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6.03 - The UnGraduate - (112)

All in all another very good episode, but I'm easy to please.

Good opening scene with Lorelai waking up, I don't get why she's not sleeping at Luke's but it was fun to see her mothering the crew by getting breakfast ready. Priceless expression on Luke's face when he found out half the crew saw his fiancé naked coming out of the shower. Apart for the breakfast and flashing the guy when getting out of the shower she is also entertaining the construction guys, putting on a show with free pizza and beer. Love how Luke is more comfortable with the dirty flirting in public even if only Lorelai can hear it. Also how Lorelai babbled about what to do with PA and the dilithium crystal reference and Lorelai calling Luke a geek for having a Star Trek T-shirt when he was a kid. Luke is being super supportive by looking after PA and rushing him to the vet when he eats chocolate, even when Lorelai states why they have not set a date he says it's okay. Love how Lorelai is being more open and just came out and said it and the look on her face when Luke is telling her about his ni

Lorelai is not letting Rory's room to be changed and Luke fends of TJ from wanting to change it.

Luke was also supportive of TJ when he found out he was not the contractor, telling him he can make shelves and should do that.

Emily is getting worse, complaining about blue berries which are actually raspberries, Rory calms her down after agreeing to spy on a DAR rival. While working at the DAR Emily comes to visit for the latest gossip, not very nice of Rory to put someone on hold while the gossip. Rory is getting to grips with her community service, picking up trash, nursing home and other jobs. Logan comes back and they don't even make it to the bedroom of the pool house, Rory makes a joke about not even seeing the bedroom. Rory said before that she wanted to take a year off but in this episodes she says several times she is not going back to Yale. Both to Logan and Paris. In the last scene Rory looked more happy at Yale then at the DAR induction. It will be interesting to see what happen when Lorelai finds out that piece of information.

Paris and Lorelai have lunch, love the Paris sex talk and what to sleep in, see has some of the best lines when she is on. Lorelai is a little tied of the lunch and the rest of the staff hide from her. Lorelai is trying to get info on Rory from Paris and does not like it when she finds out. Lorelai does seam to want to know more about what Rory is doing and gets desperate to find out more. I hope they continue but me don't need to see them every week.

Sookie and Michel tease Lorelai for not setting a wedding date and she can't even settle on a purse. Love how they choose July 23rd for the wedding date, my birthday by the way. Sookie makes a BIG wedding cake for a wedding at the Inn and bugs Lorelai again about the wedding date.

The band is back and coming home, IMO they spent too much time on them which should have went to the Luke and Lorelai situation. Like how Gil names the van Martha and when the went to go he told everybody to lean forward. I did love how the band story has a little focus this season with a possible CD to be made.

Best Line
LORELAI: Nothing big, some of the guys saw me naked.

LUKE: What!

LORELAI: It’s no big thing

LUKE: How in the hell did a couple of guys see you naked?

LORELAI: Well I was getting out of the shower and Joe…

LUKE: Joe, Joe saw you naked!


LUKE: Pete!

LORELAI: Well Pete was with Joe...

LUKE: Slim saw you naked.

LORELAI: Well I could see him so I assume he could see me. Billy had the best view, just a strait shot right down main street.

Best Scene
Luke finding out 5 guys saw his fiancé naked.

My Rating
8 out of 10

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