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Lauren Helen Graham

  • NEWS - - News that the "Parenthood" star would guest on "Go On" broke late last month, and in a call with reporters Monday (Oct. 8) Perry elaborated on the role Graham -- a long-time friend of his in real life -- will be playing. Read more here

  • - Peter and Lauren attended another event together, this time the NBC Universal Holiday Press Party in Los Angeles. More details and pictures over at

  • - Lauren Graham will appear on Rove LA tonight (Monday Nove 21) along with Seth MacFarlane and

  • - Lauren will be appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show next Monday, November 14.

  • - The October cover features Lauren, read about her 5 week slimdown. "It's 87 degrees, and I am on my 14th lap around a high school track. Whose idea was this?" update - - pictures from SELF magazine.

  • - To promote the 3rd season of Parenthood Lauren will be appearing on several talk shows in the coming weeks, including a trip to New York to apear on the Today and Live! With Regis & Kelly.

  • - Saturday was a glamorous night for me. I had the great opportunity to attend the Operation Smile’s Annual Grin Gala at the US Chamber of Commerce. The gala was to benefit Operation Smile, which is an international children’s medical charity dedicated to providing free reconstructive surgery for children around the world who suffer from cleft lips and cleft palates.
    more photos of the event -

  • - Lauren Graham: Independent Spirit, She plays a struggling single mom on the hit show Parenthood. But in real life Lauren Graham knows just where she's headed... Read the interview here.

  • - Lauren Graham Born: Mar. 16, 1967 - Pisces born this week are sometimes known as the “practical intuitives” because of their ability to infuse the seemingly mundane details of life with a special shot of magic. Take Lauren Graham, who’s known both for her refreshingly frank manner and that extra sparkle she brings to all her roles, from Gilmore Girls’ Lorelai to Parenthood’s Sarah. Because such folks require lots of space, they only can partner successfully with other self-possessed types -- which is why the Golden Globe nominee might make it work with thoughtful costar Peter Krause.

  • - Lauren is on the cover of the next Health Magazine in the US, new pictures and a great interview. Which can be read here, thanks to Jen for typing it up and posting on fanforum. Thanks to for posting a copy of the pages on their site.

  • - Lauren Graham Open to a Gilmore Girls Movie - In a recent interview while on the set of Parenthood Lauren has said she has always been open to a Gilmore Girls movie. YouTube video is here.

  • - Even on a lazy Saturday when she’s in jeans, a big black sweater, funky tortoise-shell librarian glasses, no makeup, and a ponytail, Lauren Graham sparkles... read more here

  • - The Marriage Ref - finally Lauren is taping her episode for second season of the show. Originally Lauren was planned to be in the first series but scheduling conflicts meant she had to pull out. The episode is scheduled to air in the new year.

  • - Lauren Graham Hosts Book Launch - stepping out last night for the “Dylan’s Candy Bar: Unwrap Your Sweet Life” Book Launch Celebration at Ralph Lauren in LA. Lauren Graham acted as one of the hosts of the event, along with Krista Smith from Vanity Fair and Joy Bryant.

  • - Lauren Graham's Aha! Moment - "We took one look at each other and started to laugh. I mean really laugh, like crazy people. We stood in the doorway in hysterics for what seemed like 15 minutes."

  • - Future Projects - several projects have been added to Lauren's IMDB page, Child's Play (a remake of the classic horror movie set for release next year) she is rumored to play the part of Karen Barclay. Most Wanted not set for release until 2012 it also stars Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock "An FBI agent trying to escort a criminal suspect is ambushed and the pair are forced to go on the run together." Also in development from Warner Bros is A Boyfriend for My Wife, set to star Steve Carell. It is be based on the 2008 Argentine rom-com centered on a “timid husband who believes the only way out of his stifling marriage is to get his wife to fall in love with another man, so he enlists the help of a legendary yet unlikely Lothario.”

  • - Lauren's latest appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, they talked about her Emmy joke and meeting Betty White, also played a game in the almost 10 minutes on the show. Also Lauren and Mae made a quick appearance on the America's Got Talent final, which aired right before the season Premier of Parenthood. One quick fan captured it.

  • - short 2 minute clips from the photo shoot for Redbook magazine.

  • - There are two very different Lauren Grahams.

  • - - Lauren Graham Answers Hard Questions from Fans and opens up about her relationship with co-star Peter Lrause, "Fifteen years ago, Lauren Graham and Peter Krause bonded over board games when the actress first moved to Los Angeles. Today, Graham 43, and her Parenthood co-star, 45, are diving into something a bit more serious: a relationship..."

  • - Lauren Graham's Healthy Approach to Parenthood - "Seems there are two kinds of parenthood: The silly drivel we find on sitcoms, where the kid messes up, mom and dad hilariously intervene, and the Big Lesson is learned as the laugh track rises and falls. Then there's real-life parenting, which is much tougher to negotiate and leaves looser ends. In life, if there's a lesson in sight, it's often difficult to discern -- a truism rarely reflected in television shows. Unless, of course, you happen to be Lauren Graham..."

  • - Lauren is set to appear on The Ellen DeGeneres Show September 14th.

  • - Lauren Graham at the 2010 Emmys. Still pic's here and here. Vote on her look here.

  • - First pictures from Lauren next movie It's A Funny Kind of Story. "The upcoming drama, based on the young adult novel by Ned Vizzini, comes from writer/directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, the duo behind indie darling "Half Nelson." Keir Gilchrist stars as a 16-year-old kid who decides to have himself committed as a way of dealing with his depression."

  • - 'Scream 4' shuffle - Lauren Graham is exiting Sream 4, while Adam Brody (Dave Rygalski) is in thanks to script changes - "Sources close to the production tell Zap2it exclusively that there have been some very significant script changes... and the changes aren't all good. In Kevin Williamson's original script, Graham's role was "a fun role. Not big, but it had some meaty scenes." Shooting began this week, and in the latest draft, "the part was reduced. She had like four lines."
    update - - "The Scream 4 cast has seen several comings and goings recently. Former Gilmore Girls star Lauren Graham has left the film due to a scheduling conflict, and has been replaced by Mary McConnell (Battlestar Galactica). Lake Bell has also left, and Marley Shelton will take her place."

  • - 2010 Teen Choice Awards have just release more nominations. Parenthood has 2, Lauren Graham for Choice TV: Parental Unit and Mae Whitman for Choice TV: Female Breakout Star. We hope they win!

  • SPOILERS - - SCRE4M - Looks like the production company has set up camp in an industrial park with filming to start next week, also a tipster spotted Hayden Panettiere getting her hair colored yesterday! No sign of Lauren yet.

  • NEWS - - Lauren Graham Tonight Show - Part 1 andClick here for Part 2.
  • - As confirmed on The Tonight Show Lauren will be in the next Scream movie set for release in April 2011. The 4th movie in the series will reunight Neve Campbell, David Arquette, Courteney Cox and will start filming on June 28th in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Scream 4 will open April 15th, 2011 in the US.

  • - Reports are that Lauren will appear in the next Scream movie. "A source close to the production tells me that Lauren Graham, known to many as Lorelai Gilmore, has signed on to the film." I'm taking this as a rumor until we have confirmation from Lauren herself. Maybe Lauren will say something on Leno tomorrow night.
    update - During Wednesday nights appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Lauren confirmed her role in the next Scream movie. She will play the mother of Emma Roberts character Jill.

