2.01 - Sadie, Sadie (22)
This was transcribed by Craig Best (aka Lancer1993)

2.01 - Deleted Scene - 3:05

[The house is full of daisies, Lorelai at the front door.]

LORELAI: You have enough, are you sure? I’ve got more, okay bye.

[Closes door, and sighs at the sight of all the daisies left, walks into the living room.]

RORY: What year is Max’s car.

LORELAI: 65 Mustang.

RORY: Good year.

LORELAI: What are you doing?

RORY: “Lorelai Gilmore should I marry Max Medina” profiling list.

LORELAI: Oh good another list.

WOMAN: Am I too late for some daisies?

LORELAI: Arr no, just take as many as you want.

RORY: This is turning out to be very interesting actually.


RORY: Pro’s, a career in academics, an excellent vocabulary. Extremely smart, excellent collection of first editions, extensive knowledge of famous woman in literae.

LORELAI: Oh my god it sounds perfect for you. [Knock on the front door] Hey come one in just help yourselves.

RORY: Funny, good cooking skills, excellent sugar tolerance, smells good, showers frequently, opens doors, pulls out chairs.

LORELAI: Saves kittens from burning building, cape and tights in excellent shade of red.

WOMAN: Excuse me, can I take this too.

LORELAI: No it’s just to flowers.

WOMAN: Oh fine!

[The girls look at each other]

RORY: Better pipe up cause I’ve got nothing under the con.

LORELAI: Okay well he’s got a pair of Elephant boxer shorts that are defiantly a con.

RORY: Doesn’t count.

LORELAI: Trunk moves.

RORY: Okay it counts and thank you for assuring that I can never look at my English teacher again as long as I live.

LORELAI: My pleasure.

RORY: How ever even with the creepy animal underwear the pros are winning by a long shot, that has to be tell you something.

LORELAI: Rory I’m not deciding whether or not I’m getting married off of a list, this is the most important in both of our lives and you cannot take it lightly. So toss a coin or get out the crazy 8 ball.

KIRK: I’m her to pick up some flowers for the post office.

LORELAI: Hey Kirk.

RORY: You’re avoiding the subject.

LORELAI: You’re annoying the mother.

KIRK: Is this the whole selection?

LORELAI: Yes I’m afraid so.

KIRK: I’ll just have to make it work.

RORY: Max is perfect for you [Lorelai grunts] he makes you happy, that make me happy, and I think I would like to have a Gilmore boy around the house.

LORELAI: So he’s taking my name?

RORY: Of course.

LORELAI: Good ‘cause I really like my drivers licence picture.

RORY: Mom.

LORELAI: Listen I’m really trying to be responsible here, okay.

KIRK: Excuse me Lorelai I have to ask you something, there is a rumour going around town you are getting married, is this true?

LORELAI: Arr, I don’t know yet Kirk.

KIRK: Because my mom married my dad and nothing good came of it.

LORELAI: Really.

KIRK: Total disaster on every front, I just can’t recommend it.

LORELAI: Thanks for sharing that Kirk.

KIRK: Information is our greatest weapon.

RORY: Hey…


RORY: Look…


RORY: Okay look I’m just trying to organize all of your arguments into black and white so that you can make the most rational, responsible decision possible and the only way that is gonna happen is if you take this list, sit down try to come up with a con.

LORELAI: Rory I’ve got people coming in the house.

RORY: I can take care of the flowers, you just focus on that list.

LORELAI: [Taking the list and pen] Fine. [Sits down on the couch and looks at the list] Hum. [Thinking] Ah, he snores.

RORY: So do you.


RORY: [leaning in close and speaking softly.] You’re getting married.

[Lorelai is left thinking and smiles]


written by Amy Sherman-Palladino
directed by Amy Sherman-Palladino

Transcribed by Craig Best for http://www.crazy-internet-people.com/site/gilmoregirls

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