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5.12 - Come Home - (99)

Luke is exhausted when they go to bed, he has also built a shelf in the bathroom for her stuff and gets a TV for the Bed "Room", why didn't he put the TV on a trolly so they can move it from one area to the other? Or since Luke can fall-a-sleep easy why didn't she just get out of bed and watch the TV from the lounge? We have a waisted scene when Rory helps Doyle with Logan and Paris is Jealous. Great to see Kirk at the Dragonfly Inn, he has "helped" allot first is checked for mold tried to sell Lorelai a mail box, got the fire wood and delivered a package but since the Inn opened has not worked there. Since he has worked at most places in town it's about time he tried the Inn. He crashes a staff meeting, does some cooking and mans the front counter.

Lorelai finds out Sookie has been having some "me" time to watch TV and eating Toblerones, how long till she has the baby. Oh and when that happens will Luke help with the cooking while Sookie is off work? Lane likes Madonna, everyone needs a guilty pleasure. The band has some pictures taken and Lane tries contacts which Zach doesn't like it. She does look different (older) and you have to remember that Keiko who plays Lane is closer in age to Lauren than Alexis. The band coming over to the Kim's house for Lunar New Year was good and Zach bonding with Mrs Kim over photos of Lane is cute, that's going to be interesting, the band could play at there wedding. Rory having to work to try and get Logan's attention and not have him fall at her feet like Dean and Jess is good.

Lorelai must have been very board when she can't sleep, memorizing the oven manual, she must have got out of bed why didn't she watch the TV from the lounge? Richard and Emily are getting along but when he runs into the back of Emily car maybe a new low for him. I think he need to see the doctor, then they get back together. Lorelai and Rory find them making out when they go to FND and don't know what to think. Lorelai gets to be maid of honor and Rory best man at the wedding vows renewal on there 40th wedding anniversary. It's that good timing, is't TV wonderful! It's just like Richard to bribe his way into things and money can buy anything, her screwed Jason his partner in the past and was trying to change Luke when the played golf. He also bought his way back into the girls lives by paying for Rory going to Yale, he knows he has no control over Lorelai now because she paid back the first loan for Rory's school. Then Lorelai is dragged up stairs to see the wedding dresses that Emily has been trying on Alex

What a scene at the end though, anyone how had seen any of the spoilers knew it was coming but it was still big. Emily coming to see Chris to get him to go to the wedding thing. She insults him and says Luke is no good for Lorelai but you will do. By the way Rory is 20 she doesn't need a father! She's had Luke looking out for her for 8 years when Chris was not around for most of that time.

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