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4.22 - Raincoats and Recipes - (87)
This transcript is from the collection found at http://www.twiztv.com/scripts/gilmoregirls.

This was one of the most anticipated episodes in along time for the series maybe since the start of the show. Luke and Lorelai finally kiss and in a shock, Rory sleeps with a very married Dean.

What I like was Lorelai being flustered by Luke and still not knowing until the end if she is dating him. She is very good at physical humour running into the door and half falling when at Luke’s for lunch were a great moments. I liked how this was the first time Luke never bought flowers for anyone, not even his wife. This is a telling moment that he was never really into that marriage. The kiss was also a great scene and the only disturbing moment was when Kirk ran through the scene naked. No one needs to see that.

Rory was feeling sorry for Dean and his marriage, which leads to them in bed. This was very OOC for Rory but love can do that. Then when Lorelai realised what had happened seeing Dean coming out of Rory’s room they could not look at each other. Dean knew he had done something wrong. Lorelai tries to make Rory see that what she did was wrong but this was left on a bad note when Rory didn’t want to talk to her mother and tries to call Dean only to hear Lindsay on the phone. It then hit her as to what she had done.

Good to find out a bit more about Kirk and the “night terrors” but did we really need to see him half naked with only a pillow covering him. A very uncomfortable Luke tries to help him out.

Great to see the Dragonfly Inn finished, with Tom running around fitting the doors.

Not nice to see Jason (Digger) back, he turns up to the opening night an tries to get back with Lorelai which almost breaks up Luke and Lorelai before they have a chance to get going.

Episode rating
9 out of 10

Best scene of the episode
Had to be the Luke & Lorelai kiss

Best lines of the episode
LUKE: And then when I walked you home after the wedding, there was a moment. I thought there was a moment.

LORELAI: There was! There was a moment. [Luke gazes at Lorelai, then moves closer.]

LORELAI: What are you doing?

LUKE: Will you just stand still?

[He gathers her in his arms and they kiss. Lorelai pulls away then moves back closer to Luke.]

LUKE: What are you doing?

LORELAI: Will you just stand still?

[She holds his face as she kisses him. Luke's arms wrap around her as they kiss. She pulls away again. As they gaze at each other, Luke grasps her waist and pulls her back.]

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