3.22 - Those Are Strings, Pinocchio (65)
This was transcribed by Craig Best (aka Lancer1993)

3.22 - Deleted Scene A - 1:42

[The lobby is empty, no furniture]

LORELAI: Could be gone when we get back or turned into something, John said a school might buy it.

RORY: That would be nice.

LORELAI: I suggested a strip club.

RORY: Well maybe they can combine the two. Kids get it during the day, strippers during the night.

LORELAI: Both groups like swinging on polls.

RORY: True. Hey should we have bought a camera.

LORELAI: No, no I don’t want to remember it like this.

[Same scene but the camera moves to a young Lorelai and Rory]

YOUNG LORELAI: Rory don’t run around the lobby.

YOUNG RORY: But this is our house.

YOUNG LORELAI: Not for long.

[Back to present day Lorelai and Rory]

LORELAI: Ten years we lived here and you didn’t want to leave.

RORY: Well of course I was a Connecticut Eloise.

[Young Lorelai and Rory]

YOUNG LORELAI: I’ve got you munchkin, I’ve got ya.

YOUNG RORY: Are we gonna live here for ever.

YOUNG LORELAI: NO we’ll have our own house one day.

[Present day Lorelai and Rory]

LORELAI: Took you a while to accept that our new house didn’t come with a bellhop.

RORY: I had very high standards.

[Young Lorelai and Rory]

YOUNG LORELAI: You’re going to have your own room

YOUNG RORY: But I don’t want my own room.

YOUNG LORELAI: Just your books need their own room.

[Present day Lorelai and Rory]

RORY: We’re not gonna be sad right.

LORELAI: Aw we’re too busy.

RORY: And we have too much not to be sad about.

LORELAI: That we do.

[Young Lorelai and Rory]

YOUNG RORY: I want to live with you forever.

YOUNG LORELAI: Whatever you say baby Jane

[Present day Lorelai and Rory. Lorelai rings the bell on the counter]

RORY: You know I read something crappy in the lets go to Europe book.

LORELAI: Aw what.

RORY: If the hostels get to crowded they can’t be guaranteed we get assigned to the same room.

LORELAI: Really, just let them try to separate us.

RORY: They won’t be happy.

LORELAI: Our secret knock on the wall language will have them begging us to be together.

[They get to the front door and take one final look before leaving]


Written by Daniel Palladino
Directed by Jamie Babbit

Transcribed by Craig Best for http://www.crazy-internet-people.com/site/gilmoregirls

This is a transcript of the aired episode that includes accurate word-to-word dialogues, some settings have been added where needed along with actions and/or camera movements where I felt they were necessary.
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