshop, no wonder he has a quarte of a million dollars saved up. Kirk is also wearing “fingerless” gloves like Luke. It’s after this that Luke decides he want’s contact with April so calls Anna. Great line from Anna about April having Luke’s nose and Luke saying she’s then only one with it, Anna rely “That you know of!” Luke does decide to call April and not have her call him, which in my opinion is hiding it even more Then he wants to finally decides to go and tell Lorelai.

Rory at the shrink was great and yet another classic moment on the show things come out and she cry’s. She might have been more upset that she might have to give up coffee because Logan hangs out at the coffee cart to talk to her. Rory is crazy and has to have more meetings with the shrink. Nice dig at Tom Cruise and the pills!

Last scene was one of the best, Lorelai in her wedding dress coming down the stairs. Luke needs to tell Lorelai but can’t come to break her great mood the kiss is fantastic. But I have noticed several time that while Lorelai is dressed up in the same scene Luke is in his usual old coat and fingerless gloves, why didn’t he take them off like most people do when they go inside.

Best Lines
LORELAI: [Sips coffee] What's different?
RORY: No colua
LORELAI: Oh right, aha which remings me sorry about the drunken late night phone calls.
LUKE: What drunken late night phone calls?
LORELAI: Arr-so-um do you wanta her about all the things we can tell you about our trip?
LUKE: I not sure.

Best Scene
It's hard to choose from such a great episode, but I think the whole teaser was great, you have Kirk and Luke then Luke, Lorelai and Rory, almost a family unit. The girls are back big time!

My Rating
9 out of 10

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