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5.17 - Pulp Friction - (104)

Another very good episode from a great season, about time somebody told Emily to shut up!

This episode felt a little rushed like they wanted to get more in about future plots and store directions for the last 5 episodes of the season. So some things were left unfinished, but that's the nature of a good series like Gilmore Girls you need to watch each episode to get the full picture.

Originally this episode was going to be shown after the spring break, but because of a number of things it was moved. One Tree Hill has a double episode for the season final on May 24th so Gilmore Girls will end the week before and things were moved forward. Good for us we get to see it 6 weeks earlier. The main thing that made the last episode a better one before the break is the kiss at the end, it rounded of the last few episodes with an ending and makes a much better ending before a break. They had broken up now they are back together and even though Luke says in the opening teaser that this is the day of the reconsiliation it feels more like there has been some time between the episodes. I think it was about lunchtime the next day. There was no big talk about how they felt and no waking up the next morning together at Lorelai's. But the small talks durning the episode filled in many of the blanks.

While the opening scene was not what many fans wanted I think it does work and it show that they are back together more than ever. In my opinion they spent the night together but did not sleep together. They talked most of the night and woke up in each others arms on the couch or at the table. It still would have been nice to see, but other things they said during the episode more than made up for it. Showing a united front against Emily and proof that they had talked things out. About Chris, Emily and the non communication, thats were the talk about Rory shows they are talking about things like a real couple and Luke being a step father to Rory. Not that Rory needs a father, she is 20 years old, read the next paragraph for more of my thoughts on this. Luke must now know something of Logan and had calmed down since the wedding thing. After they had their "first date" they had to deal with Kirk first but when he ran away to sleep in Michel's camper it left them to consummate there new relationship and be closer then ever. Again it would have been nice to see the passion but from the call to Rory it sound like it happened and th

Rory still may have to talk to someone in a fatherly way so she has Luke, Richard and Chris to choose from. She has talked to each of them in about different things before. When Luke came back from fishing after the fight about her broken arm she talked to Luke and other times. At the golf club she had a good time with Richard and still talks to him. Even Chris has something to offer about his life with her mum when they were young, like the store at the wedding thing. They each have something to offer her.

This town must move fast, first it only took a day or two for Taylor to organize the pink and blue ribbons, now Kirk's collecting them. He even chases Lulu and rips the shirt of her back to get a ribbon, hope she was wearing something under it! The only kiss between Luke and Lorelai is in this scene in the dinner, some said it was because Lauren had a cold. I just think Scott (Luke) should have suffered for his art and just had more making out, but it was a plot point to show they were starting fresh. Why did Lorelai come into Luke's with a "Coffee" and order one, was it almost empty? It also shows how confident she must be with being back with Luke to come in a coffee from Westons.

Hate to say it but we may have got to much Michel and Kirk in this one. Michel was in California which explains his absence last episode and won big on "The Price is Right" game show, now for most people winning 100,000 in cash a prizes would be a very big deal but Michel treats it like just another day, how much money is the inn making for him and the other owners? He tries to sell the motor home he won but it arrives in the middle of the photo shoot and Lorelai blows-up at him. She does realize what she has done is wrong after a talk with Sookie and apologizes which is good and shows how different she is to her mother.

Kirk was at his best this week, starting with collecting ribbons, even following a lady in to the bathroom at Luke's to get one. Lorelai has more because she does all the townies things, nice to see Luke mention the Firelight Festival. Luke has a talk to Kirk about moving out of his mothers house which backfires when they find him in Luke's boat which is in Lorelai's garage again. And I don't think we need anymore naked Kirk, I don't think he was the man Lorelai wanted to see naked that night. I'd like to see Rory's face when see is told naked Kirk slept on her bed, she may want to burn it. The only good thing about naked kirk was the unexpected last scene with him asleep in Michel's motor home, that made me laugh. This could point to a future where Luke & Lorelai have shared custody and help Kirk find some place to live while staying with both of them one night at Lorelai's house and then Luke's appartment. That could cramp their style, but Lorelai did say that he was their responciblity now. Maybe her c

Emily and Richard are getting a bit tired as the bad people, they are giving all rich people a bad name with the over the top snobby attitude. I mean talking about him the way they were without even knowing him or bothering spending time without trying to change him or break them up is not showing any class at all. Luke looks like someone who would spend time with Lorelai's family, that's what he did in "You Jump, I Jump, Jack" but it didn't take long for Luke to realize what a bad idea it was asking that the don't hand out with them "very long time".

