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Episode 5.10 - But Not as Cute as Pushkin - (97)
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Episode rating
7 out of 10

Best scene of the episode
Luke going to his fathers boat after seeing Lorelai outside Miss Patty's.

Best Lines
LORELAI: In my hand, ladies and gentlemen, sits the true advantage of dating a diner owner. I am never more than ten feet away from pie.

LUKE: Ah. See, I thought it was the way we always smell faintly of meat.

LORELAI: [climbs into bed] Ah! Its heaven! One quick trip downstairs and I have all the treats I want. You're like Willy Wonka, but hotter.

LUKE: I am not hotter than Willy Wonka.

LORELAI: Slap on a purple top hat and you're close.

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