  • - Lauren will be the first guest on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno Wednesday June 16.

  • - Video of the Week: Lauren Graham From Parenthood

  • - IT’S KIND OF A FUNNY STORY is another much talked about film, and is Fleck and Boden’s adaptation of the Ned Vizzini novel of the same name. It follows a young teen who goes into a mental institution, only to find that he’s been placed in the adult ward. HALF NELSON and SUGAR not only proved that these two are massively gifted filmmakers, but that they also truly know how to tell a genuinely moving story. However, that doesn’t end all of the news coming out of that camp.
    According to the Aquarian Weekly (via The Playlist), the film will not only mark the latest outing from Fleck and Boden, but will also feature a score including new tracks from massively popular and massively awesome Canadian mega-group, Broken Social Scene. The band will also be working on projects including DAYDREAM NATION and THIS MOVIE IS BROKEN, so not only will this be an epic year for the band, but for fans of good film and good music blended, this could not be a better situation.

  • - Q&A: Lauren Graham - The Parenthood star visited the NBC 10 studios in Bala Cynwyd this week, sharing with Main Line Today all she’s learned so far in her new mom role, where she’s been dining locally and more.

  • - NBC PICKS UP NEW MID-SEASON DRAMA 'PARENTHOOD' FOR 2010-11 SEASON UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif. - April 20, 2010 - NBC has renewed its new mid-season drama "Parenthood" (Tuesdays, 10-11 p.m. ET) for the 2010-11 season. The announcement was made today by Angela Bromstad, President, Primetime Entertainment, NBC and Universal Media Studios. "We are so happy to welcome back this multi-layered and compelling series about an extended American family for another season," said Bromstad. "It's gratifying that 'Parenthood' continues to garner critical acclaim and is generating highly positive reaction from viewers, thanks to the fearless creativity of its producers and the extraordinary performances delivered by its ensemble cast."

  • Lauren will appear on The 10! Show April 27. update Lauren will also appear on The Today Show April 26th.

  • - Lauren Graham is looking lovely on the cover of Emmy magazine’s Issue No. 2, on newsstands Tuesday, April 6!
    Here’s what the 43-year-old Parenthood actress had to share:
    On the end of Gilmore Girls: “People still say to me that they haven’t watched the final episode because they don’t want it to be over. You have to be proud of something that captures people’s imagination like that.”
    On real life parenthood: “If I met someone who had children, that would be really exciting to me. But at the same time, my sister’s my family, my grandmother’s my family, my godson is my family. I have a really full life, and I’m really happy with what I have.”
    On signing on for Parenthood: “You make a list of all the things you want, but what you really want is to fall in love with somebody. You want a good partnership with a writer who is a good storyteller and can write for you. After I read the pilot, I felt this show is something I could spend years on and feel challenged and represented.”
    The pictures can be found here

  • Parenthood stars Lauren Graham and Craig T. Nelson will both be on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno soon, Craig Firday March 26 and Lauren Monday the 29th.

  • - Lauren makes an apperance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show after a long day of interviews. She has bee busy with interviews since 5am for the launch of Parenthood including Tonight in the US she is on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.
    update - Lauren Graham - The Ellen DeGeneres Show 2nd March 2010
    and the Craig Ferguson ones icludes the intro, very funny plus the main interview with Lauren Graham

  • - Talkshows, Lauren will be appearing on several talkshows to promote Parenthood next week, Monday March 1st on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, then on Tuesday the 2nd she will appear on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Also her co-star Dax Shepard will appear on Lopez Tonight March 1st then Craig Ferguson's show March 5th. More may follow.
  • - The Full Interview with Ron Howard, Jason Katims, and Lauren Graham from Parenthood. "We had the pleasure of talking with Ron Howard (executive producer), Jason Katims (executive producer), and Lauren Graham (series actress) from Parenthood about the development of the TV show from the Parenthood movie, the issues the show wants to tackle, and how their views on parenthood influenced the show."

  • - and MORE from Lauren... Blissing Out "I can’t sit still very long in a spa situation. I’m a one-treatment person and then I’m like, 'Why am I still lying down?' I’d much rather move around. I go to this incredibly difficult Pilates class on weekends that makes you want to kill yourself. But I love it. I think all the athletic stuff I do [helps with stress]. I do try to focus on finding a peaceful place—even if it’s the shower."

  • - another write up of that interview with Lauren, with some different questions including this about the origional 1989 movie "I didn't feel daunted by the movie. I loved that movie and loved Diane Weist so much. The thing you must really do in television is bring yourself to everything you do - you can't try to be anybody else. You can feel the movie in it, but it doesn't feel like a copy in any way."

  • - “My imagination about what I can still do with this life is endless.” Lauren says in this new interview as she talks about being single and her life.
  • - Sarah is not Lorelai, In this interview Lauren talks about her new role on Parenthood and how she had more time now she is no longer the lead like in Gilmore Girls. "What also attracted Graham to the show was the fact that it allowed her some freedom with her schedule, as well as her take on the character..." - Who do you relate more to Sarah or Lorelai?
    "I’m only going to say Sarah because that is what is on my plate now; this feels like kind of a natural next step in terms of Gilmore Girls world. As an actor and a person this feel more grown up and the range of what I get to do is more ten o’clock than 8 o’clock. It’s a great next chapter in terms of feeling a challenge and feels great."

  • - Lauren Graham is set to appear on The Late Late Show with Craig Fergusons March 1st, just one day before Parenthood premiers on NBC.

  • - Interview with Ron Howard.
    How is this series different from the original film version?
    Ron: I think what Jason is doing with the show is depicting, in particular ways, today’s problems that we can relate to in ways that are either hilarious and absurd or dangerous, frightening and emotional.
    Read the rest here

  • - New Parenthood clip from NCB featuring Lauren. YouTube copy.

  • - Detailed review of the Parenthood pilot, "Ron Howard and Brian Grazer (from Beautiful Mind, Frost/Nixon) and Jason Katims (Friday Night Llights) are the men behind this show. Those names alone had me ready for a really good show (which is what I got!)...." click here for the rest of the review.

  • - Lauren is set to appear on the new Seinfeld reality show Marriage Ref. She will be in New York on the 19th of Feburary for the taping. Tracy Morgan will also be appearing in the 60 minute comedy panel show. "A comic, reality series where celebrities and a relationship referee help squabbling couples make peace. Created by Seinfeld himself, this is relationship advice... with a comic twist." update - For Australian viewers channel Seven has the rights to Marriage Ref but are planning a local version, it's unclear where the US version will air locally. update 2 - The taping of the show set for Feb 19 at 6:30pm was canceled on Feb 10.

  • Lauren Graham with Jim Parsons (The Big Bang Theory) first introduced Mavis Spencer - the Globe Girl. Before they presented the best supporting actor in a TV series, won be John Lithgow for Dexter - YouTube (please note the original clip link I posted was removed for copyright issues by Dick Clark Productions)
    Update - TV Guide interview on the red carpet with Lauren Graham - YouTube

  • - In the wake of the Jay Leno controversy Parenthood will now premier March 2nd, a day later than originally planned.

