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6.08 - Let me Hear Your Balalaikas Ringing Out - (117)

This review is a work in progress

This was one of the best episodes of the season, not only because Jess made a visit but Lorelai had the best scene since crying in bed in last seasons Say Something.

Love how PA is helping pick out the colours for the house and Lorelai is having a hard time deciding. I didn’t like how Luke referred to “His Apartment” and “Your House” are these two ever gonna live together. Lorelai ask for Babette’s help, which was a little weird and I think Luke was a bit rude shouting from the other room.

Another anvil with the girls soccer team, like allot of things at first Luke didn’t want to help. But then Lorelai talks him into it, love the scene with the girls hugging him. I do love it when Luke gets into something he goes all the way, ordering high quality uniforms and caps for “his girls” (Anvil!)

Luke did look happy at the soccer game, until he saw them play roughly, love how they ran from the field not wanting to see them play again. And back then at Luke, he was trying to be a father figure (anvil!).

Rory is not having a good time since being moved into the main house, early wake up calls from Emily and keeping close tabs on her movements. Love the Cylons reference from Battlestar Galactica. Rory can’t even look Emily in the face at first. Emily still is clueless about Rory asking if she is bulimic and wanting to dress her for her “own good” for a DAR function. And at the DAR even Emily was starting to act towards Rory as if she was Lorelai, Taking here address book and calling to find where she was, then threatening to throw the book out. Also the part about people she has not called for years and removing them, I think it was a dig at Lorelai. At the end trying to ground Rory and saying “your father” when she meant grandfather was more than a slip. Also saying that they will talk about the house rules once and for all, to me it sounds like they had not talked about them before.

Rory is starting not to have a good time with Logan, Finn and company, you can see this when they go out for drinks. Bit weird how the boys get a ride from Rory but the girls have to find their own ways home.

Paul Anka (the dog) is going into training and doggy-day-care and is more nuts then every, with the moving of the shoes he is trying to sent Lorelai a message. Lorelai finding him sick after following another trail of shoes was a good touch.

Jess returns in the middle of the night, Rory is socked and please, the banter starts right up again. Love how he has been speaking to Luke. I was surprise that Jess was not more shock when he heard that Rory was not in Yale anymore also that she didn’t walk him out since Emily is a light sleeper. This is the start of Rory realizing that she wants to return to Yale. I don’t think he want’s to be more than friends for now.

Logan was very protective of Rory when meeting Jess, putting his arm around her when waling to the car. Logan was being even more territorial at the night out, but they both were trying to one up each other. Nice through back to Wedding Bell Blues with Rory telling Logan not to follow her, like Lorelai did with Chris. Jess telling Rory what he though, was the thing in my opinion that tipped Rory over the edge to get back on track and going back to Yale. Logan is in a hard place also not wanting the life he has been given.

Best Lines
LORELAI: Where do we go if we feel like make out with the game on?
LUKE: I don’t think they’ll mind if we did it right her in front of them.
JESS: You seem very obsessed with length.
EMILY: You’re becoming more like your mother with every passing day.
RORY: And you’re becoming more like my mothers mother with every passing day.

Best Scene
Luke finding Lorelai crying that she couldn’t help PA and that reflected how she feels about Rory. It was so touching that Luke was there to comfit Lorelai and making him feel better.

My Rating
8 out of 10

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