2.16 - There's the Rub (37)
This was transcribed by Craig Best (aka Lancer1993)

2.16 - Deleted Scene - 2:25

[Paris and Rory lying down in front of the TV]

RORY: Samousa.

PARIS: [takes it] Ah I’m stuffed [puts in down]

RORY: I know.

PARIS: I ate four meals in two hours.

RORY: Not a record but respectable none the less. Anything in particular you want to watch?

PARIS: I don’t care, I don’t usually watch TV so anything is fine with me.

RORY: Okay [changed channel]

PARIS: That looks good.

RORY: Ah, ah, ah, you never settle on the first show, makes you look desperate.

PARIS: He likes you, you know.

RORY: Well we’ve been going out for over a year, guess I’ve grown on him.

PARIS: Not Dean, Jess.

RORY: What.

PARIS: Must be nice having two guys fawning over you.

RORY: I do not have two guys fawning over me.

PARIS: Fine, two guys liking you.

RORY: I do not have two guys liking me, I have one guy liking me, the other guy is just a friend, not even a friend, he’s just here.

PARIS: Well I wouldn’t mind having a here.

RORY: Well then you would have nothing because that’s all it is.

PARIS: Okay…Why are you watching girls jumping on trampolines…

RORY: I mean why would you even say that he likes me.

PARIS: I don’t know, he bought over enough food to feed Europe.

RORY: That was Luke, not Jess.

PARIS: Well he certainly didn’t mind staying around to eat it.

RORY: That’s just Jess, he plays games, he likes to annoy me.

PARIS: Well did he?

RORY: Of course. Majorly. I’m still bugged.

PARIS: Oh, weird.

RORY: What’s weird.

PARIS: Well I don’t usually invite people who annoy me to stay for dinner.

RORY: I didn’t invite him, he just wouldn’t leave.

PARIS: You could have gotten rid of him it you really wanted to.

RORY: I was just trying to be nice.

PARIS: I think you like him.

RORY: That’s crazy I mean just because you don’t kick someone out for dinner that doesn’t mean you like them, geez.

PARIS: Okay… But if you ever decide you do like him I wouldn’t blame you, He’s unbelievably cute and those literary tastes leaves a little to be desired. At least he has literary taste. Are you sure you don’t like him.

RORY: I have a boyfriend.

PARIS: Yeah, I need fries

[Paris gets up leaving Rory to think.]


Written by Sheila R. Lawrence
Directed by Amy Sherman-Palladino

Transcribed by Craig Best for http://www.crazy-internet-people.com/site/gilmoregirls

This is a transcript of the aired episode that includes accurate word-to-word dialogues, some settings have been added where needed along with actions and/or camera movements where I felt they were necessary.
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