  • - Press Tour Scoop: Lauren Graham at home on Parenthood “I felt like it could be a collaborative, positive experience and it has exceeded all of my expectations,” she enthused. “It’s just the most fun day at work.” Lauren Graham is back at press tour promoting a TV series and, suddenly, all is right with my world. And hers to. (Ausiello Reports) Three months since replacing Maura Tierney on NBC’s Parenthood, the ex-Gilmore Girls MVP raved about her new gig this afternoon during a Q&A with the cast. By all accounts, the feeling is mutual. Exec producer Jason Katims said the addition of Graham lightened the tone of the show significantly. “Lauren brings so much to the role,” he said, “and one of the things she brings is this incredible humor.”
    Regarding Tierney’s health, Katims said the actress — who bowed out after being diagnosed with breast cancer — is “in treatment” and “doing really well.”
    New Parenthood promo - YouTube - which aired during Chuck, January 10.

  • - more photos from the Perenthood Pilot.

  • - Finally we have a new cast photo from Parenthood and a picture from the set of Lauren with some of her new cast members thanks to
    And the new NBC promo featuring Lauren once again - YouTube.

  • - Parenthood set to premier March 1st at 9pm on NBC.

  • - The first TV ads for Lauren's new show Parenthood has just aired in the US, no clip yet but here is a decsription thanks to bellamn16 over on TWOP.
    "NBC JUST aired a Lauren Graham-centered preview of Parenthood, and let me say right now that this mother is NOT Lorelai Gilmore!
    It starts with Sarah's daughter claiming that she's moving in with her boyfriend while the print on the screen says "Parenthood is...why some animals eat their young." Then, her daughter claims mom's bark is worse than her bite, at which point Sarah pounces across the room at her daughter and drags her out of the building.
    Even in the short snippet, it's obvious that this role is vastly different than GG.
    The daughter is played by Mae Whitman. I'm sure everybody will recognize her. She's been in a ton of things, including When a Man Loves a Woman when she was, like, 5."
    update - we have a YouTube clip!

  • - Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs - will be coming to DVD/BluRay January 5th, 2010. There will be the usual selection of versions including single DVD with just the movie and commentary. Double DVD with a load of extras and a BluRay version adds a digital copy.

  • - More than half of the pilot will be reshot, by helmer Thomas Schlamme, in Los Angeles this month (the original pilot was lensed on location in Northern California). After a short break for Thanksgiving, the cast will reassemble to continue production on the initial batch of episodes. Graham made the decision to not watch the original pilot in an effort to help make the role her own. Katims thinks she made a wise choice. “Certainly, I don’t want her to be in the position of being compared to something else,” Katims says. “It seemed the most fair way to approach it for Lauren.”

  • - Lauren Graham Talks Parenthood "Lauren Graham returns to TV in January, replacing Maura Tierney as single mother Sarah Braverman on NBC’s mid-season show, Parenthood. In an exclusive interview, Graham tells TV Guide Magazine what convinced her to join another TV series after the success of Gilmore Girls and what it’s been like finding a script after playing the iconic single mother, Lorelai Gilmore."

  • - Lauren starts work on a new movie in December, It’s Kind of a Funny is a coming of age dramedy which will be shot in New York, Lauren will play the mother of the main character Craig (Keir Gilchrist) the 16 year old is stresed out and checks himself into a mental health clinic.

  • - Lauren was no The Ellen DeGeneres Show talking about her time on broadway and her new TV project "Parenthood" youtube. update - Lauren appeared on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson Friday (October 30th) in the US. Lauren and Craig also put on a puppet show featuring the Cat and Crocodile clip 1, clip 2 and behind the scenes. Also at the end Craig wrapped his show with more about Lauren Clips thanks to Malinky2Stoatir. puppet update - - want to buy Nadine the cat (played by Lauren) or Wavey the crocodile (Craig Ferguson), well now you can for just $19.99 US.

  • - Short interview with Lauren about her new role on Parenthood. When asked why she signed on to do the new series, "It’s the best thing I’ve read. It’s was really that simple."

  • It’s official! A source inside Graham’s camp confirms that her deal to join Parenthood has just closed! Woo-hoo!

  • - Graham will play divorced mom Sarah, a role originally played by Maura Tierney in the pilot. Tierney was forced to drop out of the project last month because the show's production schedule would interfere with her breast cancer treatments.

  • - This just in: Helen Hunt is apparently no longer in the running to replace Maura Tierney in Parenthood. According to an insider, talks between the actress and NBC fell apart and the role of single mom Sarah has now been offered to (wait for it) Lauren Graham! I’m told the Gilmore Girls MVP recently met with Parenthood boss Jason Katims (dream team alert!) to discuss the plum part.

  • - Some last moments behind the scenes from Guys & Dolls at their final performance. Including a few moments with Lauren joking about the end of the production. YouTube clip.

  • - Movie Review: Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, "Flint Lockwood (Bill Hader) always dreamed of becoming a great inventor, although most of his ideas usually ended in failure or exploded in disastrous ways. His mother was a supporter of his dreams, although once she died his fisherman father Tim (James Caan) just could not relate to his quirky son." So Lauren may only be in the first few minutes of the movie.

  • - - It's official Lauren is in Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and will play the part of Fran Lockwood. It's unknown whether this is the lead character, Flint Lockwood's mother, wife or sister. The new 3D movie has a US release date of September 18, (November 26 for those in Australia) check you location here.

  • - Audio interview with Lauren Graham and Jeff Daniels. Direct link to MP3 here. update - a second interview with writer/director John Hindman and Lou Taylor Pucci can be found here. Direct link to MP3 here (26Mb).

  • - The Answer Man will be release on DVD and Blu-Ray November 3, in the US. There are no details on extras or international release dates yet.

  • - Looks like Lauren has another movie coming out, she has a small part in the new Sony Pictures animated feature Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. Due for release September 18 in the US (Nov 26 in Australia). Official site
    update - Here is the official movie poster and the trailer on YouTube.

  • - Interview with Lauren "After the round of p.r. for this film, I'm taking a vacation. My first summer off in 10 years. I'll visit my grandmother in Florida. Do family stuff. Then I'd like to get back to living in New York. I love New York. New Yorkers are so bold. They shout out, 'Hey, Loralei.' One said he'd seen reviews of this new movie. As I braced he said, 'Don't worry. They said it's OK.' "
  • - Newsweek Video Lauren Graham's Guide to Hollywood Spirituality, here is a copy to download. update - there are 2 more clips of Lauren on the Newsweek site here when the page loads, on the right just click on the clip. YouTube copies - Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3

  • - A short clip with Lauren and Jeff talking about The Answer Man, here is a copy on YouTube

  • - AWFJ Women On Film interview with Lauren Graham. "But I don’t think Gilmore Girls was so big that it’s, like, going to stay with me forever and be the most important thing in my career. Gilmore Girls has kind of a cult following, which is, I think, perfect."

  • - Beautiful Lauren Graham just finished her Broadway debut in the rollicking musical comedy "Guys and Dolls", and returns to the big screen in the critically acclaimed Sundance favourite, "The Answer Man", formerly "Arlen Faber". The gifted actress, best known for deft performance in the hit series Gilmore Girls, talked to Paul Fischer in this exclusive interview.

