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6.01 - New and Improved Lorelai Gilmore - (110)

I liked the episode a lot, more than I thought I would from the spoilers and rumors.

For the most part the acting was good as was the script. So people made comments that the Emmy nominations came out just before this episode was shoot and that may have had something to do with, in their opinion a flat performance. I didn't see it. Also I think the cast would be above that and were only acting the way they did because they were being directed to act that way.

The actions of Luke and Lorelai after the proposal was not out of characters, they were in total shock. Lorelai never went into Luke's with any thought of marriage, then saw how much he loved her, she did not propose out of desperation but total love. Luke was in shock not only by his natural reflex with his answer but also at what had just happened in the last minute. They did not know what to do next was a little tense almost a through back to earlier times in the relationship. I would have liked them to hug and kiss though.

Emily and Richards behavior was as expected and you have to feel a little sorry for them being caught between Rory and Lorelai, they are trying to help the only way they now how. I didn't like Richards attitude towards the justice system, sounding like if you have enough money you can get away with anything. That's what makes his behavior in court spot on, thinking stealing a yacht is no big deal, Rory in that scene was the most grown up of the group taking her punishment.

Lorelai's attitude at "tuff love" was spot on, Rory had been pushing her away for the last year since sleeping with Dean, in my opinion it started in as small way since she started at Chilton. Lorelai can't admit how much it is hurting her so this is why she has not opened up to Luke yet and is putting on a brave face. The final scene when Lorelai throws the water bottle then starts to cry is a great scene, It shows how she is not coping with what happened and may have just realized she went to far. Then she wipes her tears to go out to see Luke.

Others were great also, Paris in a friendly way only thinking about herself when she went to see Lorelai about Rory dropping out. Logan being Rory's understanding boyfriend but knows she will go back to Yale, Kirk selling the rings and then wanting it back for Lulu. Babette talking about being "on top" when Morey proposed, then with Miss Patty saying they went modern and good thing he has a nice ass. Taylor cracked me up with the "Rats Ass" and wanting to clear the bikers out that had not gone to plan.

All up a very good start to the season and not bad in the ratings either. This is a real shoot at the Emmy voters that didn't give the show any nominations and the cast did a great job in their performance.

Best Line
LORELAI: There that?s all of her stuff. (drops the basket) You happy?
(Richard turns on the light. Emily sits up in bed)

EMILY: Lorelai, you scared me half to death.

LORELAI: Yeah, well follow through, has always been my problem. Oh well! (drops the duffel bag) So! We've got clothes, books, stuffed animals. I even checked the laundry to make sure nothing was waiting to be washed. OK? We good?

Best Scene
Bedroom when Luke has his little rant about the Twickham House and kids.

My Rating
8.5 out of 10

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