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5.15 - Jews & Chinese Food - (102)

This episode did feel a bit like a filler but did have some important events for both Lorelai and Rory. We start with Lorelai having FND at Yale with Rory, normally Rory would go home on the weekends but she must actually have some school work to do! They blast Chris again over an email he sent Rory, not even a phone call just one email 2 weeks after the wedding thing. I hope when he does come back that he has grown a spine and can stand up to Emily, better still don't EVER see Emily again, change your address so she can't find you, go into witness protection. But when he comes back he should apologies to Luke, Lorelai and Rory if he ever wants to be in her life. She did say that when he comes he will mess up things between Luke and Lorelai, and he did!

Moving on. Great scenes with Paris, someone said she should get a spin off series when Gilmore Girls ends (after 7 seasons!). She could move into an apartment with Doyle when she goes to medical school or what ever you do to become a doctor. She did say in "The Breakup, Part 2" that she wanted to do cancer research so she should stop with the paper and do the medical study, she did ask Lorelai if she could be the subject for a paper on lonely women of a certain age. Rory also has a problem with Doyle when she leaves in the middle of a meeting to talk to Marty.

Then there is the whole Luke & Lorelai fight, which I have missed. It reminded me of the past fights like in "Nick & Nora/Sid & Nancy" or "Teach Me Tonight" but not as bad. Don't get me wrong I think they belong together, I don't know if anyone else would be able to live with them long term. But the fight in Lorelai's special place, she turned her shed into a disco-lounge-hideout, complete with disco ball, how old is she? Luke removed the boat without telling Lorelai and parked in front of Luke's. You can just hear the "Dirty" remarks throughout the fight. It wasn't about the boat it was about the fact the still have not talked about the wedding and Lorelai not talking about Chris. The most chilling part was when Lorelai said the they were done, like she told her mother. Now I don't want to put a spoiler here but we all know that their not done. Maybe they'll makeout in the boat in the she when the get back together.

Luke is starting to be anoyed by customers and Lorelai has "volunteer" Luke to help out with the elementary schools production of "Fiddler on the Roof", Lulu is a third grade teacher. You could tell that the only reason he agreed to do it after the broke up is to see and maybe talk to Lorelai. They shared a great moment back stage, while the play was on and this will go nicely into next weeks episode. It also showed how good Luke would be with kid, showing them how to use tools. Can't wait for them to have the twins, like the dream in "Those Lazy-Hazy-Crazy Days" that Lorelai had. Great also to see crazy Carrie trying to pick-up Luke and saying Lorelai was "out of her mind" and not liking her choice of cloths.

Sookie has a new car, some kind of SUV (4WD for the rest of the world). She says she can hate Luke for her for what he has done, when is Sookie having the baby? Lorelai is now going to Westons bakery for her morning coffee and gets 3 cups when she orders "coffee, coffee, coffee!", which she buys. She tries to make friends with the other people at Westons. Michel helps paint the shed with his stencils and complains the whole time. Kirk in the play is a little far feched even for Star Hollow and it was a little creapy him singing the song with the girls, Luke thought it was strange also.

Rory makes her choice between Marty and Logan, as Chris would say "for now". Marty gets his arm twisted into an evening of movies with Rory, these girls can make almost anyone do anything and I think Marty is becoming the new Luke for Rory. Just look at all the things Lorelai has made Luke do over the years against his wishes, including the this weeks play. How much free time does she have, she dress up and has movies poster and lots of food ready for the night, life at Yale must be easy. Marty looks uncomfortable at first with Rory but then Paris makes an appearance and he's at ease. Until later when Logan takes them out for a $75 Chinese diner, with his friends. Which he can't afford, so Rory loans him the money which he'll pay back after a party in ones. What does he do at the party? I thought he was a waiter. Rory leaves the diner with Marty while Logan and the rich kids go to do something else, he takes her home to Yale. Later Logan climbs through Rory's window for a booty call and they finally

By the way what happened to the yellow fishing boots? They should have arrived the Tuesday after the wedding thing and it's now two weeks after, hope he gives them to her when they get back together, as a gift like the ear rings and neck lace.

For a filler episode allot happened, overall a good episode with changes for Rory but only slight movement between Luke and Lorelai, this should pave the way for them to get closer soon. You could tell they wanted to talk but neither wanted to be the first.

Best Lines
Paris: Oh, thank you very much for kicking my undefined sexual male partner out of the room that we share.

Rory: I had company coming Paris

Paris: You insulated him, you demeaned him, you made him feel unwelcome!

Rory: He was unwelcome.

Paris: And now thanks to you her refuses to come back here which means I have to spend the night over at his place with his three room mates. The place is a health violation, things grow on the window sills without the help of pots or soil and there is the faint aroma of sweet socks and starter clone lingering in the air at all times and yes, I have to bring my own toilet paper over there because it's a third world country, thankyou very very much!

[Paris opens the front door and leaves the dorm room]

Marty: Good I miss this place!

Episode rating
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Best Lines

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