  • - Q&A with Writer/Director John Hindman “I set about writing a story that would be the kind of movie that I would like to see. For me than meant getting personal,” says Hindman.

  • Lauren and Jeff also made an apperance on The VIEW Friday,YouTube clip.

  • Lauren had a busy night Thursday, first the premiere of her new movie "The Answer Man" with Jeff Daniels and then an apre Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. update - here is a YouTube clip with Jimmy and more Pictures of the after party and Alexis Bledel. Also a clip from the red carpet thanks to

  • - Seth's Broadway Chatterbox - Lauren talks about her past for 45 minutes and now we have a video, it's about 340Mb and you need Quicktime to view it. There are also several AVI copies on FanForum which people have kindly uploaded.

  • - 'My Life Is My Job' - ‘I feel like I’ve been in one competition or another for a long time,” Lauren Graham said in a recent interview for

  • - Lauren Graham, sat down for a chat with host Seth Rudetsky at the July 9 edition of Seth's Broadway Chatterbox. They talked for an hour about her past. She sang the Reprise of Adelaide's Lament, here is a short YouTube clip.

  • - Another sneak peek at Lauren's new movie The Answer Man for those outside the US here is a YouTube copy.
  • - Looks like the Lauren on Scrubs was nothign more than rumor and wishes.
    Question: Any update on Lauren Graham joining the cast of Scrubs? --Jenny
    Ausiello: As I suspected, it's not happening. I don't even think it got past the wish list stage.

  • - The Answer Man now on VOD - for those in the US you now have a change to watch Lauren's new movie via Video on Demand before the Cinema release July 24th. Here is a 5 Min Sneak Extra (Hindman Version) of the movie.

  • - Could Lauren be set to join Scrubs? "The med students will be comprised of actors new to the "Scrubs" family, though casting has not yet begun. Lawrence did, however, mention that ABC is encouraging them to hire one big name, someone recognizable. Sources close to the series tell me "Gilmore Girls"' Lauren Graham is currently at the top of their wish list."

  • - Moving on from Guys and Dolls Lauren attended the premire of Year One staring Jack Black, "The stars came—Michael Cera and Jack Black. Gia Carides, who plays a Queen, was accompanied by her famous actor husband Anthony La Paglia. Oliver Platt, fresh from the closing night of “Guys and Dolls” on Broadway, brought his co-star from the show, Lauren Graham." sorry no pictures at this time.

  • After just 141 performances (including 28 previews) "Guys and Dolls" has closed with family and friends giving the production a good send off Sunday in on Broadway. After the final curtain fell the cast and crew had a private party at Bar 41. Lauren's father Larry was among the audience at the last performance on Sunday. The show ended with lower than expected ticket sales and mixed reviews, it was also up for several Tony Awards last week but didn't win any.
    Thanks to Claire here is a clip of Lauren at her last stage door autograph session.

  • - "We knew that we didn’t have a prayer to win Best Revival against such heavyweights as Hair and West Side Story, so we didn’t have a major party planned. But Kate Jennings Grant and Lauren Graham, our sensational Sarah Brown and Miss Adelaide, kept the celebratory spirit alive. They threw the whole cast and crew an impromptu party at the bar in the Hilton Hotel across the street where we ate and drank until 2AM."

  • - ‘Guys and Dolls’ to Close on Sunday - "Luck has run out for the Broadway revival of “Guys and Dolls”: the musical is scheduled to play its last performance on Sunday, its publicists said. The show, with music and lyrics by Frank Loesser and book by Jo Swerling and Abe Burrows, featured a cast that included Oliver Platt as Nathan Detroit, Lauren Graham as Miss Adelaide and Craig Bierko as Sky Masterson, and was directed by Des McAnuff. But reviews were mixed, and it fared poorly at the Tony Awards, receiving nominations for best musical revival and best scenic design (for Robert Brill) but winning neither. The revival will have played 113 performances and 28 previews at the Nederlander Theater. A national tour for the 2010-2011 season is planned." No word whether Lauren will be a part of the tour, but it's unlikely.

  • - While Guys and Dolls didn't pickup any awards Lauren and the rest of the cast appeared to have a great time, here are a couple of YouTube clips of Lauren and Oliver on the red carpet before the awards show and them introducing "Sit Down You're Rockin' the Boat" (download avi copy here) plus some pictures fron the night can be found here thanks to
    update - - Worst Dressed Nomination for Lauren, "From the shoulders up, Lauren Graham, who made her Broadway debut in "Guys and Dolls" this season, looked ravishing, and the Shrek-green of her Grecian-style gown didn't scare us off. No, it was that godforsaken black bow tacked to her left thigh that left us scratching our heads ... okay, screaming in agony." So what do we think?

  • - The Answer Man and interview with the Director. "Lauren Graham’s character is inspired by my sister, more for her good qualities than her flaws." Also has the trailer in .mov format, 3 different sizes and here are some caps from the highest quality trailer thanks to Anita.

  • The Tony Awards Preview Concert, Lauren and Kate perform "Marry the Man Today". Clip thanks to chazman. YouTube copy here

  • - Lauren will be amount a long list of celibrities presenting at Broadway Barks, July 11 in Shubert Alley. An annual event that pairs local shelter animals with adoptive families. Last year’s 10th anniversary event attracted an audience of more than 7,000 theater fans, pet owners and animal lovers, bringing homeless dogs and cats from more than twenty-six shelters to Broadway to find their forever homes; over 125 adoptions were made.

  • - The presenters for the 63rd Annual Tony Awards have been announced and Lauren is on the list.

  • - Olivia Thirlby in "The Answer Man" a short video.

  • - Interview with Michael Lesser Executive Producer for "The Answer Man" (7:30 - 33Mb)

  • - Lauren can next be seen on the big screen (in the US) July 24 in The Answer Man staring alongside Jeff Daniels. "The reclusive author whose ground breaking book redefined spirituality for an entire generation realizes how little he actually knows upon being approached by a single mother and a recovering addict..." It will also be available on Video On Demand 4 weeks earlier June 26th (again only for those in the US)
    Official web site has been launched as well
    Trailer (US access only)
    Download Copy (2:36 - 8.8Mb)

  • - Gilmore Girls star, Lauren Graham, seemed to be the princess to Fonda's queen. Graham held court herself, chatting up John Lithgow, Bobby Canavale and Carla Gugino. Later she and Cynthia Nixon embraced for a heartfelt hug and catch up conversation. Graham stars as Adelaide in Guys and Dolls and enjoys the character so much that she jokingly speaks in her silly, girlish stage accent even offstage. Lauren donned a Diane von Furstenberg flapper style dress and Christian Louboutin stilettos that echoed an outfit her character might wear.

  • - "The Broadway revival of the musical “Guys and Dolls” has been struggling at the box office in recent weeks and is now promoting a new ticket discount in hopes of reversing its fortunes. The production, which received mixed reviews and only two Tony Award nominations this month, grossed $468,851 last week — a slight improvement over the previous week’s $455,669, yet still substantially less than its peak of $725,782 for the week of April 6. The new discount riffs on the lucky number 7, offering a ticket for $7.77 when another ticket is purchased at full price. The producers began offering the discount on May 4 and in recent days have broadened the promotion through radio and online advertising."

