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6.07 - Twenty-One Is The Loneliest Number - (116)

This review is a work in progress

This episode picks up where the last left of, Richard coming to see Lorelai about Rory. It is one of the best of the season so far. It’s shows the girls getting a little closer to talking things through and the grand parents starting to loose it. Richard thinks he can bribe Rory back to Yale but as Lorelai said in the opening scene it would never work.

Richard did do a nice thing bring the dollhouse to Lorelai and even though Luke is trying to move the it but the whole time is hearing everything she said, touching moment with Luke toying with Lorelai’s hair.

Weird scene with Madeleine Albright in bed with Rory in the dream sequence, it’s a copy of the scene in season one where Lorelai did the same.

Lorelai wants to do more for Halloween so comes up with an elaborate skit to do, it shows Lorelai wanting to do more things with Luke, but Luke is still him self, willing to help but not be a part of it.

A telling sign of future trouble and possibility a sign that Rory wants to forget about her 21st is she never told Logan. He has a different take on the story, which I see as a sign that he doesn’t know Rory much yet, which will only come with time.

Clueless Emily and Richard, call in the reverent to give Rory “the sex talk”, which shows they have not talked. And right after they find out that she has been sleeping with Logan, they change. Rory is kicked out of the pool house to her old room next to their bedroom in the main house. Emily tells her what dress to where to the party and starts to take control of her life.

Funny scene with Sookie and the link sausage, dirty! Which along with the Halloween skit carries through to one of the best last scenes. Also the scene where Rory calls Luke’s to ask if Lorelai is coming to the 21st is great where Luke is shocked went Rory uses the word “Hell” big LOL moments.

Sad scene where both girls are in their separate beds at 4:03, the time they normally talk on Rory’s birthday.

At the party I find it hard to believe that it has been over a year and Lane is only now meeting Logan, I know they where not together all that time but is just seems weird. Zach was great, not to stupid but I wish they had more with them at the party.

Great moment when Rory told Logan that Emily and Richard new they were sleeping together, he looked like he had been hit by a truck, no wonder he needed a drink.

Not a shock to find out Luke didn’t like the Rory drink, but neither did Lorelai or Rory, loved how Luke and Rory had a little talk at the party and he gave her something special. I wish we had more moments before.

Emily was on top of her game with the “We have not failed, we have not failed until that girl comes home pregnant, they we’ve failed” line, not even looking at Lorelai when she came into find Richard, then not caring when she left. And this came after Emily had just found out Lorelai was engaged. Richard under stands that they should have listened to Lorelai, but saying that the work Emily does means nothing was out of frustration that Rory can do more, not that Emily has waisted he life.

Luke was okay but I still have a hard time at working out if he was joking about not knowing what the DAR was, he’s been around Lorelai and Rory long enough he should have picked up on it by now and there was the scene in Blame Booze and Melville last season when they talked about the magazine and DAR can up.

Loved how the girls talked at the end for a short while but would have liked it if Lorelai had stuck around to talk more.

Best Lines
LORELAI: Don't make my mans sausage Dirty!
RORY: I sent her an Invitation where the hell did she think it came from the Invitation fairy!
LUKE: (breathing out) It tasted Pink.
LORELAI: She's gone.
LUKE: I mean like really tasted really pink like pink pink, aww.
LORELAI: Come on lets get something to eat.
LUKE: God that's terrible, Like drinking a "MY Little Pony".
EMILY: No! We have not failed, we have not failed until that girl comes home pregnant, they we’ve failed
LORELAI: And on that note.

Best Scene
The scene starting with Lorelai coming into talk to Richard.

My Rating
8.5 out of 10

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