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6.09 - The Prodigal Daughter Returns - (118)

This review is a work in progress

This was another big episode, something fans have waited all season for, the return of Rory to Lorelai.

Yay the house is finished and everyone can live happily ever after, yeah right this is Amy’s little show, I forgot. Luke is acting a little weird at the start, putting a new chain on the front door, which is not there at the end of the episode so is it a blooper or did he remove it? Lorelai is a little said that the workers went before she could say goodbye.

He had got a bed set out of storage that belonged to his grand mother, now I didn’t mind it but in my opinion it’s just not them. Lorelai hates it but says nothing to Luke. She does talk to Sookie who is invited with Jackson to a house warming dinner. I do love how Lorelai knows Luke has done lots of things for her and list them.

Loved the argument about the eating at the dinning room table with Rory and Emily, it’s one of the “rules” of the house and Emily is not handling things well.

Don’t like Lorelai still calling the house “her pad” and “my house”.

Love the Finn and Collin scene with Richard, helping Rory move out of the Gilmore house. Leaving Richard speechless.

Lorelai knows the nachos are different, just like smelling in the difference between decaf and regular coffee.

Lanes is not so good at avoiding Lorelai and tell her Rory has moved, it’s great to see Rory doing what Lane did in season 4. But Zach was annoying though, great to see Lorelai call him on the fact they used her garage to practice with the band for years.

One of the first moves in the right direction for Rory was the call from the paper that she’s good at what she does and Mitchum doesn’t get long with lots of people. Rory was a little annoying “asking” for a job, but I do like how she has her spirit back.

The dinner with Sookie and Jackson is awaked after the call from Chris. Lorelai did look guilty, like she was hiding something and she know how much Chris hurt Luke and their relationship a year ago, which compounded the incident. They needed to talk but had guests over. And poor Jackson acting like and idiot because he was left out of the loop with the phone call. Absolutely loved the dig at Desperate Housewives.

The make up scene was one of the best of the season, nice reversal with Lorelai admitting Chris will always be in her life like Luke told her he would be a year before in SS. This was the first time we see Luke annoyed that the wedding is taking so long, he’s done all this stuff for Lorelai and still no wedding. Didn’t like the pact they made to tell everyone everything and no secrets, that will come back to bite them. The make out scene was not the hottest.

Then we have April, weird. He’s busy Luke working hard and he gets the shock of his life, he could be a father! Now I think Luke has no idea if it’s a joke or true until he goes to the science fair. April is a little weird again, like she didn’t expect Luke to turn up.

Lorelai is surprised to her Rory is looking for work. Love the scene with Rory calling Lorelai about the good news. Then the hug and I love you mum was just right for the moment.

Richard calls in a panic that Emily is, one of the first things she does is try and find her. This shows she loves he parents no matter what. And in the plane when Lorelai says that she has not lost her was touching. Did you ever notice Emily shops when she goes nuts, she did the same in the “Scene in a Mall” episode.

The last scene with Luke thinking about what happened with April and then Lorelai comes in all happy that Rory is back, he can’t tell her now, poor sad Luke.

Best Lines
LUKE: Close your eyes.
LORELAI: I’m not scared of it anymore Luke.
LUKE: Please just close your eyes.
EMILY: I’m in the cockpit.
LORELAI: Oh, add that to the list of things I never wanted to here my mother say.

Best Scene
The fight and make up scene with Luke and Lorelai.

My Rating
8.5 out of 10

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