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6.02 - Fight Face - (111)

I don't know if I liked this episode more than New and Improved Lorelai, it was very good it not better. I loved how the episode flowed and kept up the pace.

Nice surprise to see Sookie in the opening and talking about the Twickham house and engagement, it went a small way to making up for not seeing Luke give Luke the ring. Pity it was her only scene in the season so far. We didn't get Taylor, Paris, Logan or Kirk this episode, I like the townies but it was a nice change of pace to have TJ and Liz, I just hope we don't have them around too much.

Rory and her fellow community service workers have and orientation meeting, and are warned of the conditions, this comes into play later when she picks a fight with a fellow worker.

Loved the continuity with the hamster and now we know more about Lorelai's history with pets, Paul Anka is definitely replacement for Rory even calling him kido at one point, like she has with Rory.

Rory looked lot in the Gilmore house, after the court case, moping around and watching "The Graduate". She ends up talking to the maid in Spanish, which is her native language. Later Emily see Rory helping the maid which reminds her or Lorelai and she ends up firing the maid.

Rory walks in of a gathering of some of Emily and her DAR friends, they love her and arrange a job at the DAR. After her first day of community service she comes home to find the DAR information to sign and join, she doesn't look like she wants to be there.

Rory goes in diner on the pretence to see Luke, but I think she was hoping to see or at least find out about her mother. The meeting was very uncomfortable and Luke out of desperation and trying to reach out tells Rory that they are engaged, Rory leave looking crushed. the next morning while fixing the hold in Lorelai's house Luke tells Lorelai about the meeting. Luke steps up and tell Lorelai that both her and Rory are acting stupid and should be talk. In the end Luke says everything is okay, love how Luke troughs the frisbee and Lorelai catches it even though she has never played with one before.

Rory feeling bad for herself picks a fight with another community service worker and gets in trouble, she is spoke to by her supervisor but does not look concerned.

The last scene is a heart breaker when Lorelai is driving along and sees Rory picking up trash, she stops to talk but it lasts 30 seasons and makes things worse when they get into a shouting match.

Best Line
Lorelai: Hello, Porky. Hello. I'm feeling a little guilty because of the "You-L-T" T had yesterday. That's right, I'm sorry. please forgive me.

Best Scene
The hole in the house scene.

My Rating
9 out of 10

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