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5.03 - Written in the Stars - (90)
This transcript is from the collection found at http://www.twiztv.com/scripts/gilmoregirls.

The things I most likes about this episode was Luke and Lorelai having there first "Real" date and Asher dieing.

With Emily and Richard now separated by the pool the girls barely get there drinks before being called to the main house for dinner. It could only happen in ASP world that they come up with a plot like this, but it does provide room for future store lines that may not have been available if Richard had moved to another location.

It's hard to tell if either one wants to keep the relationship quit but it does no take long for the town to find out when Lorelai walks down stairs to the diner half dressed in the search for coffee. I do like how Luke is pulling on Lorelai's jacket near the end of the first phone call fro her mother, didn't notice that until the last time I watched it. Also it was good to see how much he values the ration ship and speaks up at the town meeting.

When they are discussing the date in the diner it was fun to see Luke flirting with Lorelai with a various levels of success. How much free food has Rory got from Luke over the years with special occasions. I also loved the scene where Emily was not liking the neighbours dog, with a good scene, she can do comedy.

Then we have Paris lossing Asher who died of a heart attack, with the best line of the episode. The writers might just want to see when Lize (Paris) will say NO to a line they write. Having the wake was a plot device for several reasons, Rory talking to Logan for the first time and Marty asking about Rory's boyfriend leading to Rory going back to Dean. Also Emily showing up because she needs someone to talk and as Lorelai is busy with Luke, it's Rory she goes to. But this raises a location problem. Emily has just left her home in Hartford and Yale is about an hour away so how could she turn up at Yale only a few minutes later?

Marty meets Rory while moving in and lost a bet on how Asher would die, he's trying to become a closer friend to Rory. He tells her that his uncle is actual his father which means his family would fit right in to the Gilmore's. They bump into Logan and his rich frients for the first time, they don't treat Marty very well as he has bar tendered for him in the past. At the wake Marty ask Rory if she has a boy friend and she doesn't know what to say, she runs of to see Dean.

The date scene was a little long, but we find out how they met 8 years ago which is a cute store and I hope it leads to a flashback scene later and missed them coming home to the diner after the date. I wonder if there was a unaired scene of this.

A very good episode from a great season. We say Luke and Lorelai's reletionship move to the next level, which long time viewers have been waiting for since the pilot.

Episode rating
8.5 out of 10

Best scene of the episode
The look from the people in the diner when Lorelai walks in half dressed.

Best Line
PARIS: No, Rory. This great man was not brought down by my vagina, okay

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