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5.05 - We Got Us a Pippi Virgin - (92)
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This was another episode trying to deal with the Dean and Rory situation, it was okay but could have been better.

One of the biggest contradictions I found was when Luke was talking about how Dean married Lindsy while pining for Rory, which is close to what he did with Lorelai when he married Nicole. Also how he said the Dean was not right for her and he would drag her down. Which in future episodes exactly what Emily is thinking about Luke for Lorelai. The episode highlights how much they need to talk about what they know about not only Dean but other things also.

We also see Jackson not very comfortable with his new job as town selectman and is wearing a suit but still delivering some vegetables, it's not very legal for Sookie to forge Jacksons signature to get her new parking spots.

It's a pity we didn't get any of Luke and Lorelai kissing, even when she came to the diner for coffee, but we did get a hug at the end of the Pippi rant from Luke which was nice to see they need each other. But it not a good sign when Kirk and Lulu get more action in this episode.

Rory is tying to hid things from Emily is this a sign of things to come, she has a lunch with Richard without telling Emily.

Sorry but Lorelai was just weird when she was trying to scare Emily into using the panic room, I wonder if she wanted to lock he in a through away the combernation number.

I Found it interesting that Lorelai is trying to make up with Dean, but he doesn't want to make eye contact with her at first. And that Luke had not seen Rory with Dean or heard it from someone in town, but that may just be Luke. The whole double date was a disaster waiting to happen.

Also how much TV and Movies do these people watch, it amazes me with all the things they watch that they have time to do anything else.

Overall this episode was good, not the best for the season but better that the last one.

Episode rating
7 out of 10

Best scene of the episode
The Bop It scene, Luke is about to take Deans head off.

Best Lines
EMILY: What does it look like? It's a panic room.

LORELAI: Like Jodie Foster?

EMILY: I have no idea.

LORELAI: But it's very small. It's more like an anxiety room.

EMILY: It's for one person.

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