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5.11 - Women Of Questionable Morals - (98)
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Episode rating
8 out of 10

Best scene of the episode
Has to be the snow scene at the start. Lorelai wakes Luke up to go out to see the first snow. Something she normally does with Rory, another sign of there relationship changing.

Best Lines
LORELAI [sipping, then crying out]: Oh, hot! Warn me!

LUKE: Coffee’s hot? Sorry. Coffee’s hot.

KIRK [bursting into the diner]: My girlfriend’s the whore! My girlfriend’s the whore! Woohoo! Yeah!

[He leaves just as suddenly.]

LORELAI [holding her tongue]: Great, now I’m not even the town whore.

LUKE: Well, if you like, I’ll leave a little something on the dresser for you tonight.

LORELAI: It couldn’t hurt.

LUKE: Here. Ice cube.

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