  • - Lauren was at the 75th Annual Drama League Awards on Friday night, no real news but I thought I would post links to sites carrying pictures of Lauren wearing a pretty dress after the bad news surrounding her pilot for ABC. Thanks go to - -

  • - "Guys and Dolls stars Oliver Platt ("Nathan Detroit"), Lauren Graham ("Miss Adelaide") were honored with their very own caricature unveiling at the world famous Broadway eatery, Sardi's Restaurant (234 West 44th Street) on Tuesday, May 12th. The Broadway duo join the ranks of Broadway royalty whom have been honored with a caricature on the famous walls of Sardi's Restaurant!

  • - "The trade papers are reporting that "The Bridget Show," an ABC comedy starring Graham as a talk-show host and advice guru whose personal life falls apart, got a thumbs-down after the network screened it. It's nothing against the former "Gilmore Girls" star, reports say, but the tone of the show, which had previously been described as a little dark, didn't go over that well."

  • Australian fans can see the 63rd Annual Tony Awards live at 10.00am AEST on Monday June 8th, check out The Bio and Ovation channels for more details, Encore screenings at 8.30pm that same night.

  • - "Among other pilots not moving forward, insiders said ABC's Lauren Graham comedy project "The Bridget Show" is believed to be dead."

  • - "May 11, 2009 - With one week to go until the grand finale, the three remaining contestants put everything on the line in a big top battle at the world-famous Cirque du Soleil! They've only got 30 minutes to impress three tough tasters ... and one of them will be sent walking. Plus, Gilmore Girl Lauren Graham stops by, and for dinner Rachael turns an everyday burger into something extraordinary!" update - here is the Rachael Ray Show interview YouTube She talks about her life 2 years after Gilmore Girls and working on Broadway in Guys and Dolls.

  • - "Let it Go" Looks like Lauren's new sitcom (yet to be picked up) will go back to it's previous Also before the title change - "THE BRIDGET SHOW (Sony TV/Tantamount/Hagada Hey) with Lauren Graham also has real heat and is getting high marks. Call it #3.

  • - Let it Go - First review of the pilot "The show itself was pretty funny. The dialogue could have been a bit wittier and it didn't seem like the rival guru could keep up with Lauren Graham's pace but the other characters were likable and funny and the actors worked their talents well."

  • - Guys and Dolls has picked up 2 nominantions for Best Scenic Design of a Musical and Best Revival of a Musical. The 63rd Annual Antoinette Perry "Tony"® Awards will be broadcast live from Radio City Music Hall Sunday June 7th on CBS (US). More information can be found at

  • - Spring Planning Holly Robinson Peete (Macy Day on The Bridget Show) "When I got back to LA I immediately started shooting a pilot for a new comedy series for ABC. It stars Lauren Graham (Gilmore Girls) and it's sorta like Ugly Betty set in the daytime talk show world. I play a narcissistic talk show host ... It was a blast and I hope it makes the fall schedule. We'll see ..."

  • - Lauren Graham has given some great answers to fans questions in the Ask A Star Q&A video. She answered questions fans posted on the site several weeks ago about her time on Broadway and her life in general.

  • - THE BRIDGET SHOW formerly Let It Go may be in for another name change, Lauren has spend the last week in LA shooting the pilot and will do so again next week. "What happens when a self-help guru needs more than a little help herself? Inspirational talk show host Bridget O'Shea followed her own best-selling advice to "let it go," and now has really let herself go. Ten years after chasing her newsman boyfriend around the world and getting nowhere, Bridget has been left on her couch with no man, no job and no direction."

  • - Learn more about Lorin Latarro, who will be understuding for Lauren as Miss Adelaide in April starting next week. "Lorin Latarro is a Juilliard graduate who's been in 11 Broadway shows, choreographed for stage and screen and already had one musical she's written produced. Perhaps the only place that wouldn't instantly impress everyone is at her family's dinner table."

  • youtube - Lauren Graham on The View on Wednesday April 1st.

  • - Lauren Graham will be on a couple of talk shows in the coming week, The View on Wednesday April 1st and then Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on April 3rd. For Australian views The View is on The Nine Network the following day (April 2nd) as well as The W Channel. Late Night with Jimmy Fallon is on The Comedy Channel Monday April 6th. As always check your local guides.

  • - Jeffrey Tambor is set to join "The Bridget Show" as Bridget's business manager. ""Arrested Development" co-star Tambor, repped by Gersh and Brillstein Entertainment, will play Bridget's business manager in a reunion with "Arrested" creator Mitchell Hurwitz, who executive produces the pilot."

  • - Lauren Graham will be on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, April 3rd NBC.

  • Barry Sonnenfeld who's credits include Pushing Daisies has signed on to direct the pilot of Lauren new sitcom "The Bridget Show". According to Production Weekly they will begin work on the pilot in April and it is now being filmed in Los Angeles, not New York as previously rumored.

  • "Lauren won't be performing March 24 show (Broadway Understudies has confirmed that Lorin Latarro will be playing Adelaide that night)." that to Nadine for the news
    update - according to reports Lauren will be MIA early April including these dates. April 7th, 9th, 14th, 15th and 16th, possibly the 8th as well. Ticket holders are free to exchange tickets for another date or can get a refund.

  • - Sort interview with Lauren Graham about Guys and Dolls and the move from TV to Broadway.

    Sorry about the squashed format it how the reel talk tv site is presenting the clip even though it was clearly shot in 16:9
  • - The Bridget Show - Holly Robinson Peete and Josh Braaten will co-star opposite Lauren Graham on ABC's comedy pilot "The Bridget Show." Holly will play Macy, a rival to Bridget and Josh looks likely to play Chris (Yes I know) a 25 year old want-to-be private eye and cousin of Bridget's recent ex.
    "Sony's "Bridget Show" stars Graham as Bridget, a popular talk show host and relationship expert who walks away from her stellar career to be with the man she loves but five years later, she tries to hit the comeback trail after he dumps her. Robinson Peete, repped by Innovative and manager Dolores Robinson, will play guest therapist on Bridget's show who takes over the show after Bridget leaves and becomes a daytime maven. Braaten, repped by APA and Crosby/Spilo, plays the stoner cousin of Bridget's recent ex."

  • - The Trailer for Lauren's new movie The Answer Man has been released, click on projects at this link. - warning some bad language.

  • - Fans sing Happy Birthday to Lauren after Sunday's performance of Guys and Dolls.

  • - Life After 'Gilmore Girls': Egg Salad, Adelaide, and All 'I'm going to do something very unactressy and get something to eat," Lauren Graham said winningly, scanning the menu at a restaurant near the Nederlander Theatre, where she just opened in the Broadway revival of the classic musical "Guys and Dolls."

  • - Lucy Davis IMDB will join Lauren on her upcoming sitcom The Bridget Show Davis will play Bridget's book smart assistant on the show which is scheduled as a mid season show for early 2010. You may remeber Lucy from Studio 60 but she has also had parts in Californication, Ugly Better, Reaper and The Office UK. update - Lauren Graham's charecter will be Bridget O'Shea

  • The Answer Man is the new title for Lauren's up coming movie. First known as The Dream of the Romans (A script line in an early version, later cut) and then Arlen Faber (after the lead character). The movie also now has a tentative release date of July 31, 2009 in the US but this could change. Thanks to Nadine for keeping us up to date.

