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5.16 - So...Good Talk - (103)

A very good episodes with a happy ending.

Luke is miserable and is in a very bad mood, under cooking or burning food, throwing customers out of the dinner and ranting. I think the rant about Westons is because he knows that Lorelai is now going there daily. You could see this starting last week when he snapped at Andrew when he asked about the boat parked outside the dinner. He in such a bad mood because it is Lorelai he is missing but has to much pride to go to her first, especially after what she said last week "We're Done" and before that "Ex-boyfriend". Luke has two responses when he's feeling bad, he goes fishing or gets mad. When they had the fight in "Teach Me Tonight" he left, unlike when Lorelai found the sweatshirt of Rachel's, he got a little mad but when Nicole cheated on him with the sock man, he beat up his car, this time he totally lost it. Lucky Taylor wasn't in this episode or he might have ended up through the window between the dinner and soda shoppee. Some have said this was over done but I think it was OK showing how he's not coping, it's amazing he didn't throw Emily out the door when she came to see him. But that was done good also, not responding to her. If he had it may have re-enforced her opinion of him. When she told him that Lorelai wants him and has not talked to Emily you could tell he was thinking.

At the start of the episode Emily is in total denial and I loved the scene when Lorelai hung up on Emily without saying a word then acted all friendly to Richard when calls a few second later, then promptly hands up when he hands the phone to Emily but not until she starts to talk. We did miss the look on he face that was in the trailer. Emily was acting very childish that Richards was Rory and Lorelai favorite, Kelly Bishop pulled this episodes of with some great acting. When she went to see Luke, the door had the close sign up but she walked in anyway. I had the feeling that she was more there to get on Rory and Lorelai's good side rather than a sincere apology and I don't think she'll keep her word about staying out of their relationship for long.

Every time she was talking about Lorelai it's like she thinks she's 16 again and maybe that's how she'll always see her. Doing what she did for her own go, she doesn't know whats right for her own good. I can understand why see left home with Rory when she was 16, here she is 20 years later and she is still trying to control Lorelai's life.

I think Rory being passive aggressive towards grandmother was a good touch and she held back way longer than Lorelai would have. She only let her have it when she was pushed and that happened when Emily brought up Lorelai and the FND contract. She could have defended Luke a bit, pointing out how much he has done over the years but I doubt that she would have listened. With the whole lack of money story line I think she would be on a weekly allowance which with Logan, the recent DVD night with Marty and the loan she's just spending more than she has. Maybe Emily cut her allowance but I don't think so because she was running short before the FND. I know, when she took her car to the dealer it cost more than she thought, Logan and Lorelai were right.

Richard is TALL, I don't know if it was the angle, Lorelai might not have been in heels? Lauren is 5 foot 7 but that only comes to his sholders. I liked the scene at the inn helping Lorelai but he was a little pushy about selling the inn. Again it's not just Lorelai's inn, Sookie and Michel are partners. Side note I noticed the books on the high shelf in the inn's kitchen, are they cook books? It just seems a weird place to have books on a shelf only Richard can reach. This is the first time he has been to the inn since the test run and I just hope the help with the insurance doesn't backfire in the future. He did seem like he was planning something when talking to Emily in the kitchen.

Lane and Zach having a special diner and she not knowing what he was thinking, it's fitting that all the years of hiding things from he mother has lead her to be blind about this. Sookie trying to be a friend to Lorelai but not being able to go anywhere, BTW where is Jackson we don't see him enough. I know of late it has been mostly the Gilmore's which is fitting since the show is the Gilmore Girls. It was good to see more of Lane in this episode but there was a lack of the townies this time. Sookie and Lorelai plan a night out but end up watching DVD's and going to Westons hwere she has been atleast once most days, Luke does know!

Kirk was classic "Kirk" again, after the slightly weird "Fiddler on the Roof" performance, he was great liking the food Luke was cooking. I think it had more to do with not upsetting Luke, Kirk would fly out the door, but more to do with the fact Kirk is in his own little world. Great scene at the end with Emily in the dinner and when he is leaning against the window to look in.

Lauren Graham was great again this week, she played the part 100% and it was nice to see her defend Luke to her father and that Rory loves him, It might be her way of saying she loves him without the acutal words. Which must come soon but I'm not holding my breath. This first episode after the wedding thing "Say Something" was more about Lorelai's feeling and how she was coping. The next "Jews & Chinese Food" was about both of them and this one was more about Luke. Then at the end Lorelai watching the old movie when Luke comes over and just grabs her and starts kissing. It was a great ending and I could only imagin what happens next. I hope they spent some time talking before going upstairs. I hope the next episode start with the next morning and they spend some time together bofore going out for the day.

Just a quick side note I just noticed the dress Rory (Alexis) wares to the FND is the same as the one she has on in photos of the 100th episode cake cutting on the set used for the elder Gilmore front entry. This is also the same for Emily (Kelly) and Richard (Edward). So this scene was filmed the same week they celebrated the 100th episode.

Best Lines

Rory: [Takes a bite from Luke's cheese burger] Oh my god........ What is that thing?

Lane: Sorry I should have warned you.

Rory: This is disgusting. This is from Luke's?

Lane: Yer, he's been a little of his game lately.

Rory: Of his game, it's like Tiger Woods made this thing!

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