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5.07 - You Jump, I Jump, Jack - (94)
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We find that Lorelai has another quirk, with the bumper stickers thing. Emily finds out the Lorelai is seeing Luke, which is not going to end good. Lorelai did look a little sheepish when Emily asked her if Luke was a passing ship, I don't think at this point she is invested in the relationship as much as Luke.

Why has Emily changed so much this season, is she bitter now she has split with Richard or has she been in denial about the possibility of them dating. Luke is happy to meet the parents but if I remember rightly he was not so keen to meet Nicole's parents. Emily was in top form with Luke when saying bad things about him without directing them at him. Nice to see him trying to get along with both Emily and Richard but they were both holding back on what the wanted to say to him. Emily was more direct and told Richard so, while he was more restrained.

One other thing that bugs me is they (Emily and Richard) still treat Rory as if she was a kid, saying things like Luke would not make a suitable father for her. Emily just wants him gone, not that she has like any of her boyfriends. She doesn't even like Chris all that much, which is also weird since she liked him in the past. Richard wants to change Luke so he's not Luke anymore.

First early on in the show Luke says golf courses are an environmental blight. The golf scenes were good, when you know that Scott plays golf. Also why couldn't Luke have said he likes fishing or sports. Luke is totally out of his element with Richard wanting to change him, and how much did he spend on the golf clubs.

Rory is dragged into the world of Logan with a night away with his friends, for her story. This is the first signs of trouble with Dean, who's working 3 jobs to make a living. Maybe he's paying alimony to Lindsay? They say that they have divorced but it is not shown. This is the start of Rory wanting to be in the world of her grand parents and moving more away from her life in Star Hollow.

When Luke calls from the golf club half drunk, Lorelai almost encourages him to drive home drunk, Lorelai should have gone and picked him up. It would have been nice to see Lorelai try and drive Luke's truck again. She also wants him to drink when at dinner with her mother and say he has taken drugs to get out of golf with her dad. Not very PC or family friendly.

On the side we also see Lane and Zach on their first date, I liked how when Zach asked if the date goes about keeping Lane's room free. Lane sends Brian to her room so Zach know nothing is going to happen after the date, sweet. Also their kiss with Brian over Zachs shoulder.

Episode rating
7 out of 10

Best scene of the episode
Fore sear size it would have to be the Life and Death Brigade scenes which is a big change from most of the thing you see on the show, with Rory jumping of the tower. Rory is taken back when Logan rattles of the reports that have been part of the story, which shows he's not just a prity face.

Best Lines
LUKE: And he wants to shave me.

LORELAI: Shave what?

LUKE: I don’t know, he just kept talking about shaving me, and I’m tipsy. We hit the club bar, and I didn’t want to sound dumb and just order a beer because it’s nitwit juice, so I had what your dad was having which was whiskey something – more whiskey than something, let me tell you, ‘cause I can’t even see straight.

LORELAI: Aw, you poor thing.

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