    Guys And Dolls

    • NEW - - Sort interview with Lauren Graham abotu Guys and Dolls.

    • - Va-Va-Voom - "Damon Runyon's Gotham is visible onstage at the Nederlander on 41st Street, but Graham is the only one to live there. It's not easy to play a bimbo like Miss Adelaide, the dingbat dancer engaged for 14 years to local gambler Nathan Detroit (thinly voiced by Oliver Platt). But Graham's eyes flash as idiot logic leaps out of her mouth, and somehow it makes sense. Her Adelaide, dressed in frazzled flash by costumer Paul Tazewell, bumps along the stage with an innocence that's va-va-voom."

    • - "Then again, there's Lauren Graham, a deadpan delight as Adelaide, "the well-known fiancée," who has been engaged to Nathan for 14 years and has just about had it. All that peroxide has apparently gone to Adelaide's head, give her oddball sentence construction and corkscrew logic. Speaking of the kitchen shower thrown by her girlfriends, she says, staring at an eggbeater, "I've already tried all the other rooms." Graham's Adelaide has a touch of the early Judy Holliday about her..."

    • - Photo Coverage: GUYS & DOLLS Gypsy Robe Ceremony - "Jennifer Cody was the Gypsy Robe recipient for Shrek, the Broadway dynamo passed the robe on to Guys and Dolls ensemble member Lorin Latarro in a fun and emotion filled ceremony. BroadwayWorld's camera shared in the excitement as the cast cheered her on!"

    • - "The Gypsy Robe ceremony began as the cast and crew gathered onstage just before curtain and formed a large circle. Equity's National Chorus Business Representative David Westphal welcomed everyone and asked Lauren Graham, the only company member making their Broadway debut to come forward, where she received an ovation of applause from her fellow cast members to welcome her to Broadway!"

    • - Lauren Graham is Guys & Dolls Delicious - "Last night, I was lucky enough to catch the 41-year-old actress in her Broadway debut as ever-loving Adelaide in the revival of the Broadway musical. Her character doesn’t come into her own until the second act, where the show picks up and Lauren strips down to her skivvies. Ohlala!"

    • - PLAYBILL.COM'S THEATRE WEEK IN REVIEW, Feb. 28-March 6: Guys and Dolls, Reinvented - "A new production of the Frank Loesser-scored 1950 musical Guys and Dolls, a musical fable of Broadway based on stories by Damon Runyon, opened March 1 at the freshly refurbished Nederlander Theatre, as a snowstorm began blowing into Manhattan. Graham, of TV's "Gilmore Girls," has a big fan following, and at one press preview they screamed with glee — from the balcony — at her entrance."

    • - "Guys and Dolls" took in about $80,000 on Monday, not a banner day for a show that cost $10 million to produce and more than $500,000 a week to run. But despite an anemic economy in which many tepidly received shows are likely to fold quickly, "Guys and Dolls" is going to make a run for it. Howard Panter, ever the optimist, gets the final word: " 'Guys and Dolls' is great musical-comedy theater. It's the tonic the city needs right now, and I believe it will please a great many people - and you can quote me on that!" Panter, ever the optimist, gets the final word: " 'Guys and Dolls' is great musical-comedy theater. It's the tonic the city needs right now, and I believe it will please a great many people - and you can quote me on that!"

    • - "Runyon’s stories inspired this now-classic musical, and one of the production’s disappointments is that too few of the characters speak Runyonese. Only Lauren Graham as Adelaide gets it, and, although not the romantic lead, she walks away with the show (so much so that the curtain call is organized to give her the star spot— last bow, loudest applause). Graham is making her Broadway debut (she is best known as Lorelei in TV’s “Gilmore Girls”), and does right by the show’s funniest songs (“Adelaide’s Lament,” aka “A Person Could Develop a Cold,” and “Take Back Your Mink”)."

    • - And now they didn't like Lauren's dress at the After Party - Maybe it's the cut, maybe it's the color, maybe it's them both, but I keep looking at this and thinking that she forgot whatever goes on top of it. Because, honestly, I think this is essentially a slip. Emily Gilmore would NOT approve.

    • - Guys and Dolls Opening Night Video - interviews with the cast and crew on the redcarpet.

    • - Tituss Burgess "Working with this cast has been a real treat. During rehearsals I worked very closely with Oliver Platt, who plays Nathan Detroit, and he taught me a great deal about process—mainly how to enjoy it and take full advantage of the evolution of a role. Craig Bierko is a natural fit as Sky, and our leading ladies are dreams to work with. Lauren Graham and Kate Jennings Grant have worked magic with the roles of Adelaide and Sarah, and have come up with something so original."
    • - Lauren Graham "After the Broadway revival of “Guys and Dolls” opened on Sunday night to widespread negative reviews, the producers held discussions today about the show’s future and decided to keep it running, according to several theater industry sources familiar with the talks."

    • - Cast Interview "Graham's Adelaide is less adenoidal and Brooklynese than the original (Vivian Blaine) and the most recent (Tony-winning Faith Prince) — neither of whom she saw — but she found some new laughs. "I don't think about it as finding laughs, but I do think about it as finding a character. This was totally new, and I feel very proud about that. There are musicals I am familiar with, and this is not one of them so I felt I could just kinda approach it the way I wanted to and not be haunted by somebody else. With a great piece of literature, you can always reinterpret it. I really believe this is a masterpiece. As we started to work on it, I just thought, like, 'This writing — it's so modern — and it really stands up.' I think there are laughs today just as they were originally. I don't know if that's good or bad for men and women, but it's true.""

