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5.02 - A Messenger, Nothing More - (89)
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So what does Lorelai do when she doesn't have Rory and Luke for the summer, she buries he self in work and starts to behave a little like Emily. The summer with no Rory and no Luke for 7 weeks has been hard on Lorelai, but unlike the end of season 2 when Rory went to Washington and she was having a fight with Luke the tables have turned and now she's on the outs with Rory and regularly talking to Luke on the new cell phone he bought to be able to talk to her.

Rory's been in Europe and Luke's been at the Renaissance Fair circuit for 7 weeks and Lorelai is getting a little impatient, doing other peoples work at the Inn and running around town non stop. Sookie sending her home to have a break away from the Inn, because she is starting to behave like her mother saw a nice touch.

But it seemed a little quick for Rory and Lorelai talk on the phone and become friends again, then she sends a letter for Lorelai to give to Dean without Lindsay finding out. Know this is only 1 or 2 days before she gets back home, so why not wait? She waited 7 weeks what's another coupe of days. And we all knew that she was going to find letter, leading to them breaking up. But more Blame seemed to fall at Rory's feet, remember Dean came over to Rory the first time but Dean didn't seem to get any of the blame.

I liked that
Luke didn't change at the Renaissance Fair by wearing the same clothes he wears in the dinner, it would have been fun to see Luke dressed up like the others and see him fit right in with his sister and TJ. Nice to see a link back to the ear rings that Liz gave him last year at the Firelight Festival to give to Lorelai which she just happens to be wearing when he give her a matching necklace.

But there was a problem here, he said he would she her later that day and said it several times, but he didn't get to see her until at least the next day, the same day Rory returned, that's TV for you. Lorelai acting all goofy when seeing Luke for the first time in 7 week and then the kid code to meet up away from the diner was a nice touch. It's good to see Lorelai defend Rory even though she didn't agree with her actions

Also nice to see Dean stand up for him self when Rory goes to see him. He brushes her off by tell her she wrecker his life, but Dean needs to take some responsibilities for his part in what happened.

Overall another good episode with some holes in the time line but this is Stars Hollow were the normal laws of time don't apply. We also saw Lane coming to terms that she likes Zach and the free fries at the dinner for the band members.

Episode rating
8 out of 10

Best scene of the episode
Luke & Lorelai trying to have some alone time and kiss which is interrupted by the Cider Mill Parade

Best Line
SOOKIE: Want to know the last time I saw staff and maids looking this scared of their boss? Your mother's house.

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