The only good thing about seeing Richard (who was not much better than Emily in this scene) was he mentioned that Luke had not franchised the diner, good continuity to link the earlier episode. Then Emily goes to Luke's believing she had fixed his relationship with Luke not letting him get a work in, luckily Lorelai was just down the street a Doose Market when he used the speed dial to call her. Emily was ranting so much she didn't even notice what he did. She found out the were back together but still didn't understand why she didn't come to FND. She still doesn't get it. It was nice to see Luke and Lorelai acting as a team and calling Lorelai was a good move as Luke knew that Lorelai knows how to handle her. It was good to see Luke say "we got back together because wanted to get back together" but the best line was Lorelai telling Emily to "Shut Up" and

Emily did play a part in the Luke & Lorelai break up but Lorelai and Chris need to take responsibility for there parts in it also. Lorelai did say that she was to blame that she wrecked it when confessing to Rory in bed, not telling Luke about Chris. We did get an email from Chris to Rory saying it was "just a misunderstanding", so we haven't heard the last of that. The ironic thing could be Emily interfering may have made the relationship with Luke stronger. I bought up things that had not been discussed between Luke & Lorelai, short term pain for long tern gain. So Emily may have inadvertently helped make the relationship stronger. You gotta love that karma.

Rory did show a bit more spunk in this episode, with the casule dating of Logan but it hard to tell how much she has told Lorelai who has to tread fine line and not bring out the mother card and possibly end up in the same situation as Emliy is with her. It's a nice contrast, Emily was controlling and Lorelai rebeled, got pregnate, left home, left Emily. There may be a blow up coming between the girls before the season is done. rory did win back Logan when he all but admitted he didn't like seeing her with anybody else. The scene in the dinning hall did piont to a stunt are something they do that could get them in to trouble at Yale which could see them expeled down the track, but with how powerfull there families are I would think they could getaway with just about anything. It was good to see Logan change and want only to be with her, again more good future stories to come from this

Other points, bert is back. Luke is fixing another toaster, get a new one you cheap skate. When Emily comes into the dinner for her rant, bert is on the counter. When did Luke get a CD player for the truck, in "Luke Can See Her Face" he is using a book on tape. We do not see the player in the car but given the age if the truck it's hard to see Luke buying a CD player unless it's was for Lorelai to listen music on there dates. Lorelai's Jeep didn't have a CD player. What happened to the yellow fishing boot, we need closeure about them.

I just saw a story about a cell phone jamer which Luke should get for the dinner to stop the use of cell phones.

Best Lines

Emily: What I did, I did out of concern.

Lorelai: Oh Please

Emily: As your mother I have the right to be concerned. Especially when it looks like your taking you life down a completely disastrous path, I had to jump in...

Lorelai: MUM!

Emily: Lorelai!

Lorelai: Please hear me, if I want your input into my life in any way shape of form I will ask for it. Until then do us all a favor and Shut Up!

This is a review based on the sides and other spoilers - before I saw the episode

Luke and Lorelai back in love, that's good to see. I just hope the making up with Luke is on screen and not something that happens between this episodes and the last. Emily is a little self centered, now I know were Lorelai and Rory get it from! She thinks all should be good because L&L are back together so there's no reason for not going to FND and not speaking to her. Now if you remember the new contract between Rory and the grand parents meant the Lorelai did not have to go to FND unless she wanted to. The second visit to the dinner looks like some good drama for Lorelai which should bring L&L closer together. Maybe they could have diner in the dinner? Michel owning a motor home, there's a sight I want to see and some photo's are being taken of the Inn for a magazine.

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