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4.21 - Last Week Fights, This Week Tights - (86)
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First off I‘d like to say at the time of writing this the fifth season has aired so it is very hard doing a review on an episode when you know what is coming for the next full season.

I liked this episode and have now watched it several times. I like it because it had Luke and Lorelai dancing and having a good time together, this looks like the start of something special. They work together very good as actors and characters on the show, they have great chemistry. Which has been building since the pilot for the show. In recent episodes it has been shown how Luke is willing to change to be with Lorelai and he is willing to do things for her. In addition, it provides very big hints to a possible wedding between them with what Liz has to say about marriage. Big anvil comes when Lorelai she says she wants to marry when she finds the right person.

It also is setting up thing between Rory and Dean for the final. They are getting close again and with Jess out of the picture, again, anything could happen. However, because of the talk Jess had with Luke it could also lead to a Jess coming back at some time. I could see him coming back as best man it Luke and Lorelai were to get married.

It was nice to Lorelai encourage Mrs Kim to go and see Lane at her house while she is not pleased she wants give it another go. This may point the way for someone to do something simular for Lorelai in the future.

Some thing I did notice was, in the episode were. Luke said he would come by Lorelai’s house to pick her up, but she met him outside the diner. I do not know if this was a continuity problem overlooked or if it was easier from a production point of view for them to have it this way or they changed their plans. The did have the front of Lorelai’s house set up for filming for the scene when Luke walks her home later in the episode. So they should have been able to film the pickup before sunset the same day.

I wonder if Lane and her band should have played at the wedding or Lane should have been the DJ, as she did at the engagement party for Lorelai and Max.

Did Rory get an invite to the wedding but stayed away because of Jess or just to busy with finals at Yale?

Was the friend Jess made at the wedding, who was in jail, the turkey leg guy?

Is this is this first time Lorelai and Carrie have meet?

Episode rating
9 out of 10

Best scene of the episode
Lorelai’s look of confusion after Luke walks her home as he is leaving, she does not know if they are dating or not.

Best lines of the episode
LUKE: [trying not to laugh] Help.

LORELAI: Think of something not funny.

LUKE: Can't.

MINISTER: You may plant the ceremonial sword.

[Together, Liz and T.J. plunge a sword into a tree stump.]

LORELAI: Avalanches, earthquakes...

LUKE: Not doin' it.

LORELAI: Famine...and I'm out.

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