    • Opening Reviews - Lauren Graham and the rest of the cast got mixed reviews for opening night of Guys and Dolls. - "And while she's stuck in a performance built around a trashy Rhode Island accent, Graham, late of "Gilmore Girls," puts her own daffy comic spin on her line readings. Her numbers are fun, if not the uproarious treats they can be with a truly outstanding Adelaide. But she finds the sweetness and poignancy in this sad romantic stalwart with her cherished fantasy of domestic bliss, always willing to give her commitment-phobic man one more chance." - "That book doesn't seem so sturdy here, with stretches of dead time when Nathan and Adelaide are bickering. Much of their stage business falls flat due to the surprisingly lackluster performances of Oliver Platt and Lauren Graham." - "Lauren Graham is still finding her way as Adelaide, but manages to inject personality and sex appeal into the show." - "Graham's Adelaide can sing and look sexy but it isn't enough. But what Faith Prince's Adelaide added to the sterling 1992 revival (besides being blissfully funny) was an underlying poignancy." - "Lauren Graham (of TV’s Gillmore Girls) needs to try harder: She’s sharply sexy as take-off artist Adelaide, but never dons a personality with her costumes (the Technicolor work of Paul Tazewell); she barks, whines, and coos, but doesn’t scale the heights of humor Adelaide is capable of, especially with a song as righteously rollicking as the psychosomatically suffering “Adelaide’s Lament.”" - "Imagine having dinner in a fabulous restaurant with two couples. One pair is delightfully witty and has sizzling chemistry; the other two seem so awkward that it's almost painful to be with them. That's something akin to the uneven, frustrating experience offered by the new revival of Guys and Dolls (2-1/2 out of four) that opened Sunday at the Nederlander Theatre." - "The show's leading ladies fare much better. Gilmore Girls veteran Lauren Graham — making her Broadway debut as Miss Adelaide, nightclub singer and Nathan's perpetual fiancée — has a sure, strong voice, and wins some fresh laughs out of her durable solos like ''Adelaide's Lament.'' But Graham, who follows such superlative recent Adelaides as Faith Prince (in the 1992 Broadway revival) and Jane Krakowski (in a remarkable 2005 London run) hasn't yet managed to fully inhabit the role" - "Des McAnuff’s strangely cast, uncharacteristically insecure and weirdly unfunny revival—which features Oliver Platt as the perennial bachelor Nathan Detroit and “Gilmore Girl” Lauren Graham as Miss Adelaide—seems to have about six different concepts for this show, tries to do them all at once, and manages to make none of them land." - "In her Broadway debut, Lauren Graham (best known from TV's Gilmore Girls) is all over the place. Her Miss Adelaide seems nothing like a burlesque headliner and shifts from weak to strong at random. Thankfully, Graham is a natural enough comedienne to land some of the humor of Jo Swerling and Abe Burrows' eternally funny script." - "Only Lauren Graham ("Gilmore Girls"), here making her Broadway debut, fully captures the magic of the material, infusing her portrayal with a touching and comic vulnerability that is endlessly entertaining. She's perhaps also the sexiest Miss Adelaide ever, revealing her shapely body in a series of scanty costumes." - "Graham, wisely forgoing the nasal little girl voice that has long been Adelaide's hallmark and looking stunning in Paul Tazewell's often whimsical period costumes, fares somewhat better. There's a sort of dimwitted cleverness at work in her performance that endears." - "Certain words, in certain contexts, are best left unspoken. In Des McAnuff’s uninspired new revival of “Guys and Dolls” at the Nederlander Theater that word happens to be “chemistry.” It is dropped — with a thud and a shatter — and hovers for the rest of the evening like a neon-lighted reproach." - "That leaves Adelaide. Lauren Graham smartly avoids the standard “goils with poils” and “in ‘nudda woids.” She’s a knockout in the numbers at the Hot Box Club, especially “Take Back Your Mink,” and she’s poignant at times, too." - "McAnuff seems to have tossed his sympathies behind the show's female characters; Lauren Graham's brassy Miss Adelaide and Kate Jennings Grant's feisty Sarah Brown both generate far more interest than their male counterparts." - "The performance is all the more endearing for being so baffling; to paraphrase Spinal Tap's David St. Hubbins, it's such a fine line between inept and memorable. Like Nellie McKay's downright bizarre Polly in the wretched 2006 revival of "Threepenny Opera," Graham's Adelaide sure makes an impression. For better or for worse, you'll remember her, which can't be said of this snoozy production."" - "In the crapshoot called Broadway, "Guys and Dolls" is as close as the theater gets to a sure thing. Or at least it seemed that way until Des McAnuff's tarted-up and dumbed-down revival opened last night at the handsomely remodeled Nederlander Theatre." - "Graham can belt the Hot Box numbers, but her Adelaide is overly mannered, muted by an unwieldy cold and accent, and at times almost seeming lobotomized. (In Adelaide's Lament, a disappointment, she strangely struggles over words like "female," but not "psychosomatic.") The actress's quirky comic talents do eventually come through, however, and by the end of the show, she was really killing it. Better late than never." - "That includes the overdesigned sets, unflattering costumes, pretentious dance numbers and an undeveloped bit about Damon Runyon observing characters he created. He shows up in scenes like a Where's Waldo wanna-be." - "As ever-loving Adelaide, Graham at first presents a problem of trying too hard to please. Her "A Bushel and a Peck" lacks the requisite touches of irony and oomph, and her "Adelaide's Lament" fails to project the right mix of poignancy and pungency. After intermission, she ups the power with a tight "Take Back Your Mink," sexily choreographed by Sergio Trujillo. And she pairs tellingly with Grant on "Marry the Man Today."" - "The first Broadway revival of the musical "Guys and Dolls" since Nathan Lane and Faith Prince cracked up the Rialto with their follies nearly two decades ago offers a sense of what it must have felt like to have been one of the victims during the St. Valentine's Day massacre." - "Forget the snow, and even a lousy review in The New York Times. Last night’s Broadway opening of "Guys and Dolls" was a hit no matter how you slice it, with plenty of star power to applaud the underrated revival. The big revelation for me was Lauren Graham, who was the star of the annoying TV series "Gilmore Girls." She can sing like crazy, and she’s a hot blonde as Adelaide, the stripper and 14 year fiancée of Nathan Detroit, played by Oliver Platt. Lauren told me being on Broadway was a "childhood dream," and luckily it’s not a nightmare. " - "So now, instead of the slightly tawdry 1950s decorum of Adelaide's production numbers, we get the more distinctive raunch of 1935 burlesque. "Lauren is absolutely perfect doing these numbers," continues Trujillo. "She's got the va-va-voom factor down pat, but she also knows how to give it a satirical spin as well. And underneath it all, you just know she's a woman with a broken heart." Well, except for the striptease part, it does sound a lot like Lorelai Gilmore." - "Lauren Graham makes a terrific Broadway début as the blond and frazzled Adelaide." - "I was surprised at how much I enjoyed Lauren Graham as Adelaide, though even though she's older than Faith Prince was in 1992, still looks too girlish, and therefore lacks the kind of aging-bimbo pathos that Faith Prince brought to the role. She's cute as a button, she sings reasonably well and looks to be having far too good a time to be the unhappy and frustrated "well-known fiancée"." - "After dinner at the very tacky but fun Starlight Diner (The waiters and waitresses get microphones and belt out songs when they aren't serving tables), Emily and I saw Oliver Platt and Lauren Graham in the new revival of Guys and Dolls. It was great. They were both actually really good, and "Sit Down, You're rocking the Boat" brought the house down as it well should. " - Word Of Mouth - Guys and Dolls, Telling the tale of the denizens of an earlier, flashier Broadway, Guys and Dolls is one of the greatest musical comedies ever written. Video on the link. - "When you see a guy heave a long-winded sigh, you can bet that he’s coming from Guys and Dolls. When a bum buys tix that a bum can’t afford, it seems fair that the bum get something less rum on the way called Broad-. When a movie slob gets a leading-man job, and you wish they had gone through more casting calls: Call it dumb, call it clever—but it’s a so-so endeavor, this uneven revival of Guys and Dolls." - "Let's begin with the fact that Guys and Dolls has received a slew of unflattering reviews. We agree with the multitude of critics who are saying, in effect, that this is not a production worthy of the Broadway revival hall of fame. In fact, they are saying a good deal worse than that, but let's be fair. While this production is a disappointment—especially in comparison to the last revival that was just about perfect—there are plenty of wonderful things in this Guys and Dolls." - "It’s sad. Sad that not many people will see for themselves that Lauren Graham can step out of that career-defining role as Lorelei Gilmore, into an inhabiting of Miss Adelaide so comic in its comic strip perfection that you forget she is an icon of turn-of-the- century TV. (And speaking of strip— she strips with the awkwardness that keeps her character’s heart of gold Bierkosarah beating despite the brutal life she seemingly leads.)" - "You can still smell the fresh paint when you walk into the Nederlander Theatre. It got a spiffy facelift when Rent closed after playing there for 12 years. There are even fancy new Mitsubishi hand dryers in the ladies restroom that do a terrific job. I wish I could say the theater’s other new occupant, the revival of Guys and Dolls that opened on Sunday, works as well." - "The delightful surprise is Lauren Graham – of “Gilmore Girls”. Who would have ever imagined that she would make such a memorable Adelaide – the long suffering fiancée, engaged to Nathan Detroit for fourteen years, who works at singing and stripping while waiting for the ring to be placed on her lonely finger. She is sensational and lights up the stage whenever she is on with her comic timing and clear as a bell voice. One of the best numbers is “Take Back Your Mink” (choreographed by Sergio Trujillo – whose other dances are pulsating with sex and athleticism). She alone is reason to see Guys and Dolls." - "Guys and Dolls is a fool proof musical. All the key ingredients are there, great music that stays with you, Damon Runyon's stories brought to life by Abe Burrows and Jo Sterling's script and a cast of characters, any actor longs to sink their teeth into. The production currently playing on Broadway proves you can destroy anything, no matter how well crafted. Sitting through this was in a word... painful."

