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6.05 - We've Got Magic To Do - (114)

This review is a work in progress

Another very good episode with a great opening, Luke and Lorelai went shopping, which Luke (which he secretly wants to do). Didn't like how they teased the lady who's bag they got by mistake, not very nice "big feet and underware".

Nice to see Luke and Jackson "working" together for there ladies, I think they are becoming better friends. Ofcourse this was a way to bring Richard back into Lorelai's life.

The DAR are a bunch or drunk whiners, with Rory caught in the middle, the only sane one. Rory comes to the rescue and saves the day, she is great at organizing things, so her true colors come throught from her Chilton and Yale days. Also some great lines from Nora. Emily is not sure Rory can do it but is pleased that everything works out. She is turning into what Emily wanted for Lorelai

Sookie and Jackson are beyond annoying telling Davey to turn the TV down when he is clearly to young to do it. Love the CSI type show refferances and how through all the shouting Luke is sitting there quitly. Also Luke does not like squash, Lorelai said she didn't like it in ISS from season 3, interesting. PA wants his own fork for his food? Love the look on Lorelai's face when she is looking at Luke at the end of the scene.

Love how Richard lists the things Rory has done at school. He still wants Rory to go back to Yale and has a very sad look on her face in the last scene of the episode.

Lorelai digs Richard at not getting Rory back to Yale and they end in a fight, Richard does not want to talk about it and she is sad in the end saying bye.

Paris is out of money because her parents "flip bird at the IRS one too many times", she gets a job working for Rory at the 40s event. Liza does have some of the best lines.

Good scene with Luke cooking in Lorelai's kitchen and special food for PA. Luke again wants to go to the "Grand Recital", but Lorelai encurages him to go camping. Lorelai should go camping with Luke, she might like it.

Lorelai and Sookie mock the recital and love the scene with the glitter. Kirk was great is his interputation, eww.

At the DAR 40's event everything is going fine, then Shira comes and while Rory is annoyed but she rises above it and is nice.

Love the contrast between the simple recital and DAR even, then Luke camping and not looking happy. It showed the difference between Lorelai old live and the Life she choose, then Luke's old life, which he does not want anymore. Rory sounds like Emily when complaining about Shira

Luke returns from camping and talks to Lorelai about what he now wants, they come to an understanding which is a powerful scene. It would have been great to have a little hug and kiss to be close to one another. Luke returns camping which is strange for a reallity POV. Who goes camping over night on a Thurdays then comes home and back out again. IMO Lorelai should have just gone home with him.

Love how Richard finally is set strait and knows what happened with Rory at the paper. The scene with Emily putting Shira in her place at the end was fantastic also, one of Kelly Bishop best scenes.

Best Line

Best Scene
Luke and Lorelai talking in the diner about what he wants.

My Rating
8 out of 10

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