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5.06 - Norman Mailer, I'm Pregnant! - (93)
This transcript is from the collection found at http://www.twiztv.com/scripts/gilmoregirls.

The start of the episode shows how Luke and Lorelai and together and getting along and how Luke has changed to "Movie Guy", There is a nice parallel with the first season when Rory says Lorelai sound happy with Luke like she did with Max.

Rory needs to do more on the paper, I find it funny that Paris who is premed is so concerned with being on the paper and we never see her doing any science related classes. I know this is the Gilmore Girls and the show revolves around them. Rory has trouble getting into he first store which is still topical being about music downloads. At no time do they mention about legal downloads which bugs me a little, since they a very popular now. Or downloading of TV shows or movies which are on the rise. She does pickup on a store that is carried over to the rest of the season.

We see Sookie active extra crazy and picking a fight with Norman Mailer, because she is pregnant again. We the title gives that away. She hires Kirk to get a lunch crowd, which he does by dressing like a wiener. Now this is another problem with the script, They want to keep Kirk away from the business. But he has been there before, he checked for mold before the Inn got started, then he had the mail boxes and delivered the wood. So keeping him away from the Inn has not happened so far, it's only a matter of time before he has a job there.

Chris is back and unless he has move closer to Stars Hollow I don't thing Lorlai would drop everyting to travel 3-4 hours to Boston to help him out. Also at the end of the episode Rory comes over to tell Chris to leave her mother alone. So do these girls have lots of time to travel or I'd say they had moved, also the appartment is different from the one in the wedding shower in season 3.

Sherry moving to Paris is also hard to beleive after the big deal they made in an earlier episode with Sherry wanting kids so bad that she was thinking of having a baby without a father. I know this happens, it happened to Lauren Graham with her mother leaving when she was 5. This must have hit home with her when the story came up.

Episode rating
6 out of 10

Best scene of the episode
Kirk is a giant wiener, It's a classic Kirk moment and we also see a grumpy Luke as Kirk tries to pass out flyers in front of Luke for lunch at the the Dragonfly.

Best Lines
KIRK: Lunch at the Dragonfly! Get your lunch at the Dragonfly! You have not eaten lunch, till you have eaten lunch at the Dragonfly!

LUKE: I mean it, Kirk, get away from here!

KIRK: I am on the sidewalk, Luke! You do not own the sidewalk! The sidewalk is for the common people! The everyman! And every man and every woman would like to have a delicious lunch at the Dragonfly.

LUKE: I’m going to call the cops.

KIRK: Cops get free pie! With lunch at the Dragonfly! (Lorelai comes running up.)

LORELAI: Uh, Kirk, what are you doing? You’re a giant hot dog.

KIRK: Technically I’m a giant wiener. The costume tag says “wiener”.

LUKE: Get him away from my diner. I mean it.

KIRK: Don’t you worry, Lorelai, I have no intention of abandoning my post, and I will not rest till every single person in Stars Hollow has tried lunch at the Dragonfly!

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