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1.05 - Cinnamon's Wake (5)

With Lorelai liking Max they decide to go on a date but she doesn't tell Rory who finds out when he comes to see Lorelai for the date. This is similar to other times when Lorelai tries to keep secrets from others and it comes back to bite her on the ass.

Rory has a secret also a crush on Dean which Lorelai also finds out a little later, at the end of the episode they talk and come to an understanding.

There's a 'dirty' moment with Kirk and Miss Patty at the market, any dirty moment is good.

Luke does not like Sookie behind his counter at the dinner, in later episodes her tries to stop Lorelai and others from being there also. Sookie and Luke have a grudging respect for each others cooking styles which show up when they go to the wake.

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