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6.06 - Welcome To The Dollhouse - (115)

This review is a work in progress

Another great episode can this season get any better.

Love that they are still playing the Paul Anka jokes, love it if Paul Anka the person could make a guess appearance or had a song on the show.

When did Taylor become town selectorman again? He wants to change the street names and Lorelai is all for it then is disgusted by the name they get. And listing the bad ideas he has had over the years.

Love that Luke is in his Zen place, but as always it does not last. Lorelai is sad when she see a picture in the newspaper of the DAR event with Rory.

Emily finds the original guy who installed the intercom which is playing up. Why didn't Rory recognize the name of the reporter, she wanted to be an journalist, shouldn't she know things like that. Emily finds out that Richard saw Lorelai and at first sounds concerned about Lorelai when she hears there was a fire, they just looks annoyed that Richard didn't tell her about the visit.

Lorelai starts to receive parcells at the Dragonfly Inn and home, Luke even gets one at the diner. She later realizes that they are from Emily.

Taylor saying Garage why not barn.

Richard confusing Logan with the talk and thinking he was asking if he was intending to marry Rory.

Logan gives Berkini bag and she knows nothing of how rare and expensive they are which is a little strange.

Emily and Richard start to interfere with Rory's life by snooping in the pool house. Loved how Emily didn't look under the Tootsie Rolls. But it does show another part of Lorelai's life and another reason why she left home.

The reason Emily was sending the stuff and why she called was to talk to Lorelai without talking to her.

The Dragonfly Inn is still one "Saws and Boils" Ally.

Rory telling Logan "I love you" was nice and the way Logan replied was okay, he didn't want to way it back but tried to explain why he didn't saw it. Great through back to the first ILY with Dean in the first season.

The scene with Lorelai and Luke going throught the gifts was just like they were married and it was the wedding gifts they were checking off.

Great end with Richard coming to talk to Lorelai about Rory.

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7 out of 10

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