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5.13 - Wedding Bell Blues - (100)

This was not only one of the best episodes of the season but also one of the best so far. It had so many things about to collide, Luke & Lorelai, Emily & Lorelai, Chris & Lorelai, Rory and Logan. It started out nice for Luke & Lorelai at the dinner all in love, Luke getting Lorelai some new boots, maybe she'll go fishing with him. Lorelai can't even make instant mash potatos, this may be a new low for her cooking ablities. In The Party's Over she had a problem stiring the nice diner Luke made. And Rory was burning some CD's which I don't think the record companies would like. Emily comes over to have Lorelai fix her dress and surprises Luke while he is working on his fathers boat. Did anyone else wish the sander had hit Emily! She gets drunk at the quickie bachelorette party and Lorelai mucks up the seating chart getting the wedding planner fired.

Chris has been arm-twisted into coming to the wedding to win back Lorelai, he should have acted his age, not get drunk and just be friends with Lorelai. He may have lost that for now if not ever. Lorelai saying to Emily "You and me, we're done" this may mean no more Friday night dinners for the rest of the season for Lorelai. Emily has some work to do to fix this relationship which for the most part has been on the mend for the last 5 years. Luke leaves the party with Lorelai trying follow, he needs time to think about what he wants.

Best Line
Lorelai: (To Emily) You and me we're done!

Best Scene
Luke and Chris running in to "save" Rory.

My Rating
9 out of 10

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