      First Pictures - You will need an account to see larger copies from the site. - Photo Coverage: Broadway's GUYS & DOLLS Opening Night Curtain Call! - Photo Coverage: GUYS & DOLLS Opening Night Party

      After Party Pictures

      Thanks to

    • - Gilmore Girl Lauren Graham is Broadway's New Doll Choreographer Sergio Trujillo said the leggy 5-foot-9 Graham — who's not a trained dancer — is a hard worker with natural ability. "She just had to learn to trust me and learn that I was on her side and I was going to make her look good," he said. "We got lucky because Lauren Graham has such a spectacular body that it made sense to do that," Trujillo said. But despite showing some skin, Graham manages to lighten her sex appeal with an equal measure of goofiness. "She's like a Marilyn meets Lucille Ball kind of character," Trujillo said.

    • on it's twitter blog is reporting that Lauren Graham's new sitcom has a name change, "Barry Sonnenfeld will direct the ABC pilot "The Bridget Show," a single-camera comedy, that stars Lauren Graham as a self-help guru." The show is set to air as a midseason series on ABC in the US early in 2010.

    • - Lauren Graham in The Hot Seat - Lauren Graham spent seven years as television’s superquirky Lorelai Gilmore, but the 41-year-old actor doesn’t always portray some jittery chick mainlining caffeine. In her Broadway debut, playing Adelaide in Guys and Dolls, she has to be downright immobile, since the showgirl waits nearly a decade and a half for her man. Having traded barbs with both Billy Bob Thornton (in the eminently memorable Bad Santa) and Steve Carell (in the mostly forgotten Evan Almighty), Graham now prides herself on being an excellent talk-show guest, and still throws around Gilmore-style non sequiturs; did she mention her stance on navels?

    • - LAUREN GRAHAM: WHAT A DOLL! - LAUREN GRAHAM ISN’T JEWISH—she’s of Irish descent. But try toasting her up a frozen Lender’s bagel and you’ll get an earful. “I grew up in a house where the mythic stature of New York baked goods was referenced every day,” Graham explains. “Like, ‘Oh these bagels are crummy! This is not a New York bagel! How dare you bring these Kaiser rolls into the house! You call this pound cake?’” Scanned copy fron the magazine here thanks to chazman

    • - Guy and Dolls has done well in it's first week of previews on Broadway, over the 5 performances it averaged 96.3% seating occupancy, the highest show for the week. 5,719 tickets were sold grossing some $373,631 US.

    • - Magnolia Pictures plans to release Arlen Faber theatrically this summer (US). “‘Arlen Faber’ is a wonderfully acted and funny film,” said Magnolia Pictures President Eamonn Bowles in a statement. “We think that audiences are going to connect strongly with this moving story.”

    • - Guys and Dolls Opening Previews Delayed - The Broadway revival of Guys and Dolls has delayed the start of previews by one day, to February 5, "to allow for an extra day of needed technical rehearsal," according to a news release. The problem is the theater is still a construction site, report Nadine who is in New York.

    • - 'Let It Go' gets a green light from ABC - Two more comedy pilots received the green light at ABC on Thursday, including the Lauren Graham vehicle "Let It Go", from Sony TV and studio-based Tantamount, stars Graham as a self-help guru who teaches women how to "let it go' but fails to follow her own advice when her perfect boyfriend dumps her. - Then there's the Graham project, "Let It Go." The "Gilmore Girls" alum stars as a female talk show host who is dumped by her boyfriend - and isn't able to follow her own advice of "letting things go".

    • The Late Show with David Letterman - First pictures of Lauren outside the Ed Sullivan Theater, thanks to Also a look back at Lauren's past appearances on The Late Show, thanks to Lauren wore a red dress on the show, it was a short but fun interview talking about her Broadway show, Guys and Dolls which opens next month.
      Thanks to jamaalkstreet here is the interview on YouTube
      Also available as a download from (54Mb) and HD 1280x720 copy thanks to QEd (193Mb)

    • ask ausiello - Every wondered what happened to the NBC deal Lauren had? Lauren Graham "It was [a casualty of the] strike, really," she said. "I really liked them. I love their comedies. But during the time before the strike, nothing had gelled. And nobody knew how long that was going to last. I couldn't meet with writers, which is what I was being paid to do. It was a very amicable split."

    • - Exclusive Q&A with Ausiello - "Gilmore Girls fans missing their weekly dose of Lauren Graham are in luck: Beginning next month, you'll be able to see her eight times a week..." The interview covers her Broadway debut, new sitcom next year and a possible return to Stars Hollow.

    • Mixed reports for Arlen Faber - "The movie's inclusion in Sundance dramatic competition appears a significant stretch given its haphazard construction and lack of originality..." "I'm not sure whether I'm more upset at writer/director John Hindman for squandering a good idea or a great cast." "Sometimes, films at Sundance suffer from, adequate writing but rise above mediocrity because of strong performances or a great idea. It is rare to find a first feature from a writer/director making his début in both departments, that is flawless in both the writing and direction. Such is the case of the brilliant and deliciously quirky Arlen Faber." But the one thing they all do is praise Lauren Graham's work, "She’s the closest thing we have to those fast-talking women of the '40s and '50s, so Rosalind Russell, so Veronica Lake in 'Sullivan’s Travels.' She’s the only actress I met with. We had lunch, chatted. I told her flat out, 'I love you, you’re perfect.'"

    • - Glowing reports of Lauren's performance in here new movie Arlen Faber - "One can’t speak highly enough of the sublime and intoxicating Lauren Graham, whose penchant for witty comedy was evident in Gilmore Girls but is far more defined here. She delivers her best big-screen performance, and looks luminous in the process."

    • Guys and Dolls YouTube channel with their new commercial for the show.

    • - On the Scene: Guys and Dolls Photo Shoot with Craig Bierko, Lauren Graham, Kate Jennings Grant and Oliver Platt as well as director Des McAnuff. update - first pictures at
      Also here is the official web site

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