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6.04 - Always a Godmother, Never a God - (113)

This review is a work in progress

Another very good episode, but I'm easy to please.

Lorelai cleaning out VHS, she a rat-pack which we should have guessed by the shed several seasons ago. Luke complaining about the remodeling upstairs. Lorelai want's to watch a movie with Rory.

Rory is being contolled by Emily even when she is in Europe, The maid is cleaning out her closet for the season. I didn't Like how Rory did not remember the maids name.

Sookie and Jackson are keeping Lorelai from the coffee machine with and argument over the baptisum, Sookie must not use half her brain that she forgot simple math and she's a part owner of the Dragonfly Inn. Like how they are back to arguing over the vegies.

Rory is stressing out about running a party at the Gilmore house but does a good job, she orders the help to make more coffee, which is anothe rsign she is turning into Emily. Maybe the stress is the reason Emily is the way she is? Logan is in a mood which he solves by invition Finn and Colin over to the pool house and getting drunk. They have not talked about and CS that have may have had to do for the boat stealing but since he went to Europe for seveal months IMO he had none. Logan's mood is because he has to grow up and graduate this year. But at the end of the episode they run off to NYC.

Love the scene with lorelai feeding PA, she tries to call Rory because she wants to watch a movie like they used to, but her cell number is disconnected. Later we find out Rory lost her phone so got a new number with the new phone. She could have kept the same number so I wonder if this might have been Emily or Richards idea?

Jackson's family is a weird bunch, lead by Beau. I was waiting for Luke to come in a knock him out. Nice contenuity with Rune but he didn't like Lorelai when he went on the blind date
. Beau was funny but all kinds of ick! Licking the room key, loved the expression on Lorelai's face, classic.

Zach and Brian buy computer (Apple Mac G5) with all the money from the tour and can't get it set-up, Lane has a go. I can see it being used in future episodes. Also why did they keep $9000 in the underwear draw, love how she later puts a padlock on the draw.

Sookie brings in a wedding cake figurie for Luke and Lorelai, she talks about his butt, Love the line where Luke says him and his buttis staying out of the Rory and Lorelai situation.

Lorelai and Rory are Martha and Davie's godmother. which is setup by Sookie.

The scene with Lorelai waking up is almost the same are the one with Rory waking up. Both Luke and Logan say they should not go is they don't want to. Both are awake when the alarm goes of, both ask the boys what they should wear.

Lane fills Rory in with what happend while on tour. I got the inpression that she got more details then shown onscreen on both sides.

Lorelai is a little distracted and rude at the cerimony asking to hold for a minute to go outside and argue with Rory. She starts by asking how Sookie got Rory's new number, it turns out Sookie called Emily at the Gilmore house

Kirk wearing his fathers suit, all kinds of wrong.

Jackson being baptised and Sookie finding is very amusing.

Sad moment at the end with Lorelai and PA on the bed watching the movie.

Best Line

Best Scene
Luke waking up in Lorelai's bed.

My Rating
7 out of 10

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