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5.08 - The Party's Over - (95)
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This episode show Emily losing it even more, barking at the help and even Lorelai gets some of it. But even with all the is going wrong with her marriage she rises above it to set Rory up at a match making evening. Again they are showing sighs that Rory can't be trusted to find a suitable boyfriend meaning rich. You can tell right from the phone call that it's a setup and I think Rory knows it but does not realize how much. I think Rory still wants to be with Dean right up to the point where he dumps her. So it's the end for Dean, he gave up him marriage and now gives up on Rory after only a matter of months being back together. Luke was right Dean doesn't know what he wants.

Luke has cooking skills that Lorelai doesn't know about, now they have known each other for 8 years and this is the first she has heard about it. I know Lorelai lives in he own world sometimes, but the amount she sees him and the little she knows about parts of her life is amazing. During the dinner that Luke makes for Lorelai when TJ comes over Luke should have kicked his ass out of the apartment, but Luke is too good sometimes for her own good. I didn't like how Lorelai answered the phone while at dinner, she should have turned it off. But I think Luke would do just about anything for Rory so I'll let it pass.

Liz and TJ have bought a house in town and we may get to see more of them, but with what happens to him at the special dinner with Lorelai I don't think he likes having his family around so much. TJ can be annoying and the whole escrow thing gets real old real fast.

It's nice to see Lane making friends with Kyon (Mrs Kim's new daughter) even after she tells her that Zach "Touched" her and that story is moving along.

At the end of the episode you can see Lorelai's hart breaking when she see's Rory get out of the limo drunk. Those who say she can't act need to watch the closing scene of this episode.

Episode rating
7 out of 10

Best scene of the episode
The whole special dinner with Luke and Lorelai, starting with Lorelai in the maids outfit to her leaving with the whole cheese cake. Even with TJ being there and Lorelai being a little childish about stirring the pot. This was not the best of evenings for Luke but it turned out alright.

Best Lines
LUKE: What are they doing in there?

LORELAI: Um, fighting?

LUKE: And how long can you fight in an eight by ten room?

LORELAI: Well, maybe they're not fighting. Maybe they're having angry make-up sex.

LUKE: Now that makes me feel much better, thank you. Sorry about dinner.

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