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6.10 - He's Slippin’ ‘Em Bread... Dig? - (119)

This review is a work in progress

Lorelai has new bedroom furniture, now it’s been a pattern this season to miss thing and once again with didn’t see Luke and Lorelai getting the new stuff.

Love how Rory is planning her life again with lists. Love the joke Lorelai plays on Rory with PA and the sugar and the bop-it making a return. Lorelai writing things down to tell Rory on scraps of paper and putting them in a hat box. And like the organiser of a few years back can’t decipher some of them.

The huge with Rory and Luke was more of a bounce, I know they are both not big into hugging but they had not been close for months and needed a bigger greeting.

The question must be asked, why didn’t Luke return home to the house the night Rory came home, did he have early deliveries or made up something so the girls could catch up on there own and Luke now with a secret didn’t want to face Lorelai that night. So did he send someone else to deliver the food for the all nighter.

Nice speaking to the audience with the “What you’ve been waiting for” and “a break is good”, now where they referring to the winter break the show took after this episode or an anvil for Luke and Lorelai again? Luke did look a little weird when Rory asked if anything was new and already Lorelai didn’t no why. Why didn’t Lane use the new computer to burn a CD for Rory, they kept referring to giving Rory a tape. Why didn’t Lorelai hear about the jinx this before?

Sookie was back knocking someone over when Rory came in, nice to see and even Michel was pleased to see Rory.

The whole band was over kill and jealous Zach is something we do not need. Then he adds a new member to the band and we have a fight scene. I did live the Gwen Stefani reference. Bu the band implodes and Zach is a total jerk, I think Lane breaks up with Zach even though he does look sorry after.

Lorelai goes to Chris who is acting weird that, he didn’t ask much about Rory after finding out she’s had time off Yale. And he has money from a dead grand father. He offers to share it with Lorelai, now I don’t like the fact Lorelai does not tell Chris that she is engaged. Rory want to have Yale paid for and Lorelai is a little surprised. The second meeting is with Rory, which is a little weird, they have never in 21 years been together for Thanksgiving Day. This is a nice moment from Chris when Rory leaves, he notices the ring and also asks about Emily and Richard. He’s being the good guy which is a little worrying to wonder is he up to something again.

Like the “Freaky Friday” thing and “I don’t know what is would mean for Luke”. Lorelai also had the reverent come and see Lorelai 5 times and the girls compared their bad living with Emily and Richard experiences, Lorelai won.

Paris is under used, she is running the Yale paper and makes no big deal about her returning to Yale.

Liz is making Thanksgiving dinner and taking over the diner and apartment. Luke is roped into helping. It’s a little convenient that Luke and Lorelai don’t have a scene alone together. But there is a nice moment when Luke finally tells someone about April, Liz know who it is right away and Luke feels better about telling someone. Liz was not surprised which is also weird. Telling someone this kind of news you would be surprised. I did like how Liz side telling Lorelai would only wreck it if he let it. He needed someone to talk to and in my opinion wanted to confirm what he had worked out in his own mind. They didn’t contact him so didn’t want anything to do with him so why wreck things with Lorelai if that was the case.

Sookie takes over the Thanksgiving dinner and makes a feast.

Lorelai telling Luke about the phone call and meeting was strange, Luke was so upset at the phone call last time now this. I think he was thinking about April and what a father should do, him trying to call her shows he wants in to her life, but in my opinion he should have took Lorelai aside there and then and told her.

Rory is a little surprised to get a call from Honor and that Logan has broken up with her.

Best Lines
RORY: It's just that there would be residual benefits, it would get me out from under grandma and grandpa's thumb. Which sounds really good to me right now.
LORELAI: Well I can't say I don't relate.
RORY: I don't want them holding anything over my head, I don't want to owe them anything. There's too much presure, too much expected. There is to many strings with these people.
LORELAI: Okay I'm getting very uncomftable with the "Freaky Friday" moment we've got going on here, coz it means I'd have to go to Yale and you would have to go and run the Inn. And oh god I don't even like thinking what it would mean for Luke!
RORY: It's feeling better by the second this idea.
LORELAI: You do understand you will basically be cutting mum and day off.
RORY: You don't know what it was like to be living there.
LORELAI: Hello, oppressed one class of 85.

Best Scene
In the kitchen with Lorelai and rory talking about their experiances living with Emily and Richard, great to have the girls together. It also sets up for future events and shows a little more of Lorelai's past.

My Rating
8 out of 10

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